Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lots of Things To Do

Playing video games and watching T.V. sounds like a lot of fun to do when I have no aspirations to be anybody, right after giving some of my time to the Lord. However, that really isn't the case. I want to do lots of things and have always wanted to. I'm really going to need to set aside my time more away from the big screen and wanting to mash buttons for conquering a silly game way-better than others. I think I can use all of that fun and personal time while turning it into a useful investment.

Well, I would like to go out and keep hanging out with people. It's fun to meet new people and to also catch up with the old. The bad things that happened aren't really that big of a deal anyway. It's not a problem because I don't have to turn it into that way. Other than that, I really need to give my car another oil change and to also get a doctor's appointment and go see a dentist. I really need to schedule those things and do some more paper work.

One of the Most Active

I could very well be one of the most active people out of my approximately 8,000 peers who blog on this site as well. It's because I'm only trying to average one post a day! It's just that simple, and I'm like ranked at the top of the most active people for that.

It must not be easy trying to write everyday on a blog that nobody really cares to give feedback on. This is where some crazies can develop and then when the individual does something to catch attention, then that's where all this material pops up which people would be like going nuts over. It's just human nature and just naturally being part of the flesh over stupid, funny things.

Anyhow, I'm looking to still read the Bible, work out, and then trade my way to millionaire status and six pack! I just need to work a lot harder than most people and stay pretty consistent at it. It's really these little and simple things that one needs to keep in mind, but so very easy to forget and not keep in personal check because of other, selfish agendas that are happening.

Trading Log

After about two days, this trade has managed to make about 170 pips which just means that it's a really nice return. Also, the indicators are showing that there is still more potential movement. I really love these types of trades, and I hope to make these often enough.

I'm basically looking at trading when it bounces off a resistance or support level. Also, I'm testing out my aggressive entry strategy as well. It looks like as long as the spread is decent enough, I could probably end up scaling all my trades to accommodate about 2-5% of my funds at a time while entering all the different currencies. It's because I'm trading with the daily chart and noticing the moves are big enough to profit while doing this strategy.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pretty Simple

This is what I personally believe will work a lot when it comes to living a fully enriched life. The first and most important thing is to seek a relationship after God from reading the pages of the Bible. By loving Jesus, it just sets up the person to be the very best he or she can be in this life.

That being said, how it applies to me is finding an attractive and pretty strong-willed Christian woman to marry. It is through studying the Bible daily and applying its principles and finding a way to work out with the differences. I think all of that theoretically makes sense and works out in the end.

It's just pretty much hard work to have balance in every aspect of my life, but in the end, I believe that becoming a millionaire with six-pack abs will help me out a whole lot in marrying a decent and attractive believer.

I guess I can see myself having a little fun with playing golf too, even though I'm not that good at it. It would be fun to improve my game a little and to just have fun at it. I guess I have this imagination that needs to be filled up, and it's about coming to acceptance for me in that things are not always going to go accordingly to what I want and that I should work really hard at it without losing heart to minimize what I see as threats. It's to also take advantage of those who wronged me in a way too, without them really having to know about it.

Trading Update

This is my current best trade that I have running as of now. I have been constantly looking at the charts to analyze a feasible pattern of trading and then trying to test it out in the live market. I do have a trading group that I can go hang out with to exchange some ideas and learn how to be successful in this market. It's pretty fun for me and something I can see myself doing really well in and eventually becoming a millionaire over!

I practically just changed it up a little again and made it even more simpler for my eyes. I have been trying to figure what the best times are to enter and exit the market. I'm also just trying off the daily chart from not desiring to spend a whole lot of time of this each day, and it looks like I'm on my way to tweaking this system so that it could cause me to make some moderate gains.

It's really quite simple actually. I'm just basing it off the laws of supply and demand, when it comes to dealing with trading currency. The numbers don't lie and the charts do a wonderful job at depicting where the market is currently going. It then just becomes a whole bunch of speculation after that.

Friday, November 20, 2015


From the last post, it sounded all dandy just that I forgot to consider one thing. The girl I want to be married to has to have her sight set on Jesus. Basically, she needs to be a Christian for me to want to be very interested in her and with those really fun nights I would like to enjoy. I say this with a sense of humor. I'm sure if I texted this to someone I'm annoyed at, then he would get really mad and want to disown me as a friend. I guess there's other, attractive Christians to go find if it isn't here. I'm going to just hold my horses a little and find out as soon as possible, while trying to meet up a few female friends who could be available as well and making new ones.

One of the Most Important Realizations Ever

Apart from realizing, Jesus is the way, truth, and the light. God sent Himself while being flesh and blood and was a perfect being because God can only do the impossible. God did this through being His Son Jesus and saved His believers from condemnation. That pretty much means everything to me, so I choose to worship God through believing upon Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.

However, there's something personal about my flaw that I just realized and have been developing at while giving effort. I've become a much nicer guy from trying to man-handle my own emotional disturbances. Basically, my personality flaw that causes disruptions in my personal relationships is from being annoyed at people and just texting them anything that bothers them. Why would I do that? Because it makes me laugh so hard and then I become cool with the person again. The other person doesn't like it and tries to chase me away from his or her life.

I've finally received help from what I believe God in this matter, just to come to the realization. Now, I'm making an effort to change my ways so I can be a better witness to these people I struggle in having a nice relationship with.

Another side note, my main reason for writing this deep post was because I was thinking about this friendly girl I was able to be around as just an acquaintance. I'm thinking I could marry her right now and have so much fun each night after going out doing something. I'm just putting it in Disney terms to sound still appropriate because it's funny to me! I know readers know what I'm talking about here. Anyway, I'm attracted to her and don't even know if she already has a boyfriend in mind that she's going to marry. Anyhow, just right in the nick of time, I realized my relationship crashing flaw from help above and so I'm going to work hard to make this second nature where I won't be sending texts while I'm annoyed at someone. I don't want to do this to her friends and then lose a decent opportunity; that would suck. I'm going to have to prove that I'm a changed man not just to her, but to everyone affected by me because of it. If I can do this, then I think I'm the nicest and coolest guy in the world for the job of having fun with her each night while married! Okay, maybe that's too much probably like once every two or three days to some degree.

Only in the Movies

An awesome writer has the ability to incite the worst out of people and sometimes to put on the brakes and then slowly reverse. These writers have a place in the world, and their talent belongs in movies, scripts, plays, and novels- they entertain the masses with their incredible gift.

I have an ability to write and make a contribution to the world with it. Yet, I don't really want to be just merely an entertainer. I want it to be used for something more useful. Now, I know that I have a personality flaw when dealing with my writing. I've worked on my texting, and it dramatically like changed overnight. It was like an effortless feeling to get to my friends actually responding back to me with "Yeah, let's go hang out." and "when?"

There's a time and place for my writing ability. If I abuse it, I can end up getting in trouble with some charismatic people who will try to lead a mob town against me. People in misery like to lead on others into thinking their conclusions are correct, and in one case that I was actively involved with, the other guy was having some trouble drawing reasonable conclusions and sticking to hasty generalizations. He would just go off and say things with absolutes, like for example, "No one wants to hang out with you." I laugh at that statement. He said, "Everybody is younger than you." I was like so and so isn't, and he was like "Oh really?" Basically, I couldn't take his comments very seriously.

Just In Time

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so scared.

For this post, I'm just raving about how I managed to finally figure out my personality flaws that makes a few people go nuts and run away from me! It leaves me feeling so sad. I end up texting them non-threatening messages that talk about nonsense and drive them crazy from being so annoyed at them. No one honestly should encourage me to get there because that's pretty much the borderline of losing my cool.

I'm constantly laughing while I'm sending those text messages because I know they are going to read it. What I put on there makes me laugh while thinking about how the person is going to react. I then forget about it and become cool with the person I was annoyed with. However, the person I did it too now becomes unstable and doesn't want me around him or her. Well, that sucks, I'm so cool about hanging out with the person, but he or she is like not interested anymore.

It's funny in an inappropriate way especially if the reader likes to hate people in general. Maybe I'm a super and very cool person to be the most prettiest girl's lover if the world takes away my phone and access to social media on the Internet. If anybody would take away my ability to write, then I become like the greatest guy in the world.

I can see how my texting can be a struggle when I'm incredibly annoyed. The reason why it's scary is because I'm functioning like a normal person still and can be planning really scary stuff while thinking it isn't so bad to do to the person, like setting manure on fire and pretending it was an accident. Maybe I could set up a scarecrow and put the person's name, while the person is sleeping on the front lawn, overnight. I'll spray can it to create visible letters that says "Bird watcher". Those are the funny and sometimes nasty things I can think about doing, but it's better that I don't act on those feelings. Likewise, it was hard for me to see this with my texting because I take pride of keeping my cool in check. If the person is offended, then it's like I pulled a dirty prank on him or her already. I should definitely call texting someone while I'm mad at them one of my nasty tools that I should never take out from the toolbox of explosives.

Moving Forward

This one girl who I was attracted to physically and then the next girl and the next. All of those young women are a part of my memory, but it isn't really that significant enough to feel bothered about. I think my personality also gets me to linger about things longer than I should. It's like I'm missing out on something. I've actually developed an obsession to solve personal problems that I'm interested in dealing with. It could even be the smallest thing.

I'm actually seen as a nice guy, but I sometimes throw some things out there that gets people thinking I was out of line. I now understand why some people don't really want to be friends with me. It really doesn't quite matter so much anymore because I prefer being friends with those who are interested with me and also Jesus is the ultimate friend for me who will always be around because of my faith. I'm starting to see that perhaps lingering on some things dealing with people might not really be that important to worry about anyway. To be the greatest it takes a lot of work anyway and only a few will ever achieve it, while the rest pretty much get to struggle with their daily affairs. Even though the person might be great at that area, working to balance his or life might be some more work. Life is like a constant battle. It's an ongoing fight to be the very best you can be.

Learning About Personal Weaknesses

A good thing that I've acquired from the past is a sense of humor. Every once in awhile, I like to naturally bring up something to myself that didn't turn out to what I wanted. I could have done it differently now that I think about it, and it's something that just puts a smile on my face. It's a little uncomfortable, but I want to face these types of insecure thoughts and grow from them as a person.

One of the biggest things I've learned about myself is from making this one guy I know flip out. I actually like him as a friend, and I'm saying that not in a marriage-type of feeling way but more like I can see him as a buddy. I learned that I get annoyed sometimes and then just start attacking people that I'm annoyed at with text messages. It could sometimes even be like a build-up from something that happened in the past.

It definitely made me more aware of the person I am. I have also been constantly making an effort to improve myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I keep my emotions in check even when I'm annoyed at people. It's got to the point where I can seriously elaborate on topics while thinking fairly cleanly while I'm still mad about something. Maybe it's a good thing after all to shy away from unnecessary battles and just leave it alone, even when I'm feeling annoyed about something.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trying To Be Helpful

I think it really comes down to what makes someone happy and how he or she likes to tick. No matter what mistakes were done from stupid things, it's a great thing to think with a sound mind again and move forward. Just try not to repeat the same mistake again by not forgetting about it and understand the lesson that you get out of it. It's just important to not lose heart with having to backtrack or work even harder to work around those mistakes and get something happening.

I really can't testify enough about how developing a relationship with the true and living God through His Son Jesus is wonderful. Yeah, all of this stuff makes sense to me even if it's boring. It's like I'm in some zone of thought and it's entertaining to me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Current Best Trade

For the demo account I'm running, so far I've had this currency pair run for almost a week and it has continued to make me a nice gain. I'm once again updating my trading style and experimenting with different ideas. Like always, I feel satisfied with I have going.

It looks like this time I'm trading currencies based on determining if the price is at a current high or low level along with relying on an indicator to give me a signal. I also don't want to trade too low or high when I have a good signal, so I'm also relying on that as well.

By trying to do all this, it's limiting my trading aggression and forcing me to sort out and pick only the best trades that I think I can profit off of. I'm basically just having fun with this, nothing really much to go off of, but just that. Once I'm able to start generating profit consistently, I will be ready to attempt this with real money and try different ideas of maximizing my profit taking which will be the fun part.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Staying Busy

I don't really see myself playing around with video games and watching T.V. so much anymore. I think I'm developing a preference for hanging out with people more often than just being a homebody.

On top of that, I see it as being very beneficial with working out everyday and conducting personal hygiene. I'm just trying to be smart these days. Well, the trading currency part is still something I'm working at. I think I can live with making what I'm currently doing for my day job as a career.

In the meantime, I'll just continue to build confidence and see if I can find an opportunity somewhere while just persisting.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Becoming More Serious

Well, I do owe about $13,000 for educational loans still. I have a car that I need to make monthly payments with still. It would be really nice to be relieved of any strenuous obligations for housing and transportation. I guess it makes sense then to just work hard and try flirting with some available and single Christian women I would like to get to know - haha.

The current job place that I'm working at is something I can see myself turning it into a living now. Even though I have a degree in Computer Science, I think I can still do something else. If this is where God has allowed me to get to, then I might as well benefit from it and use the experience to enrich myself wholesomely. I still use a little bit of my college background on my other interests anyway.

Last night, I ended up watching a re-run of a basketball game and knew my teams were going to lose ahead of time. I also ended up checking up on the storyline of a T.V. show by reading its Wiki site. Today in the morning after reading the Bible, I skipped my work out and ended up playing Bloons TD5 which is pretty fun and quite easy to play.

Pretty much I let my mind wander a little off-course from my ideal lifestyle again by letting fun distractions get to me. I don't really want to continue going that route when I have some bigger plans that I would like to attend to. I've really seen how my day starts right after reading the Bible. I probably get like 10% out of the ten chapters I'm reading, but that little bit is inspiring to me because I truly want to honor the Lord and love Jesus with all my heart, might, and soul. I need about two more weeks to finish the New Testament and then after that, it's starting all over again. I still have quite a ways to go with the Old Testament. I'll just keep reading and reviewing and trying to retain whenever and whatever I can comprehend in the Bible.

I can also see myself capitalizing on the side with developing my programming skills and creativity while keeping this full-time career and also managing to work out enough to get some muscles and a six-pack, while also getting married to start a family with a beautiful Christian woman. I'm really going to start looking into it with this whole programming thing and just go after whatever interests me while not currently caring about the quality. I'll fix it as it goes and just deal with the cheesiness. To summarize, instead of playing games and poker, I'm going to let myself be immersed with learning how to program and make something that I could eventually sell with no problem! It makes a whole lot of sense because I can do this at my own time, and it fits my personality. I'll just put aside my fun longings like space travel and surviving in the wild naked and afraid for now and work at developing wealth, a six-pack, and Christian wife (wherever Jesus leads me on this one, even if I'm supposed to stay single).