Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Moving On

Well, it looks like just me typing on this blog is definitely going to get me a few visitors. These days, I think I'm just this really small guy that nobody really wants to listen to. Yet, I feel comforted from just reading the Bible now.

I also finished reading Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet which is a really cool comic book. Well, nobody really knows what's going to happen to them tomorrow, so why not live it out like it's the last day? It's not easy to do always because sometimes it's just a typical and daily routine that could be filled with heartache.

I personally see that a lot of positive attitude can go into it, along with putting in the effort to get to where you want to be.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sense of Humor

I think having a sense of humor really helps with feelings of being let down. I think it's really important to have a great deal of patience when it comes to having decent relationships with people. I mean everybody just goes through different walks in life. 

You just can't have it all in this world and not everybody is going to end up with a picture perfect scenario. Even working for it is going to be tough, but all the while it's worth the effort and the experiences you gain from them is sometimes really meaningful. 

I guess when it comes to forming relationships, it's really all about meeting the right people and then just being patient instead of being some weird person that initially scares everybody near them out of some misunderstanding that got out of hand. 

It's an awesome thing that even though time and time again, I may feel let down and sometimes angry with someone and about to blow up on them for something not really that serious; I'm actually glad to take part in this world with someone I'm really interested in getting to know and attracted to. 

I'm just going to continue to improve myself and keep going after my goals. With whatever time may permit, I'll do the best I can. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Finding A Chance At Love

Hey, I think I'm finally catching onto this whole finding someone to marry thing. It's basically in a nutshell you, the man or woman, find the opposite gender who ends up having feelings of love for you. By doing so, the man can ask the woman who is in love with the man to marry her.

It's just that simple! This was really all under the nose for me. I think the hard part is learning that through the depressing thoughts of having nobody to care for us, it's really just that those feelings are underneath and like something that's coded in our DNA from birth.

It's a natural feeling that you just have to be aware of and by doing so, you can just take control of that emotion and do something about it. You can take charge of that feeling and motivate yourself to feel better by working hard at what it is you are trying to accomplish.

I know that it's hard to do this and sometimes emotions can be just so powerful and overwhelming, but just by giving it some time and having a willful mind to be patient, it allows you to start understanding these basic emotions that we have had to deal with since the beginning from when we were aware of them.

Made Up Story- Day Of Baking Pizza

SNIFF! SNIFF! Kyle was suffering from seasonal hay fever while in his early 30s'. He managed to finally land a job as pizza maker to help pay for his school tuition. He was barely making it and managed to live in his crammed and cozy apartment for a few years. I'm not going back to my crazy folks, thought Kyle to himself. The last he had heard from then was a minute ago because his mother was constantly texting him insecure messages. Come back home Sweetie. Mamma has got some nice T-bone steak cooked for you and some of your favorite apple pie. This was one of the latest texts that was going through Kyle's mind.

The food was always good, but fortunately I have a fast metabolism, thought Kyle. I could live off of just free pizza for ten years.

"Heck, I could just eat toppings to get my daily vitamins in. Let's see, there's tomatoes, bell peppers, anchovies - yum yum (!) my mouth is getting so watery, mushrooms. Man, how can I go wrong? I got this, " Kyle said out loud to himself.

One of his subordinates gave him an odd stare and had an expression that showed neither fear nor approval. AHHH CHOO! AHH CHOO! AHHH CHOO! Kyle started sneezing uncontrollably while he was working with the flour. He accidentally sent powdery substances to the strong air vents and soon enough the whole kitchen was covered in smoke that was a mixture of Kyle's saliva and powder.

Kyle's assistant Ace started coughing and waving at the air as he reached for a cloth to cover his mouth. While scrambling to go tell on Kyle, Ace ended up burning one of his hands in the oven by accident.

"I can't see, it's too cloudy in here Kyle!" yelped Ace.
"Let me help guide you out of there," said Kyle smoothly as he grabbed his assistant's burned hand.
"Ouch! You are hurting me! Let go!"

"Go home Kyle!" yelled his angry boss. "Get those allergies fixed. Here take some of these my doctor prescribed me to use as a sample."

Kyle swallowed a pill blindly. "Boss let me take care of this mess. I'll help clean up."

"Kyle! Just go home. I've had enough stress and worries for today. You are done for the day. I'm going to clock out for you."

Jerk, thought Kyle as he stood there smiling at his boss and nodding affectionately in approval.

Made Up Story - Bible Reading

Oh man, I thought to myself. I felt so sick and tired and really sad. My boss decided to give me an impossible 18-hour shift. I was dying to myself to keep myself awake. I was falling asleep while standing! I couldn't believe that my boss had the nerve to do this me and say that for the whole month I'm being switched over to a salary. I have a few of these shifts remaining. Maybe the Bible will bring me comfort.

I haven't read the Bible in awhile. I think I read one sentence and then lights out. I was knocked out on my own desk. It's so bad that I could use it as a bed time story to force myself to sleep when I have to instead of staying awake.

The next day, I opened the Bible again. Oh man, it's light out. Oh darn it, I had to go to work. I'm going to be late oh no! Save a wretched man like me.

The third day, I look at the cover of the Bible. Blank. The fourth day, it's still going on over and over like this. I want to give the Bible a chance. What's coming over me? It's my stubborn mind that just wants to do foolish things like this.

The wind blew on my face. I unconsciously stashed my copy of the Bible in my picnic basket at a park while going on a lovely play date with my girlfriend. The Bible was there and the wind blew a few pages of the Bible open. Then, my girlfriend Kate decided to flip through the pages a few more times.

She mocked me as she laid there and for the nerdy person she was, she had a pen in her purse and underlined a verse for me to read. She said to read it to her and that it would be like the perfect bedtime story for her. She jokingly said that I better not fall asleep or the food would go to waste for both of us.

I held my breath and thought to myself, if I'm going to marry this decent lady someday then I better be able to suck this in.

"For God so loved the world, " I staggered with my voice. I was falling asleep, oh no!

"That He gave His only begotten Son," I had more lines to read. "That whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." I read a full sentence in the Bible finally. My heart leaped with joy.

My girlfriend sat up and kissed me on the check. "Great job," she said, "when are you ready to attend Sunday service?"

Oh boy. "Amazing!" I said. "Grace, I mean. It's amazing grace. Maybe I'll act a little bit more alive the next time you drag me there sweetie!"

Made Up Story About The Calculator

Johnathan was having a hard time enjoying his life in high school. He wanted to get into an Ivy League school because he just felt a special calling to be there. Early on, he just knew that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his role model George W. Bush, who went to Yale University and also attended Harvard Business School. Little did America know this, but some critics mocked President Bush's inability to pronounce words properly.

Johnathan became angry with himself while trying to memorize concepts in his Organic Chemistry text book. "I'm just not getting this and it's almost already 12 am," thought Johnathan while he stretched and yawned at his desk. He took out his TI-83 Plus calculator and then started putting in all the formulas he needed because the chemistry teacher would not allow notes for the exams. By the time it was 2 am, Johnathan had created a simple program that would solve some tedious equations by inputting numbers into it. He ended up with an A+ on his exam and reasoned with himself to not brag about it with his peers, out of apprehension of being outed as a cheater. Johnathan was also a candidate for valedictorian at his high school. 

Made Up Story About Mr. Mogi

Mr. Mogi's office was painted in all red to signify that it was the only room inhabited by a human. With thousands of doors jammed together, this color-coded section helped Mogi get to his location a lot faster at the factory. All the other doors were inhabited by his self-operating robots.

Mr. Mogi was working on machining a complicated part for Aerospace Inc. The tools broke and he had to switch them out with new ones and setup the machine again. As he worked, he accidentally nicked his hand. By reflex, Mr. Mogi ended up sucking his own blood while running over to his first aid compartment.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preventing Future Clashes With People

I sometimes get riled up with stuff that makes me want to feel anger. I need to be careful to not turn on that switch of wrath. If I show it in only small increments and then switch it off, it's going to give some people I used it on some anger management problems.

After all of those incidents happened, I think I'm ready to do the best I can to make myself a better person over the experience. A lot of it is what's underneath me, and from knowing those feelings of discomfort, I can just switch it to a more comfortable feeling when it feels out of tune.

Yet, I think all of this effort of keeping myself in check now and moving forward consistently, it's really from desiring to follow God's Word diligently. God has already done the work, and I'm just in joy from having learned how Biblical principles do contribute to a better life and more blessings that matter to the heart.

Living For More Joy and Less Fear

"I'm in so much pain!" screamed the demoness. "He's coming too close to me! Arghhhhh." These are the screams that a man of my stature and exact likeness would love to dream about. Actually, since I'm narrating and this is my story, let's hypothetically say this was true, would I really be playing with fire?

This is just a whole bunch of nonsense but I feel the terror like what if I said I'm imagining myself terrorizing Satan's daughter! No, that can't be right and ending up in a marriage with her is just so not supported in the Bible. Okay, I don't believe Satan has a daughter and then why did I entertain it? I used the word demoness, so I needed a play-on character with something. This is all make believe and hocus pocus stuff to try to get to my point.

Jesus died for me and you. Okay, and then he conquered hell. That feels good and is like the most important story that everyone should believe upon if he or she ever gets the chance to.

Within You

Within you lies the "feels good" power. Literally, such a thing called the "feels good" power does exist. Sometimes it's clouded by distractions such as sadness and anger. The feels good power can arise out of our systems when we try to evoke some phenomenon that reach out to other galaxies beyond the furthest reach of humanity itself. To the home of aliens maybe, they too might have the privilege of practicing laughter!

Blank Story

Cool story brah!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Breaking Fourth Wall

A man walked into the middle of nowhere. "Alas," he said, "alas? What does that mean? Tell me reader!" For all its hype and creativity, I am a character of this story. I have been ingesting food for thought all day. I feel so queasy! This is a story about a man who was breaking the fourth wall.

"I can be like Deadpool too," said the man. "Did I get your attention? No?! Okay." The man felt very lonely after saying those statements out loud to himself. I conclude this short story of the man who was trying to break on through to the other side. Those lyrics of The Doors still resonate deeply within me.

Another Made Up Story

"Fantastic to see you burning up, mate!" said a man with a high-pitched masculine and Australian accent over the cell phone. Jerry peaked into his mailbox and took out a postcard with a full-sized photo of his friend's pet kangaroo posing with punching gloves on the front side and then flipped it over to nonchalantly see the same phrase reiterated next to his stamped address.

"When are you finally giving me your address without having to hack your phone, you wild ass?", Jerry sarcastically asked on the phone. Immediately after sensing anticipation, he drew the HTC away from him and rolled his eyes while his friend Jack erupted in laughter on the other line. After catching each other's breath, Jack resumed, "How's Jenny?"

"I don't know, she left me! I'm stuck living in the middle of Death Valley until I finish my poorly funded research. It's so freaking hot here." Jerry stood there lamenting about how his unwavering dedication to his scientific community was contributing to his crumbling marriage with his high school sweetheart.  

Trying To Stay Nice

With people having tried to screw me over with the most stupid things in the world, I just don't care now because I still have money and friends! I'm not incarcerated because they are a bunch of idiots who couldn't control their anger problems with me. I don't really care anymore what they did to offend me in the past. I'm ready to turn the page and reconcile with whatever remains in their rotten heads.

The reason why I got involved in those stupid misunderstandings is because I was texting them snide jokes about how they were giving me anger management issues. I guess I'm grateful to just have entertaining and simple text conversations with people I'm attracted to, so it's been a really good incentive for me to gain better grounding in a moral sense. I'm just starting to get really comfortable with my own shell now.

Losing My Touch

I guess I've been spending time texting other people that I've lost track of how to put something on this blog. You know, I actually prefer texting others and getting response back rather than putting on something here that no one is going to be able to respond to because I intentionally took commenting privileges off.

I guess after staring at the 0 comments for a long time on this pretty generic looking blog that nobody needs to read for anything significant, except just me exercising my personality drives, it would make sense for me to disable the comments for aesthetic purposes because there's really no point for people to make a discussion against my brain. It's probably more like shut themselves off from me making a nice effort, unless I just get them really riled up. I'm not going to do that. At least, having this blog, I get to explain myself repetitively!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Making Up a Pointless Story

Once upon a time, a man named Gringo wondered after all these years why people would stare at him. Throughout his life, he managed only one friendship with a shy girl, who he knew from his childhood and held very dear to his heart. Wilma had a fine complexion about her and liked to wear a blue dress on most occasions. She liked to wear her hair in a ball-like fashion. She used to dread how she was raised in a family that had a phobia for the color red and was forced to help them cope with it by dying her natural red hair to her next preference of hair color, brunette!

Guess I'm Meant For One-on-One Interaction

I can't really appeal to the masses that well because it always leaves me feeling uncomfortable and disgruntled. I just have that personal wave of discomfort underneath me. This one girl thought I needed some speech therapy so she recommended that I go to this one person. I don't know what she was smoking, but from how she said it, she was just handed a Master's in Psychology for just letting her mind run however she wanted to when it came to her analysis. Man, she was a bit hairy literally and also taller than me too, so yeah, I couldn't help but feel not very attracted to her and also I don't know why, I wasn't that intimidated by her.

I think I was just feeling pressured a lot because I wanted to say the right things and act the proper way all the time. I was afraid of getting mad when people started to go out of their way to try to give me bad advice. I felt like I was going to lose it so badly, that I ended up doing passive aggressive attacks to redirect my frustrations and then they received them and couldn't cope with anger I had already been learning to come to terms with all my life.

Settling My Instincts

Okay, I guess it's all a part of life with being guys and all. Feeling like a loser or a wimp or a nobody who has nothing going for him. Practically, just being unhappy about life. I know a guy who feels that way, but he's just not smart I guess to figure it out.

I think it's all just a part of life that we all go through. It's just a phase. It's something that we are sometimes wired to feel that way for some reason. It just comes and go. It's a part of us internally and something we can regulate within ourselves to make our lives better.

One of the biggest fears I have is probably the reason why I don't strive to make this blog so great. I'm afraid that I'll put down something that makes me largely misunderstood for and just create more rambunctious people to start running their mouths about me and try to get me in trouble. It's happened to me on numerous occasions and I've failed to deliver because I don't want to unleash my "Hulk" - you know that green, raving, terrorizing monster that just can rip people apart after he screams so loud that the other person's lungs feel like popping!

I'm joking which is a good sign of my unconventional humor. I've developed some reason to just make comments that nobody really appreciates, but those people leave me alone. I'm always making those types of comments so that people wouldn't under appreciate the comments I make and then start trying to bash me.

Totally Behind Here

It feels like this blog is just practically a whole bunch of just putting them random sentences to just keep my mind occupied. Maybe I should just start writing stories that have no coherence at all! Sure, a few people I show this website will be like whoa, you actually have one. I didn't know about this guy. Next thing you know, some guy is misunderstanding me and then making all of these rude assumptions about me.

It happens I guess and for some reason, I don't really know, I'm just trying to be cool with everybody. Actually, for the most part, I really am and I guess I've been letting some little things get to me about people. It's those little things that keep me from connecting with them. Well, everybody goes through problems and this spunky site of mine where I just get to write sentences that I find funny just to entertain myself and anyone else who just happened to find it, I don't really know what else to say now.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Controlling the Mood

I've read that calming the mind can be pretty relaxing by learning to meditate. Honestly, I think it's really hard to meditate on the Word of God. It would be quite troublesome actually to try to recall passages that seem so hard to understand. Yet, going through all of that process and eventually just looking up interpretations from Biblical scholars and sitting through it a little and relying on other verses to double check their work is trustworthy, I find that God's Word is totally rewarding and can put a protective shield around one's heart.

One of the latest things that I ignored reading in the Bible is that a man who vents all of his frustrations is a fool! The wise man knows how to control those emotions and not show it to everybody. I'm now honestly going this route because I seriously believe that it's true and has some deep meaning.

Instead of being a stupid and unfair man who yells at everybody for causing him some anger issues, I'd rather stay calm and knowledgeable with the situation I'm dealing with currently.

Not Feeling Too Excited About Being Part of History

Yesterday, the Golden State Warriors of the NBA beat the Memphis Grizzlies to give themselves the all-time record of most wins in a single season with 73 and 9 losses. The previous record was 72-10 with Michael Jordan leading his Bulls. I think it's cool to have lived through both of those moments, but I was unaware when the Bulls set their record. In a way, it's okay I guess now that I was able to actually see what was happening.

Maybe, if the Los Angeles Angels of the MLB end up having the best record again and then win the World Series, I'll be feeling actually pretty good about it for days. For now, with the Warriors, I think all I can is to just sit at the comfort of my own couch and then congratulate them via twitter or some social form of contact.

Trying To Not Neglect This

Well, now I've been picking up on a few tricks here and there. I mean I'm pretty cool with how things are progressing, but it looks like how I'm going to find dates is just finding a girl who is single and interested in me after meeting her in person! That's pretty much it. I used to be shy because I didn't know what I was doing and felt like a loser from being a short guy. I know, pains that stick to you from adolescence really suck!

I've been realizing more and more that my desires are really rooted in my own selfish pretenses. As strange as that seems, it's just how I never really imagined myself seeing that way. I think the more bigger reason is because I'm trying to live in God's Word when it comes to dating and living one's life. Just the fact that I have the temptation right in front of me and making the choice to not really give into my primal urges and exercise self-awareness and control makes me feel like a stronger and energetic person. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm glad that I've finally developed a pretty neat relationship with a lady. It's been helpful to me in that I have someone who is actually fun and someone I can look forward to doing stuff with. She's a really cool and nice friend, practically at the moment. I don't know where it's going to progress in the future, but I'm open to possibilities and I think it can only keep getting better, unless something happens and then we plateau somewhere.