Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It Would Be A Blessing

If I never saw the ugly face of that dumb thing (female person) who put a restraining order on me for making 100 people or less leave her church, then I will be happy to not see her at that church she got me in trouble for! I'm trying to encourage her to do that so I can have the final laugh and enjoy myself. Actually, her crowd that supported her were my flimsy friends and they left, so that's a blessing to me already. Just the final piece is missing and it's her!

She's pretty crazy up there in the head and not knowing what's she's talking about. She said she had nothing against me and then did that, so yeah right, actually more like a self-righteous mmmm... If she's still there, I'm going to bother her enough that she puts a legitimate restraining order on me that I can be proud of and laugh about. She might even be too stupid to realize that and not even do it from feeling all bad about herself! My point of attack is to tell her that I want her as a Facebook friend so I can embarrass her among our peers and laugh about it. A girl who put restraining order added me back as a Facebook friend? Oh yeah, it feels good while she looks stupid already with the way I'm describing the whole situation.

What I Think

I think that dumb thing (female person) who put a restraining order on me might have a hidden crush on me, despite all my revealing messages of trying to harass her after it went away. I don't approve of her liking me. I want her to be mad, so I can have fun feeling like she's suffering. She could be, from being so annoyed by it, so you never know.

My messages are so dog gone funny. I have to admit that I was guffawing at my messages from unlocking more treasures after re-reading them. She's gone into quiet mode and isn't even exiting from her stance in the world. It looks like I have forced her to compromise and turn her back on a closing door and just abandon it completely without making any changes. I think she's afraid that I'll do something crazy to the pastor and sort of knows I'm not taking it that seriously. In a way, she could be blaming herself for being a catalyst that was unintended. I've totally worked my way into a piece of her world and dominated that corner. I don't feel bad or sad about it either. I'm a 0 out of 10 for my depression level, and I'm also only 5'3". Not bad, for a short guy huh?

I think happiness is sort of rooted in hard work and feeling rewarded by it. The motivation is what makes the person later look like a genius!

My Problems With Few People

When I was a young lad at around ten years old, I made a friend angry and then he was like he's no longer friends with me. It hurt me a lot. I guess after that, I stopped voicing my opinions and keeping to myself. I wasn't really paying attention for the most part to how I was interacting with them. I was just being quiet. I felt like I didn't have a place in the world for socializing.

Well, all of that has changed! I honestly don't care if my buddy was angry back then or he still is about it now. I guess I made things worse from wanting to fit in with someone who was mad at me and just flipping the handle. 

I have to really think about it now. Talking to that person I have an issue with is something I should only do if I have an actual and practical reason. If I do go after that person, it needs to be full throttle for myself now. Some people have let me go, but I sort of hardly know them anyway. I was mad and ended up bothering them with a message, like that one girl I hung out with. I don't know if that was a date even, but okay it was, I don't think she'll even care if I say so behind her back. She was too young for me, and I had that prejudice. She's crazy, man!

Okay that was fun to write. A few more individuals are not so worthwhile for me to chase after now. If I do go after them, then I have to think about it very considerably. The only two individuals I really have in mind with chasing after if they are still there at that church is the pastor and the female who attends there and put a restraining order on me. I'm taking it very personal and want to bother them so much, that I don't even care if they go for a repeat in getting the court injunction. I'll just make it seem that doesn't even do enough justice for how much I annoyed them.

I'm practically mad because they blamed me for something stupid. They said I made a 100 people or less leave their church. They suck at managing a church, I guess, if a short 5' 3" male like myself was able to do that. They even had problems with me sending them messages that made completely no sense. Boy that lady had to be into me or something because I let her down very badly, if she dragged her car over to court for that procedure. I don't think she can do anything about it with me talking about it and making fun of her for my own amusement now. The whole restraining order is off and she couldn't extend it. I'm FREEE! 

I want to carry on a relationship with those two so I could just mock them and make them miserable from making fun of them. If they didn't say to leave their small church that believes in some gibberish hocus pocus stuff, not in accordance with fully respecting the Bible as it is written. Yeah about that, some people believe that a Bible verse can be translated with some secret messages that are only intended for them. If the Bible is written for everyone's eyes and the person believes upon the verses and then they say how someone else is believing it is all wrong because the meaning isn't how the author made it seem like, okay, that's all confusing to begin with! It's just plain weird. I don't care what those people think. I'm here to just read the Bible and comprehend it from a cultural and historical standpoint and getting a background from reading other clear verses. Jesus is the way, truth, and life. He is the king of heaven who will come back to Earth one day, and yes I do believe it! It's not like a fairy tale ending to me because it's just faith of accepting from what I have been reading the Bible. 

I'm just going to be brutally honest and through that mechanism, I'm going to be making fun of those people. I'll be laughing so hard and not feeling bad about it because I told the truth and they just don't want to hear about it through my point of view. 

Where My Sin Is Rooted In

I believe that my sin is coming from wanting to always conquer an area from being competitive and obsessed about it. It's like a point of my pride and can lead to my own destruction, basically failure from living a balanced life. It's hard to stay satisfied for me because I lose the grip of feeling like I'm on top very easily. The area I'm having trouble with is very dirty and addictive. Even though I'm not alone, I'm only speaking for myself and holding myself accountable because I'm willing and ready to face it and let it go. I conquered whatever the mission was today, even though I fell short. I feel sorry for what I did to the Lord and will try to let it go now.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Basically, In Summary

From the last post, if I have a problem with someone, I have to really think about it because I'm literally going to be putting them in a bad mood. I do it unintentionally, so I'm just going to bring it this time around and be honest and try to have some fun giving them a hard time. 

I'm just doing this because he or she made me mad. If the person didn't do something, then I wouldn't be bugging the person in the first place. For the person to be like I'm crazy, it's just that they have a bad judgement of character because they just want to be left alone. Why did they have to do something that I caught wind of anyway and for them to brush off so lightly? That's what they get for that now. 

My Personal Thing From Being Bothered With Someone

I'm going to just say the truth this time around. If they tell me they are bothered, I'm going to say I'm sorry that they are and that I don't really care and that I'm going to fully bother them to the best of my ability. I'll be saying that I'm going to do that while laughing at them from being bothered and having a hard time, until they can't handle it and need to put a restraining order on me! I'm going to say that I'll still be laughing and making fun of them in front of the court and make it easy for the judge to sentence me. After they get it from suing me in court for harassing them from making fun of them intensely and stalking them from being mad at them, I'm going to leave them alone. I'm going to follow the law and not go the jail and let it go then.

It's a very dirty thought, but hey, if it's going to happen then it's going to. Also, I really have some experience with people putting it on me anyway. I'm only 5'3". I'm using that to sell the point with how I'm actually a little too short to be called a scary psycho, but okay I'll use it to bother them more with whatever silliness has taken over their heads. Basically, I'm just going to be honest and in the mood for laughing at them intently. That's how I intend to bug those individuals and then when they go rat on me to the police and I get nailed with a restraining order, I'm going to leave them alone!

I wouldn't be bothering the person in the first place, if he or she hadn't made me mad. I did something, but it wasn't directed at them and for them to have done something to make it feel that it was something personal, that really gets me mad and thinking about how they are a bunch of idiots. I want the person to pretty much undo what he or she did and to the point, I'll make the person go squeal and tattle-tell on someone. I think it's funny that grown-ups still want to act this way. Honestly, I don't back down when someone wants to bother me by just talking to me. Even if they want to yell, that is what gets my blood boiling so much and will make me do crazy things that aren't that big deal related but the passionate expressions come out and make it seem like in the long run, it's really nothing to be worried about.

Wasting So Much Precious Time

I am realizing that I could be using my time for something so much better besides watching T.V. I'm done with that man. It's time for me to make some sacrifices so I can go on to reach some greatness.

Letting Everything Go

Okay, I'm pretty much done with playing Magic: The Gathering now. I'm going to have to go work out, read the Bible, trade, do my homework, and that's about it.

I have been letting my mind wander all over the place. I'm still a kid who is losing track of my time. I need to snap out of it now.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wow, I Caught Up for the Year

This has been quite a riot for me in writing all these posts. Yeah, it definitely looks like I got very much ahead of myself while writing them. It happens! Ever see Forrest Gump and how when he was running, some guy asked for a motto? Well, okay, it's a pretty common saying anyway.

I'm going to make a personal pledge now. I'm going to prioritize my list of activities now. Blogging for me is going to be the last one to do for awhile now. I wrote a lot so it makes sense anyway right?

While thinking about how I can prioritize, it seems like the best option I have going for me is to just continue to get ahead of myself. I'm actually reading the Bible and praying daily, so I can be proud of that now.

I am thinking about how blogging about the Bible is something I'm going to put aside and do when I have some time. I'm going to write on here, when I don't have anything better to work on. I think I'll let this site become something like my reward. I still don't plan on surpassing the 365-366 mark each year. I guess that's how I'm going to try to make this site unique in a way.

Embarrassing Things

If I have the confidence to not really care and to still hold my ground from communicating my problems, then I don't see what the problem is in holding myself back now. I think it's actually healthy to let out all those raw emotions before the person who is causing them with you. I come across as a calm and assertive person because I'm holding back from like trying to cuss them out. You know what I mean? No, you wouldn't. I don't believe in cussing, but I'm talking about shouting and yelling and hurting the other person's feelings by doing that. I was holding all of those feelings back, and now I just don't feel bad about doing it if they are the ones to do it to me first.

Yeah, I'm really annoying but something you can't really judge by feeling that way when I'm very deliberate with my methods of bothering people. Maybe, I should really be intentional this time with everything of not really caring about people's thoughts or feelings over the matter that's bugging me. The only thing that's keeping me from going on something like a bloody rampage is from being a Christian. That's all I can say really. Other than that, shouting and screaming at them is all fun and games to me while I'm angry now. I'm not afraid to get at someone's face and let myself burn with the anger from being indignant now and also to do it constantly at them.

Holding Nothing Back

It takes a good long while to understand things sometimes. There's only one thing I'm holding back. I'm going to keep it to myself on this blog and only reveal it to God! Only one fact that no one has to read about on this blog. Other than that, I'm pretty comfortable with talking about anything else.

An art teacher once had concern for that I was a racist. I ended up getting a B in her class. Okay, on to the next uncomfortable flashback, one time I wrote that I was going to stomp on everybody and rape the teacher. I got in trouble with the vice principle. I told him that I was hearing voices in my head, and I really was.

Okay, onto the next one. I heard voices in my head and was diagnosed with bipolar. It all went away after taking some miracle pills that I believe was sent to me from heaven. I think it was seriously a blessing that God let me have. People who are bothered by me are going to say that I need help and need to take some pills and all that. I understand what they are saying, just that I'm not going to take those pills again. I'm not wasting my money because my depression level is a 0 out of 10. Maybe I'm in a constant happy mania mode, but other than that, I don't see why I want to take pills to feel more sad.

It's all psychological man, and that's what it was. I was an immature kid back then and still am today, except I don't have bipolar. That is all! My mom says not to talk about these things. I don't really care. I'll live it out in person and in speech with not facing the symptoms today. I'm a really numbed out psycho freak now because I don't care to break the law or anything and still bother a few people.

Jesus is awesome and is coming back to restore his kingdom someday! I truly believe it with all my heart and want to confess that I'm a sinner even though I'm a Christian. I'm going to try to repent, once again and keep on trying.

I think the things I'm writing about is more worse than the way I want to hold back. It's just out of personal preference. It's only one fact that I don't want to reveal again. I did write about it once, but it's my main stumbling block that I'm trying to get out of my system.

For the Rest of My Life

For the rest of my life, it's about putting my focus on Jesus first and foremost. People around me are like supporting units, but they are going to let me down occasionally. I don't really have high hopes in them to perform well enough to keep me always happy. It's a risk worth taking though to get somewhere in life, like running a successful business.

It's being about taking the time to be considerate and not so dodgy with people. What I think is going to work for me in being successful with my career and going on a profitable run is getting a master's degree. The two-year older woman who put a restraining order on me once replied back in text, "Thank you!" More like, "Thank you for not hurting me". Just kidding. She graduated with a Master's in psychology, so that's why I think she's an idiot even more for what she did, but okay. I don't care about this, but she yelled at me and said that I was struggling with my love life and that she loved me. This was all before she went on her drive to kick me out of her life, which didn't work out for her too well. Talking about how I didn't get in trouble with the restraining order and how I went back and repeating those comments gets people to not want to talk about it with others. Their reactions are pretty funny, annoying, and met with initial hostility, but I seem to discourage a future action of them going this path with a former friend.

Going With It

There's a Korean word that's hard to spell in English. Anyway, that word means uncomfortable and it's what I was thinking of. A lot of the tasks that I'm trying to accomplish feel uncomfortable. My dumb best friend says "It's so hard!" I really think it's annoying to hear those words. Whenever I hear those words from him, I'm going to tell him that I'm taking a few weeks off.

I caused a guy older than me by a five years to lose his leadership position at a job. It was a major blow to him. It came from bothering him and him trying to ask for some advice from others. He was also very angry with me and tried to get me in huge leaps of trouble, but didn't work out for him. I bothered him from being mad about him asking me the question, "Are you okay?" more than once. It really got to me and annoyed the heck out of me, after I said a simple yes. My face turned very irritated underneath the skin, which no one would really notice. I guess it happens, considering that he isn't very smart and I happen to be a little more hard working and smarter than he is at the moment.

I guess I'm a total jerk when I'm not aware of it and don't want to be. When I do want to be that way, people seem to feel stuck with me and try to brush it off. I have usually got decent results from trying to be a jerk with a few individuals. I'm not afraid of being that way, when I can't take it anymore now. From not knowing what's bothering me, that's where I can be at my worst in conduct and bringing out the worst in people. I guess that's why those bothered people have asked me to get help. I actually know what's bothered me and not afraid or feeling shy about it now.

Life Plans

My life doesn't suck from having an all time low of 0 out of 10 with feelings of depression. I'm going to abandon my selfish life and give it all for Jesus now.

This means that I'm going to let go of watching favorite T.V. shows and playing video games, except for making for them- that's different! I'm basically going to give myself a hard time and live with it.

Those feelings of being ignorant and anxious and under so much stress to get something done without liking it at the moment is only temporary for me. It goes away each day for me, no matter what I end up doing. I might as well just let myself be consistent now and just deal with those feelings in an intelligent matter.

With dating wise, I'm going to wait until I get a six pack and become a millionaire. I'm going to go for sticking to Christian dating sites this time around. Like I've been saying always, I'm only 5'3". With all the confidence I need and to not be bothered, yeah it's being wealthy and physically fit. I couldn't care about what people thought about my appearance then.

It's a little uncomfortable to work hard at some things consistently for me. I need a steady and firm foundation with the Lord's guidance. I'm ready to trust in Jesus with everything he has to offer me. I know what my addiction is and how it's hurting my desired outcomes. I just need to make that extra push from finding a stroke of genius. Maybe, the Bible has something to give.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Sometimes, a relationship with someone is just meant to not work out. In human nature, it's natural for a person to want to get something selfish or desire out of someone. It's annoying sometimes and that's for sure, but it's one of those things that sometimes, the better thing is to maintain self-control.

My stumbling block is coming from the 4% crowd. I'm lucky enough to not be hooked by them all the time because an hour or two might feel like a lifetime to me and then things would just get boring and depressing. It's pretty much reset mode for me again. Let's see if I can last longer than a year without stumbling again with the same addictive concept.

About people, when a fallout occurs, I can actually turn the table to support myself again if I can find that window of opportunity to bother them about it. I'm going to be applying some thought about a person before I go after him or her. In more rash terms, I'm just going to think about my sentiment towards them and what I want out of it before willingly approaching them. I know that I can be annoying without wanting to be. It's something I accept as a part of me and doesn't daunt me anymore to express my crazy words that come out of my shouting mouth!

For example, I want that girl who put a restraining order on me to add me as a friend on Facebook. It will be like the ultimate insult for her and such an embarrassing thing too. She doesn't have it on me anymore, and I let her have the maximum amount of years too from not caring. I even had the whole lawyer thing because my dad was concerned for me. Nothing came out of my pocket, so she tried to extend it and failed to go through. I know because the dumb pastor told me and gave me the envelope and then the police came over and confirmed it too. So yeah, that's why she's an idiot. It would be so funny to me and something for me to show off about with people who are bothered by me at the moment.

I can accept her not being around and avoiding me and all her contacts and trying to move on with her life. It's something I think will cripple her mental thoughts in a way for the rest of her life. I'm not really intimidated and all is forgiven no matter what happens in the end because the forgiveness part comes from believing in Christ. It can't be broken no matter how much I doubt it; I can't run away from it, and it's who I am now, a sinning Christian who also tries to keep on repenting to please God.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Amazing How It Passes

I normally have this worn out feeling of being worried and lost in direction. When that happens, I usually just play video games and watch some TV to let it wear off. What ended up happening is that those anxieties just came out of my system regardless of what I did. It is pretty amazing to know that, so I'm going to not really worry about it with myself now and just do what I want to do, which is becoming a self-made millionaire with a six pack!

The pain will just pick itself up and go away, while you let yourself get engaged with something. My buddy complains about being unhappy from feeling left out sometimes, and I feel it too. It's just that those feelings don't really make any sense to begin with and to try to rationalize which he does, it ends up sounding very dumb. These are the annoyances that my best friend puts me under, and he's probably never going to end up marrying any woman. I do not place deep confidence in him to get there and accept him for who he is.

Overall, it's pretty much the controlled anger that I'm living with while trying to be a professional. Living with this keen focus and utmost regard for living among others, I have developed confidence that feels awesome and a depression level that stays constantly at a 0 out of 10! When I look at a girl, I immediately notice her appearance and figure that she isn't that pretty. I feel that for every girl and sometimes, I'll get thrown off and think she's very pretty. I don't value appearances so much anymore and more about her personality.

I've been dating some girls who do a lot of cursing and say that they are believers of God. I really think those girls are annoying! It's the hand that I was dealt with. One of them was physically unattractive and the other was sort of there to pique my curiosities about the feminine physique. I just want a decent lady whose around my age to have a core relationship with that could be very exciting, but mostly settling down with. I don't really care about her being tall or shorter now because I figure that being short is most likely her emotional connection to wanting to feel smaller. It has nothing to do with me just being short. It's really just her feeling that way. It's an insecurity that can be contested from the man being an awesome guy, regardless of being a midget! 4% of the females will largely care about just looks alone, so I can't do anything about that. She's a female version of Shallow Hal then. I'll pass on having a relationship with those girls.

Analyzing Feelings

Sometimes the stress and worries of being neglected and having no sense of worth based on how people act can really get to the guys! These feelings are temporary man, and people are going to occasionally let you down anyways. This is only from being a believer in the Bible, otherwise, I'd probably be a really huge jerk and criminal. I believe in trying to be nice because of my experiences of coming to know Christ and accept him as my Lord and Savior. It was an emotional event and then at other times, it just became something that didn't make sense but overall, I want to identify with the Jesus I know from reading and hearing about the Bible.

I have developed my faith as a Christian. It becomes known to me now that my feelings are not always going to be up to par for wanting to live that way. I just have this hope and trust that those matters will come to pass. They actually come and go all the time, but because of my belief that the Holy Spirit is working in my life, I can be a little better with maintaining self-control. Still, I'm dealing with the idiots of my past by trying to let it go and the anger that drives me to bother the heck out of them with no regards for them, except obeying the law if they get a restraining order on me!

At least my desires are simple with those idiots, I just need one of them to man up and let me bother them on a social media site. I don't need any more than one now, and I can manage the work load and stress of having to become really hard on them and lambasting them away like I'm a crazy, motivational speaker!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Attracting a Woman

Hahaha, you came to the wrong place to find that out. I'm just kidding. On the contrary to my best friend who is pretty dumb in this area about women, he's always talking about how the girls smile at him when he talks and laughs and then he interprets that to be a sign of romance.

Man, that's stupid! It's just a common thing to interact and have girls laugh at you from left to right. It might make her more comfortable and give you room to have a relationship, but that's not even getting to first base either. You have to ask her out, and my buddy can't even do that to any girl he likes. He has a stupid way of thinking that can't make him let go of his ideal qualities of a woman that are like way out of the universe.

He also believes that women want materialistic things. This turns out to not really be that true for the majority of women. Maybe the women he's thinking about are crazy and had a lasting impact on him, but he's just dumb in this area and refusing to see that for himself. The woman is mainly interested in happy times with her man, which is pretty easy to figure out, but how?

From the get-go, it's about meeting the right person and just naturally connecting. Okay, it's going to take some effort to forgive incidents and then move on because no one is perfect. In a nutshell, it's about providing the woman with her needs of being loved and given affection. If the husband can turn on his wife that way, then that's even better and what I'm seriously hoping for! Good times await.

Isn't this so silly, but probably wouldn't be for a woman but to the guys, yeah it is. The woman just needs to feel like she's heard sometimes. She's feeling shy and stressed out or stupid or etc. She is letting them out to the husband she has entrusted with her whole life. The husband is like "Oh, okay. Let's solve it." Yeah, don't say that. She needs to be ready before she can accept help, but should be easy to get to with the man she loves and has married.

Improving With My Life

I think I can maximize more productivity by working hard even during my down time. Duh! That's a no-brainer. I'm also growing bald in my super old age of 31 (!!!), so I'm doing this hair treatment program. I'm practically still a kid from enjoying so much play time and video games. I annoy people with my comments too like I'm a kid. They end up getting so mad that they need to get away from me and a few of them got a restraining order on me, too! So yeah, don't mess with me unless you want to get bothered. I'll still bother you anyway, no I'm just kidding, but maybe not at the same time. I might do it unintentionally.

I don't care about the whole restraining orders now. They passed and I talked to those stupid things (individuals) and they couldn't do anything about it. What a bunch of retarded minds who can't let go of their silly feelings from being just so annoyed! They can't act right because they flip the handle like that. I made them look bad, obviously and I feel no shame about doing that in the future with others now.

On top of that, I'm only 5'3" man. Man, that's too short to call me a scary psycho, but okay, I'll live with it by not caring and using that emotion to bother the people who are bothered by me even more! I have a reason for bothering people, so it's like even though I was trying to be nice about it, it just came out of me.

I realize that only 4% of women out there care about what men think! Go figure, those women are cool or crazy or just a bunch of whatever people. It's from this survey that women care about men being physically attractive, and it's only 4%! Wow, compared to probably like 96% of the guys in the world who think that way about women. So with me being only 5'3", I'm going to get my heart broken with the 4% crowd just out of that then. Okay, and then with the rest of the female crowd, my height must be like ehh?!

Even Lower Time For Playing Around

With my me time, I'm pretty much letting it be this blog and reading the Bible because my whole existence is practically tied to my faith in Jesus.

Other than that, I'm trying to be fully comprehensive with everything that I'm doing. I guess this blog is a great way for me to just chill and relax, away from all the other distractions and just write away! Hey, I'm almost caught up for the whole year already. Going for 100 posts in one month is just too insane man, but I was cheating by writing only a few words for some posts. I'll take what I get, I'm not deleting them and starting over man!

Signs of Life

I am now minimizing the use of the Internet and TV and carrying on my own personal burdens of getting some unpleasant flashbacks! It ends up making me want to curse a lot! It's only momentary though and seems to pop up for a moment whenever I'm stressing out from doing hard work. I'm getting better at staying relaxed and concentrated, more than I've ever been.

These are basically my main goals that I'm setting myself to do. I don't really care how limited it feels now or I get made fun of because of it. Aside from being a total jerk to certain people now, I'm going to let my fun be somewhat related to socializing. From not really having much close friends, I might as well just utilize meetup.com. I guess I just like being around people for a common interest, so while I live my busy life with studying and being productive with myself, this is all long term so I might as well do the best I can to maximize a positive experience for myself.

I still feel worn out every so often, but in the end, it's just great to feel like I'm getting on the bandwagon. Perhaps from the hard work I put into it, it can only become more simple and exciting as a result from receiving positive results.

Leviticus 13:15-23

Leviticus 13:15 says that if raw flesh develops on the skin after leprosy breaks out all over the skin, then the priest declares the person to be unclean.

The site I got this photo from says that leprosy is curable now, which is good. I read somewhere that is more rare to find in developed countries.

Verse 16-17 says that if the raw flesh changes into white, then the person goes to the priest and upon confirmation, the person is declared clean. Verses 18-19 describe that during leprosy the body can develop a boil with a white swelling or bright spot, reddish white. If this occurs then the person is to go see a priest. Verse 20 states if it is deeper than the skin, while the hair has turned white, then the person is unclean. It becomes known as a leprous sore that has broken out of its boil.

Verse 21 states if the priest finds no white hairs and the skin is not deeper than the skin and has faded then he isolates the person for seven days. Verse 22 If the boil spreads all over the skin during that time then the priest declares the person to be unclean. However, if it does not spread then verse 23 states it becomes a scar of the boil and the priest declares the person to be clean.

I don't know how long it took Moses to figure all this out, or if it was already well documented somewhere in ancient history. This type of knowledge seems dependent on the breakout of the infection from bacteria; some being more or less severe than others. With how the verses relate to if the person becomes unclean or not, it appears that these verses come from the inspiration of God. It doesn't really seem all that random here, like some later cultures that had witch doctors that performed rituals to try to cure you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Relevant Things

Fortunately, I have enough going for me that I can't really afford to spend my time with playing video games and watch TV. I actually have more better and grown-up things to do than that now. The only thing I really need to fix now is my Internet surfing activity. If I can limit that to only the essentials, then I think I'll be doing good.

To sum it all up for myself, I'm going to just keep myself busy.

Back To Work Mode

It looks like I just need little reminders throughout the day to help me keep on track and focused. It's not helping so much because my soul and brain are so interconnected with feeding on my addictions. Therefore, I would be a horrible drug addict if I ever got into it, and it isn't worth it to me. I don't care what names or thoughts of being a coward or uncool people want to call me; I know my limits, and it won't be good for me.

I'm actually alienated even though some people approach me on a daily basis to greet me. I get a lot of alone time, so being made fun of for something doesn't even matter to me! It's really about the stuff that is going through my head. People can generally have opinions, and if you don't like them, you can just bother them and call them dumb because of that. You would be the one laughing the whole time anyway, so ultimately, I think that's why people are sort of afraid to voice their opinions with me. It's also not very serious most of the time, even the situations that seem blown out of proportion. I've been learning quite a bit, and it's a cross I enjoy taking up for carrying my own burden.