Sunday, June 26, 2016

Planning Out Activity

It looks like I'm starting to hate my room being so messy! I just can't focus like that anymore. I need to have it cleaned and organized if I'm going to run a personal business of some sort. I think I can categorize my life into three separate piles and basically my personal overwhelms all the others, without a surprise there.

I have work in a category all by itself. My other one I'm listing is errands which are basically temporary activities that I like to put off the side, but once they are done, I don't have to worry about them anymore.

I have a running list of like 12 errands to do, compared to just one for my work category. My personal list, let's just not even go there.

Solution To Dealing With Idiots

I have a very Christian approach to all that madness when it comes to dealing with crazy people who you are just constantly reminded of. It's to pretty much pray everything about it to God and ask for a solution. If the person thinks it's too silly to pray about or something that God wouldn't even be mindful about, then the person is already wasting his or her time thinking about it. The person is just practically being retarded about letting it go!

On top praying for people you supposedly hate, you can't really ask for vengeance upon them or something bad to happen to them while praying about that to God. You need to just have patience and be loving towards them in your thoughts while praying about it. This is the spirit of Jesus that Christians should call upon before making their requests known. It's to have a forgiving attitude and to pray in an exceeding manner while being joyful and thankful for that person who has been irritating you!

So yeah, the people at the small church with attendance that would be at an all-time low and much less than the average amount of friends on Facebook, the ones who have been talking to me in a frustrated manner and made the decision to block me on Facebook as well because of my messages that made fun of them while I was irritated, those people haven't prayed enough to Jesus! I'll be happy to remind that to them someday. I'm going to be a spiritual and physical leader then and it's just part of my natural ability- not even going to force it upon myself to get the magic going.

For the longest time, I felt being a shorty was going to be a hindrance but I guess it isn't if you still have the ability and brains to compete against other tall and handsome guys in the world. I'm saying that I might end up with a gorgeous and compatible Christian wife that guys might really hate me for and start making fun of me while trying to tempt her maybe. I've made some development in not letting my anger get to me and just being patient with a friend that I like, so I'm glad that I met her and we can seriously be good texting/meet up buddies at least.

Nothing Wrong With It

I don't think there's anything wrong with playing Magic: the Gathering and enjoying it with other people for socializing or to see whose deck ends up being better. It's sort of like measuring each other up like whose muscles are bigger or who can make the better 3-point shots in basketball.

I guess the problem is to just find balance with it all. I think when someday I do manage to get the pretty girlfriend and then wife every guy is going to hate me for, I'm not really going to be able to afford having all this personal time. What I believe that I need to train myself in is really making the necessities of life a bigger priority than personal entertainment.

With the personal entertainment, I think I'm making that overlap so much over what I ought to be doing or thinking. For fun, I do enjoy playing and building decks for Magic: the Gathering. I also enjoy watching professional sports games like European soccer and MLB. It's great to watch very good international players compete against each other and to even marvel in their reactions. I also have fun watching anime as well.

Overall, it's not really a bad thing to like those things. I also like surfing the web as well and can get really caught up with playing a fun video game too. I think that's really the keyword for me in that it's about me being caught up with everything fun that I'm doing.

Some of the healthy endeavors that I find myself getting lost in the moment from having fun also include singing and playing the piano and also working out. I really think becoming the leader of creating video games the best I can while developing an all-around knowledge will be a very healthy activity for me. I also have an interest in fitness science and general practitioner's method of medical health. On top of all of that, I would really like delve myself into cooking as well. It's awesome that I have a nice friend whose really busy with stuff telling me about her concerns. I don't care if she has me on her friend zone because that's where I put her at the moment and she's also taken already, so no need to start sweating about a possible future with her.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Things I Need To Work On

With my precious hours right after I finish working out, I really could be using that time to study the Bible. I still have a habit of letting my mouth run off to myself in a bad way. I'm trying to fix that by praying to Jesus this time around. I'm now praying for the people that I feel angered about occasionally from the past. It's been hard letting it go and it comes up every once in awhile just to annoy me while thinking about the what could have been's. Oh well, what's lost is gone and not coming back. It's better to just move on and set sights on something positive and what could be done in the present to make the best out of life for yourself.

Indulging In Too Much

Okay, so I guess I'm going to play catch up then with reading the Bible, working out, and probably programming on my computer to get those trades that I want going.

I have been playing so much Magic: the Gathering. It's been such a pleasure playing against other people. I don't really care about winning or losing so much anymore with it now. Maybe, I'm putting my ambitions on it a little too highly and so I need to let that go and focus on other personal priorities that I have mind in accomplishing.

Once again if I sacrifice this leisure along with putting in a decent amount of effort while staying positive then maybe I'll be running with some consistency. I think for the most part being patient and sticking to Bible principles really help, even if one wouldn't care to believe in God, I still think reading and understanding the Bible should be essential to living a nice and happy life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back To Trading Mode

Okay looks like it's for me to start trading now and seeing if I could make a decent living off of it. I'm ready to write another program to assist in my trading and that's pretty much what I'm endeavoring before I go ahead and trade.

On top of that, I'm just starting to read the Bible and understand things better because I'm reading up on some commentaries. I think I'll just pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me in that sense then and just labor in the ways of the Lord while being mindful that one day, I might end up with a smoking hot Christian and compatible wife!

Okay I need to do that along with working out so I'll go after that then. I think I'm seriously going to just bowl for fun along with working out at the gym and playing guitar and piano. I will also try singing and dancing to some tunes, while also trying to create some of my own. I also should get that going in trying to grow taller and keep my patch of hair.

That's pretty much the main stuff that's going through my head.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Minimizing Activities

I think instead of just relaxing and watching sports games. I should really commit myself to doing more physical activities and eating a whole heck of a lot better. On top of that, I could also focus on my chores and finish personal maintenance with what I have in mind of accomplishing.

I'm really going to get that done with reading the Bible, going for an athletic body, and becoming a millionaire. Might as well add to that a beautiful and compatible Christian wife who is better than the girl I like right now. It's only because she's taken and I have her only as a good friend. I feel that joy of friendship though and it's nice to do fun things together. Friend zoning her is not really a bad thing at all for me and might even come in handy by keeping her around as a comrade.

Six Pack Season

I'm leaning out and forming a six pack for reals! I'll post it once I have a real six pack that shows some nice definition. I'm still looking for muscle growth so that's what I need to work on.

I haven't really been paying attention to the stuff that I should be doing. I'm just letting my mind wander off still. I think I really need to just motivate myself consistently. Maybe, I could settle down with a beautiful millionaire who happens to be Christian as well. Why not, go for the high life and laugh it off for the rest of my life in shame from a girl beating me in income level!

I'm really thinking about this strategy now of meeting girls. With the girls I'm attracted to and who are already taken, I should just friend zone them and continue looking for more beautiful girls than they are. Hey, it works and why not? Might as well keep upgrading, until I find someone who is single and beautiful and really ready to settle down with me.

Some Guy's Blog Is Better

I don't know but that guy has some interesting news on his site. He just posted news about a lady running over his HIV positive boyfriend. That's a pretty disheartening situation, in that she's in prison now because of it!

Here's an even more interesting news from back then. The former NBA player Magic Johnson repetitively said that he contracted HIV from trying to help a HIV positive boy off the ground at the Boys N' Girls Club. The boy was bleeding and the blood pretty much smeared all over Magic's hand that had a cut. Well, Magic is alive and well still so I guess.

So the current guy who is number 1 on the search for Computer Science is posting news and is just consistently posting stuff. I don't know if we're going to have a posting war. Well, at least it will keep people on their toes and the competition will become stiffer.

Let's just post away then with original magic on these blog posts! Join us, but only if you dare.

Falling In Rank

Okay, it looks like there's some other people who have caught up to the top. I'm now rank #5. Oh well, I'll stick to my moniker of being Rank #1.

This blog is getting really cheesy. Well, I have definitely developed a style of talking that makes some Asian girls laugh. That's pretty much all I've really been noticing with myself. The Asian girls laugh with the exception of my sister and another girl who sees me as a brother. Maybe my mom doesn't really laugh either with the things I say.

I wonder when I have a wife, if she'll continue to laugh at the things I say or she'll act like my sister and mom.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ahh Feels Better

Okay, now that I'm more off the radar by disassociating this blog with my social media network, I feel more at ease to communicate whatever the heck I feel like now. I guess I might be too late for some people because they already know who I am.

I have a feeling though that whoever has sort of ill intentions with me will probably not be coming back to this site again because they are going to hate my success or any form of humor I put in here. I think it's because they are going to feel bad about continuing further with reading this blog. Along with that, I don't see them as taking it seriously with me any more in staying mad with me.

Not Really So Discouraged

I used to feel really discouraged while I was going after something I believed in doing. I think I was missing a few personal components and lacked enough patience. I was going in bare-blinded and very emotionally ticked off. With time having passed by, I'm just glad I put in the effort to once again state that happily I'm not in trouble.

To be able to have an idea of what people's motives are now and be accepting of them while having a happy mindset, it's been an intuitive gift that I like to sort of pride myself over with people. Whether I'm right or wrong, it doesn't seem to be uninviting of my friends though. Of course, when I'm being critical, people are going to go on the defensive so I would have to justify my claims better. Later on though, with me meaning for a better cause or clearer way of living while being peaceful with each other, I can see that the things I discern and communicate about people from just feeling it and considering what I observed, it doesn't really get rejected and is really based on an honest opinion with really no agenda in mind.

Becoming More Slick

Yeah, I think it would be awesome to have the nickname of Mr. Slick. It's going to be a lot of work under the scenes, but I think the state of being when approaching it will be so cool!

I guess that's where I want to be headed now. It's being slick while being openly relaxed about everything and having a really good work ethic. I'm really positive about the work I put in because the struggle is something that I'm used to putting myself under. I'm not really stressing out over making myself go through more hard work. It's just going to be a lot of personal effort I guess, but over all, it's just joyful to have friends and feel absolutely free and relaxed to be yourself, while still accepted and liked.

Maybe I'll be dating my friend who I'm just so fond of someday. For now, I really have some more things I need to work on with myself. I guess I'll be doing that until it's just the right moment where I'm supposed to dive into this whole marriage thing. I'm just taking my time really and a year hasn't even passed with this person. It feels really nice and cool to associate with. I think the foundations are there from my end at least to stay friends with her for a very long time and enjoy having company while being around her.

Hard Work Attitude

One of the things that I really need to understand for myself is that I have a lot of potential. It's just that I let my mind wander off with lack of discipline. It's like how I just feel constantly bored and have to do something meaningless and that just boosts my ego to keep on living. It's pretty much my hobbies that I'm letting myself stay lingering in.

I guess I feel guilty about indulging so much in my hobbies because I end up feeling bad for neglecting other areas of my life for maintenance. I want to spend my time and do something that's just purposeful and driven to high standards with excellence. It's hard enough that I have a close friend who I spend time with who just struggles in live and gives in to his defeat while hardening his personal soul and relenting about how he isn't fully happy with everything. He's practically stuck and did all he could already in life. He still goes after it when he feels a surge of fortune.

I don't want to live by how lucky I feel in life. I want to live by actual proven work and results! I would like to stick to that formula while considering my strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I'm feeling really happy and good with where I'm leading myself. I just need to continually put up the effort and even though I'm slowing down, I'm feeling good about picking myself back up and putting in the effort again.

Blessed To Be A Part Of Life

I guess a lot of the inside things that I'm talking about is something that only I would personally know. I think having a blog and treating it like a journal and with the possibility that people I wouldn't want to see it, makes writing on this blog so daring!

It's that excitement of trying to go somewhere and even though I was faltering through lack of personal discretion, I'm definitely glad that gaining some valuable friendships have shaped me into a better person than I am today. It's probably just one friendship that has made the difference for me in seeing how other friends come into play for me. I'm feeling so much more stability. Could this relationship really be a spiritual blessing intended by God?

Maybe my reward lies in having labored to be a patient individual and from having a friend I actually cherish, I've been willing to put up with all of it. Maybe it's unconditional love that I'm developing or something but it's been a powerful influence for me and a mighty factor in leading me to a more suitable living.

Letting It Ride

I think I've learned so much over these days that I'm now learning how to approach something in a cool and unoffended manner. I have been tempted while playing out the situation in my head to constantly yell at the person who I'm just ticked off at for just being annoying with me when I'm trying to settle something from the past with them.

I'm not really so angry about it anymore because I did my part to not cripple my living conditions. I still put in the effort to live a good life and maintain self-discipline and self-control to still try to be courteous with those individuals. It pays off on the long run to really be patient and even though my emotions were running and making me feel so hot-headed; by not giving into them, I've had the most success with people even though I'm sure the devil would want to tempt me into saying that isn't so.

Taking the long and hard route has been a journey that I don't think many see fit for themselves to take. It's the narrow road that takes sacrifices and gaining wisdom through experience to understand where life is leading you!

Falling Back Into Place

I'm slipping up in small areas which is pretty much my time management. I need to put my time management back into gear. Fortunately, I'm living a single man's life so that's good. It's also nice that I've developed friendship with someone who I actually admire and would love to spend my days with. I guess I just love this whole giving them space type of deal as I continue to develop on my own.

I don't want to live with any regrets, so I need to work at putting myself back into the mode of living right again. That energy I've been living off, I want to turn it back on and go consistent and steady mode again. I'm just living with mainly one thing that attributes to my positive effort- patience.

Pretty Much What I'm Doing

I'm pretty much just letting my mind go to sleep and do repetitive activities to spend my time. I just let myself forget about the time I'm doing. It's like I've created a job for myself but not making any money out of it. I don't really think anyone who is depending on me would really like this quality about me. I need to shape up and put myself back into gear. I think confidence and positive attitude with hard work going across my mind while giving myself this hopeful expectation that I will develop better is what I'm going to have to do.

Playing Catch Up

I have like a ton of errands to run, so I'm going to go at that then. I'm having a lot of fun with working out and feeling lots of more energy these days. There's so many things that I could do and yet I'm just forgetful about it.

I'm letting my mind run wild again. I need to let myself get disciplined again. Even though I like the idea of putting myself into one place, I think it's good for me that I develop a healthy and productive routine. One that will make me feel after the day is over that I'm getting somewhere with my life.

It's difficult because I'm letting myself fall into personal traps of entertainment and desire. I'm spending time by myself as a loner when I think God could make me useful by allowing myself to be out there with more people. I need to push myself and let myself take better reminders. It's just timing I guess and that's part of the game.

Setting Priorities Straight

Okay, I need to stop playing Magic: the Gathering during the week now. It's a lot of fun for me and I've been just playing against others. I need to once again remind myself that the dream I'm chasing after might not be feasible for me, no matter how much fun I'm having.

There's after all, luck that's going to come into factor. I would prefer that I don't sit around and see what happens when I could just do something else. I would rather not wait on someone else to decide my fate. I really like the set up and forget-go approach with everything when it comes to investing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Been Awhile

Especially with the stupid topics that I talk about, I might as well take myself off the grid but keep this up for anybody who is lucky enough to read it then. I had originally on my Facebook profile and I think I still have it on some dating sites, but I'm not really caring because nobody cares to contact me from probably being scared of what I'm capable of.

That's right! Even though I'm a shorty, I don't look like one in person actually, so maybe my best chance of being with someone right is to actually meet her in person instead of trying to go shopping online. I think I'll just leave it to that then and just rely on creating a network of personal connections. The hard part is that without having an agent nor any fame, it's difficult to get fitted with an attractive girl who actually has something for you. Maybe, there would be something wrong with her, but then again who knows really?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

In Summary

For all of the things I've written, I need to do better time management again. Even though it's not really in my core to do well, I guess I should try putting together a check-list of the necessities that I should really be carrying out which also include my main desires so I can remind myself to live that way.

Basically, I'm going after a relationship with Jesus, becoming wealthy, and really physically in shape. I will utilize discipline, patience, acceptance, and proper energy to get there.

Reviewing Last Posts

It's great to have discipline, patience, acceptance, and energy to keep going in life with whatever you are pursuing after. I guess I need to start doing that again and kick it back into full gear again. I think I need to accept that there are some things that I'm not going to be able to accomplish, even while it's going to be all in fun and make some sacrifices to be happy on the inside.

I think the main things I really want to stay focused on is having a relationship with Jesus, obtaining wealth, and being physically at tip-top shape. Other hobbies like writing music and trying to develop something out of nothing, I guess I can just look at it as trying to make money then.

I think it would be better for me to focus more on skill rather than trying to impress upon myself a little luck to earn some fortune. If I can minimize the time while maximizing my output through letting skill play a role, then I think I've found my niche.

Discipline and Consistency

Having energy through being awake, relaxed, focused, consistent, and disciplined; I think these are the ingredients for a better life. I'm just trying to recall what I said earlier. I guess I'll have to review the post I wrote again.

Letting Mind Slip

I ended up indulging on onion rings which are carbohydrates and watching anime for awhile. I feel pretty sheepish about doing that. I'm going to have to just get it out of my system now and go after my goals again. It's a good time to let myself be positive and bounce back into the person I want to be while being patient and hardworking about it.

I really need to instill upon myself great discipline again. I think that's what I'm really missing and consistency as well.


One of my posts has skyrocketed off the charts. I think from reviewing popular products and giving my personal recommendation of it from how it actually works for me and explaining it positively is probably what got me those visits. I'm getting really good results from it.

I guess if I seriously want to make a living off of promoting products, then I should really be advertising the stuff that actually works and make it free, I suppose. I would just be able to make money off advertisements then, while making the content free. There's really nothing to it and I think that's how even radio and tv shows make money off of it.