Thursday, October 8, 2015

Giving It My All

Even if I am not that good-looking and suck at a lot of things while being a short man, I am still going to give an effort to what I have. Whether it's just little I can do or a lot, it's all going to be for the Lord! Whenever I forget to do something and remember later on, it's back to making my best effort for Jesus.

All the experiences I have had that has made me what I am, I offer it up to Him and will continue to live that way. Reading the Bible everyday and tuning into a Bible-teaching ministry has really been a benefit for my spirit-filled life. I have been going at this for a long time now. At first, I didn't know what I was worshipping but these days I am understanding better my relationship with God.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Living for God's Glory

1 Cor 10:31 and Col 3:17 both mention that whatever you do, you should be doing it for the glory of God. The New Testament practically talks a lot of Jesus, so Christians are supposed to do everything in his name. Even if nobody cares in our lives, the focus should be on pleasing the Lord. 

I guess that makes my life a lot more meaningful now. I'm going to give my all with having fun then because that's what I like to do and make it a healthy thing for the Lord's name. I'm pretty much trying to wise up now and getting my mind off of playing Magic: the Gathering. I'm pretty much back to trading. I guess I'm just going to have fun with it and try to learn something about it everyday. I'll just be doing some reading and experimenting on some new technique daily, along with maintaining my preferences.  

I should also be following up on some chores as well, so I'll be getting at that then. I'm really going to need to then just be wise. With all the jokes that I'm putting down, I'm dedicating them to God even if nobody laughs and get offended. I'm trying my best at least and will keep doing that. With all the socializing that I'm trying to do from being forever a newbie, I'm going to give over my full effort from intuition and everything I got to the Lord. Even if I get some individuals complaining to me and tempting me to get really angry and they don't want to appreciate what I'm trying to get done with them, I'm going to still give it all the Lord.

This practically all means that I should be reading the Bible on a daily basis and praying to the Father through the Lord Jesus. Basically, my daily life during the week is going to be about reading the Bible, working out, doing something related to trading, and looking for an opportunity to make human contact with someone! I don't really care about attractiveness in people now or their age, I'll just call it practice while I'm heavily suffering emotionally underneath. I'll just try to build perseverance and patience with everybody and do it all for the Lord's name. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Follow Up

My last post is actually pretty good and just has that captivating style of my personal touch. It can be read over again while noticing some sweet spots of sympathy and humor. I'm a pretty whimsical person believe it or not and not that very gifted all-around as people think I am. I'm being honest. I have a limitation to everything and the only thing that can make me good at what I do is to calm down and work at it.

Like right now, from calming down and putting all of my emotions and intuition into a problem, I was able to get a pretty good grasp of the situation while feeling comfortable about it. For example, one of my little first-cousins had a crush on me when she was a baby. She would smile and try to give me a light kiss when she was like four or something!!! It was annoying, okay. I tried adding her as a Facebook friend and then guess what? Yeah, you know she didn't respond to it. It's not a no nor yes. I figure that she's just shy about adding me and want to go far as rejecting me romantically. Okay, I don't have a problem with that. How could I add her because I'm interested when I shouldn't be by human standards? I just need to press my values on her a little more and get her comfortable with me as a person by knowing where I stand.

Overall, I'm a very hard person to understand. By my nature, I just don't make it easy for people to figure out my intentions, unless we're like playing a game or something. Still, from playing a game, it's very logical that I'll be trying to make the best move and sometimes, I just won't do it because I'm just sucking at it. The thing about it though is that some individuals are sort of afraid of finding out when they are being selfish about something because if they were to tap into my heart, they would be influenced to do something that's out of their comfort zone.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Focusing On the Heart's Intentions

I'm starting to find something that helps fill in the gap with frustrations that come from missing information about anything. By taking the approach of figuring out the person's intentions, it really sets me up to strategize better for influencing my happiness. I'm really about developing self-control from doing anything inappropriate now. Since nobody is perfect except for the one who claims he or she is, the imperfect person will every once in awhile ignore negative self-judgement and just go about doing something while being in the heat of the moment.

I want to catch myself right at the beginning stages of those inappropriate moments and lean to the understanding of Jesus. I'm really going to try to set up a routine now and treat my life like it's a daily job for now because I don't want to get too carried away with the fluff I find in leisure.

I want to be pretty serious again and dedicated to my health and gaining knowledge to increase my vast wealth. Even though I grew up being influenced as a weak person by others who angered me with their rudeness, I never really made an effort to get them to stop. I basically fought back naturally and held a grudge even though I still wanted them to be my friend. Things are starting to slowly creep its way to how I don't really need to raise my voice to set my point straight, unless I was a cop pointing my gun at someone.

In order to be so cool at formulating a wonderful outcome, you have to be the master of yourself. You shouldn't be so agitated underneath because it's expending energy where you would be working a lot harder than you would. To be the winner, you need to be a calm and assertive person focusing on the right tasks. For me, I'm finding that my suitable propensity for solving people problems would be realizing everyone's intentions intuitively and then just communicating to force the issue out-of-style. I found out that I have been gifted a problem solver's head, even though it's very slow at processing only a billion things that are going on at once!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leaning On Jesus

Everyday I wake up with this feeling of addiction and longing for something that would be classified as inappropriate. I guess in those instances I need to turn to Jesus through reading the Bible and praying to him. When I have those moments where something in the past is still unresolved and wants to momentarily haunt me because I let it get to me, I should just trust the Holy Spirit will guide me out of those hard times.

I'm going to start doing it and take it a day at a time. One by one and doing the right thing to the best of my ability. I need to get my priorities straight again and live a strong routine. I think the biggest imbalance of my life right now is literally playing Magic: the Gathering so much for me and watching T.V. and just not focusing on the boring and hard stuff enough that I should be doing to get my responsibilities straight. I should be doing all of those things, instead of just giving my time up to distract myself while having so much fun! I'm going to try to turn it around now and go with that flow now. The feelings are starting to get a little better and if I don't do it now, I'm going to burying myself into a deeper hole now. I need to clean up my act and do better this time around.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reading the Bible is Awesome

Well what sucks is that Angels are probably going to be out of playoffs this year. Right at the end, they ended up choking and losing to a better team. Oh well, it sucks! At least the Dodgers get a chance in the playoffs, but I don't think they'll be winning the World Series. They are a great team though for sure.

Oh yeah, that's what was on my mind and now I don't feel so bad about moving on now. There's always next year, but it's like a bitter feeling having to wait for the next season. I wish Angels would have won more games and had a chance to battle it out in the post-season but I guess it's just going to come down to some fans ranting about firing the current personnel. Go figure, they are acting rowdy like some Yankee fans.

Okay, the Bible is just giving me this type of relaxation that feels really spiritual. Reading it everyday, just feels so healthy for me. I'm just browsing through it and trying to speed read in about maybe 15 minutes to go through like 10 chapters of the Bible, but still trying to read it verse by verse just feels really relaxing and just like an eye opener. It's like I can relate to some of those verses and passages. I'm not going to use the Bible to make some obvious jabs at people because it seems inappropriate. I should be responding to them in love and being honest about my needs with them.

I'm so glad my annoying, but good female friend told me that what I was doing is inappropriate. I feel like I'm the king at discussing about manners with people! In fact, I should be practicing what I preach.

Simple Layout

Playing Magic: the Gathering is so much fun. I like trying people with different decks. I always want to win obviously and sometimes I don't get to beat them. It really sucks, but oh well. I guess it's something of the nature where I really need to just move on.

I think I can sit well with games that involve luck and skill if I don't really have to sit there all the time and be engaged in it like playing with stocks! It sounds good to me then. I'm just talking all scattered and random right now.

Today, I went to the gym and did some hard running for about twenty minutes on the treadmill with some incline to it. Yeah, it was fun and very exhausting. After taking a cold shower, oh man, that felt so good! I'm going to try to run everyday at the 24 hour gym. It's pretty cool and something to do while I get to be all mindless and listen to random music on my headset and watch a TV screen with my favorite team losing on there! Oh man, what a bummer.

I'm also going to go for maxing out a set of push ups and sit-ups too. I think I can do that everyday and takes only about five minutes for me, which isn't too bad. I'm doing about 42 push-ups right now and 52 sit-ups. I'm down from having done about 10 more reps. I guess I'll slowly creep my way into successful reps at about the 80 level before I get bored of it and do something else. I think that's how I'll introduce myself into fitness. Just the basic push-ups and unassisted sit-ups, which aren't that easy. You have to stay in place and I keep bumping my head into the wall!

Oh yeah, I'm also going to go back to doing those growth stretches from yoga. I grew about 1/2 inch permanently from doing it. I went from 5' 2.5" to 5' 3 1/4" after doing those stretches. Man, I'm still short for a man. If I was 6' 1", then I wouldn't care about being rejected by a woman. I would just smile and move on. From being short, it's a little hard for me to smile when a girl does that to me. I keep on developing a height complex more and more, and at the same time; I'm just not caring about it.

I'm also taking a no response as a rejection to me, but if I had all the confidence in the world, it wouldn't matter to me. That's what I'm lacking from being too short. If tall men are being rejected by gorgeous women as well and seeing it on reality shows, then maybe, it's not too much of a difference anyways. I'll just go with the natural do what's good and get a hug from the pretty lady after!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Like a Job

Well, so much for feeling like it with doing some things I know that are good for me. I think I'm just going to think of it as like I'm going to work, each day I wake up. I have some free time and end up blowing it by doing mindless things like playing Magic: the Gathering but okay, I think it looks like I might be ready to put a lid on it and focus on the things I really need to do.

I don't know why I'm not doing the things as I'm supposed to be doing. I guess I just don't like feeling stressed out, so I'm naturally becoming evasive with it. If I treat it like it's a job, then maybe I have something going on here. I guess just for today only, my mind felt way too excited and it was like I had to just lay there to calm down.

Okay, it's back to limiting on playing Magic: the Gathering now and finding closure with it. I have a deck that can beat anybody in the world and somehow, I always need to prove it to myself by playing the game. I guess I can be happy with that and focus on some priorities because I'm lacking a little balance. It's like I should go pro with playing Magic: the Gathering but I'm like so reluctant to do it. I'm not numb to the feelings of losing and not making it in the money! That's why I have that currency trading business going. I'm done for now then.