Friday, February 27, 2015

Leviticus 11:39-40

Leviticus 11:39 starts out with saying that if anyone touches the carcass of an animal that he or she may eat, then the person becomes unclean until the evening. Verse 40 basically says in this instance to just wash his or her clothes and remain unclean until evening. The person who also carried the carcass, possibly a hunter or helper is supposed to wash his or her clothes and remain unclean until evening.

I don't really understand the whole being unclean part here, dealing with touching dead animals that we may eat. It looks like God didn't really mind His people eating other animals that He said were okay to eat. It goes back to the dietary Jewish laws. However, I recall from the New Testament that Peter was commanded by God to eat unclean animals so he would be able to witness to the Gentiles. The Gentiles are basically people who are not physically born Jews, so they are basically everyone else. How God didn't propagate His wraith on the Gentiles for breaking Kosher laws all the time is such a mystery to me. Maybe some could claim that it's because God isn't real or make some type of doubt like that. The Bible hasn't really mentioned about God killing off Gentiles for not following Jewish tradition. The whole promised land thing where God commanded Joshua to attack the people living in the land with milk and honey did some detestable things, which I don't know the description of yet. It's probably not because those people were making themselves unclean until the evening!

What's interesting is that how there's always a purpose with what God is doing. The Bible says that God's ways are higher than ours, meaning that there's no way to fully understand God. A verse in the New Testament says that we only know things in part, dealing with God's glory. Still, it's encouraging for me that such a thing like the Bible exists today, and there's something to look into each day and try to grow from. My buddy was being prideful over some ideas and happy over feeling like he was better than everybody else from having the most understanding. It was a type of false security that he developed from his own loneliness; it was really annoying to me so I ended up telling him that I'm taking a break from him. He doesn't really talk about those types of weird things anymore with me. He's actually been getting better at keeping to himself and being more realistic about life, like describing the drama that he is around with the women in his life.

I'm basically referring to how no one can know God completely, but His Word and teaching is available through the means of reading the Bible. I guess the Old Testament feels archaic especially with these old laws that we hardly practice. I wonder if there are any more Jews out there who will be very strict about following these ancient laws set forth during the time of Moses. I can see how easy it would be to just doubt based on feelings alone because it's a little out there. However, my faith is in Jesus, so that's what's keeping me going with trying to read and understand the Bible daily.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Leviticus 11:33-38

Verse 33 talks about how if any dead creeping thing from Leviticus 10:29-30 falls into an earthen vessel then it must be broken and that anything inside it becomes unclean. I didn't really know what an earthen vessel was until I did a Google image search, but they just look like clay pots. Maybe, they were easily contaminated and not that resilient like the cooking pots we have today.

Verse 34 says that "in such a vessel", so it looks like it's referring to the vessel that was made unclean from the last verse; if water falls out and touches food or any other drink then they become unclean. Based on how those dead creatures might have some harmful bacteria or germs, I think it makes sense that one should dispose of those edible or drinkable items.

Verse 35 talks about how if the dead creeping thing from verses 29-30 fall on anything such as an oven or cooking stove then it shall be broken down and replaced. I would really have a hard time with this verse from back then because I would want to be lazy. However, if I was back there with Moses leading the way and observed the Lord's wraith taking a lot of people and believed it in my heart with trembling fear, then okay, I think I would disregard my lazy feelings and do what God commanded me to do here. I would end up smashing the stove and turning it into a game, so I would make my kids do it for me!

Verse 36 states that if a small creeping thing like a dead lizard touches a spring or a cistern then the whole water supply becomes unclean! Imagine how frustrating that would have have been for back then, while you are so thirsty and then some strong wind managed to pick up the carcass and dump it right in front of you while you were fetching water.

Verse 37 is really interesting because it says that a dry seed it lands on is immune to being unclean. However in Verse 38, if there was water on it then it becomes unclean! These last two verses remind me of the parable in the New Testament of how just a grain of salt that lands in a pool of pure water can make the water impure. There's just no way we can be morally perfect and pure from everything that's already happened in this world!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Leviticus 11:28-32

Verse 28 states that whoever carried any such carcass as mentioned from the last two verses will be made to wash his or her clothes and be unclean until the evening. What I am noticing with the Bible right now is how it's in the masculine gender case. I believe when the Bible says whoever and then goes he afterwards, that's just the way the English language operates in that it's meant for everyone. I'm sure the more politically correct way would be to say he or she, so that's what I'm trying to do more so I won't confuse some people or even myself!

From this verse, I'm also noticing how it is following a pattern of having to do like one's laundry when one is unclean. I think that's a very reasonable thing to do because walking around with germs from a dead animal being rubbed all over your clothes would be nasty anyway. Okay, so I'm making a narrow case right now for how God of the Bible is a fair and just God.

Verse 29-30 states that these creatures are creeping things that creep on the earth and are unclean for people: the mole, the mouse, and the large lizard after its kind; the gecko, the monitor lizard,the sand reptile, the sand lizard, and the chameleon.

The photo above is the famous gecko from the GEICO Insurance commercials. According to the Bible and jokingly stating, he probably wouldn't be a very pleasant and clean meal.

Verse 31 states that they are unclean creepers. Interesting enough, this verse doesn't say you become unclean from touching them while they are alive. I remember trying to chase after lizards for fun with some kids when I was the same age. An old friend had this gecko that he was attached to and he would always touch and play with it. I wanted to touch it too, but he wouldn't let me from being over-protective with it. Funny, because I'm already over it! 

Verses 31-32 basically gives this long explanation of how any one of those creepers that touch anything while dead has to be put in water. I'm assuming it's supposed to be for washing purposes. The punishment for the human skin that made contact with it would be being unclean until the evening. 

That's very interesting. I wonder how if I was a little boy and mad at my younger sister, I could make her all unclean by touching these dead creepers and then chasing after her. She would be like, "Mom!" I would be all laughing the whole time, but then I would probably hate taking a bath after, so go figure in trying to repeat it routinely.

Before I sign off, I'm thinking that if it had hit the floor of a home, I think it would be funny to then drench the floor in water after getting a bucket and then trying to force it to dry. Also whatever item that was used to pick it up would be unclean and then the person who picked it up would be unclean too. It's like a domino effect. I wonder if the people in the household would play rock-paper-scissors to see who becomes unclean. This is really funny now that I'm thinking about these little things right now for back then. In conclusion, I'm going to start spraying my broom with the hose in the backyard if I ever make contact with one of those dead critters now. 

Leviticus 11:26-27

Leviticus 11:26 pretty much states that anyone who touches the carcass of any animal which divides the foot, but is not cloven-hoofed or does not chew the cud, is unclean. I really don't understand what this really means so far, but okay.

Verse 27 talks about how if anyone touches the carcass of an animal that goes on its paws among all kinds of animals that go on all fours, then he or she will be unclean until the evening. What I'm thinking about right off my head is like a touching a dead lion for example. This verse says the person who does it will be unclean until the evening. I really don't understand this verse so much too right now.

What does it really mean to be unclean until the evening? Does it mean the person who was unclean would have to make a sacrificial offering after a certain time to appease the Lord? Does being unclean until evening also mean that God is allowing this act to be a permissible thing for His people, as long as some measures are taken afterwards?

Well anyone, I don't mean to sound lazy or anything, but I truly believe in Jesus as my savior and that whatever unclean act I did, by truly confessing my sins to God's Son with a repenting heart, I am made clean. It's by God's grace that I'm living in, and I am rejoicing over not having so much jumble and confusing details to work out over found in the Old Testament.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leaning To God For Support

I recall as a child, I used to pray frantically about asking the Lord to just protect me. I was quite an anxious and quiet kid that concerned a few jerks who said that I was scary. I don't really care about what they said, I'm just joking but yeah, I was very quiet and nervous about trying to fit in with everybody. People would even tell me in person that I'm so cool, and it would always surprise me. I was never satisfied with myself and the bubble around others for some reason. I just had that subtle form of insecurity with everyone because I was afraid of losing them.

That's all in the past now. It's this newfound joy that I find in believing upon Jesus. It feels like all my anxieties have been released for more longer periods of time now. It's like a huge weight on my shoulders have been lifted and now I can just feel normal again. I get to experience the drama that goes inside me firsthand or just not care about it. It's like God restored my privileges emotionally and physically and that now, it's about choosing to deny my own flesh to follow God's commands willingly. I think that is what is pleasing to the Lord; it's when we are at our strongest or weakest and we still decide to turn to God. I'm trying to point out that it is like having a constant fellowship with the Lord through spending time with Him by reading the Bible.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Leviticus 11:24-25

Verse 24 states that the Israelites will become unclean if any one them touches the carcass of any of those unclean animals and creatures God had mentioned. Verse 25 states that whoever carries part of the carcass shall then wash his or her clothes and be unclean until the evening.

It seems like for many reasons and possibly unintentional for being the best reason, Israelites could have broken these commands from God. By being unclean, I'm not sure if it was still treated like a sin. Probably not entirely because in the New Testament with Peter chowing down on unclean animals, God didn't really hold him accountable for that.

Another thing that comes to my mind is how God is so merciful about being forgiving. It's like having trouble with a person who broke your favorite lawn chair on accident. If someone did that and I didn't like the person, then well I would be having a hard time getting over it. In the Bible, God is reputedly quick to forgiving His genuinely, repenting followers like King David and Saul for a short time before Saul started messing up and getting lost in his own craziness. Yeah, I guess that can happen for people whose favorite color is blue. I'm not saying that is Saul's favorite color, it's mine!

Turning to God is really the answer to all of life's problems. Just like what happened to Job when he was living a nightmare, Job never lost his faith in God. It's just like me, I can be so blinded in my path and not know everything, but if I were able to turn to God and seek after His ways and comfort, then things would be so much better for me and then I would have the strength to overcome the same obstacles that have sought to bring me down.

Leviticus 11:20-23

Verse 20 states that all flying insects on all fours are an abomination. However, in verse 21, God allows the Israelites to eat every flying insect that have jointed legs above their feet with which to leap on the earth.

In verse 22, God provides examples: the locust, destroying locus, cricket, and grasshopper. Grasshopper actually tastes pretty good; I've tried it once. I bit off the head and then tore into its carcass that was BBQ'ed in some sauce. It was awesome. Okay, grasshopper. I'm like the master that eats students for lunch. Just kidding.

Verse 23 states that every other flying insect which have four feet are an abomination. Okay, I'll have to agree in there based on feelings from my point of view. Why would I let myself suffer?

Leviticus 11:13-19

Verses 13-19 says that among the birds: the eagle, vulture, buzzard, kite, falcon, raven, ostrich, short-eared owl, sea gull, hawk, little owl, fisher owl, screech owl, white owl, jackdaw, carrion vulture, stork, heron, hoopoe, and the bat are an abomination and must never be eaten.

I'm sure if God made these birds smart enough to think and feel like we do, then they would do dancing like above because of those verses.

These verses loosely remind me of homosexuality. Okay, this blog is starting to become a little more for adolescents and not really for kids now and going up the chain I am. Eventually, I could be talking about stuff for adults. People should be reading this G-rated site, which I will try to keep it to while taking about gay people now. All right, then maybe I'm just fooling myself and really talking about adult related matters anyway.

If any kid out there, stumbles on this obscure blog and they grow up with it and mature then I'll be happy as well. Okay, so I'm going to write this based on the topics that the Bible goes along with, since I'm going verse by verse. I'm just going to trust God then to help restore my unwilling soul eventually.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

God is Good

God is good all the time and He is just good. Anyway, today is also the Super Bowl! I'm rooting for the Patriots today even though I'm counting them out. I think it would be funny if the Patriots won after being caught for cheating.

The Bible says that whatever you do, do for the glory of God. I'm going to try my best to live my life for Him. As always, the Bible says that the Word is God brings life in that it provides a sense of purpose and inner peace that can't be found anywhere else. I've experienced this light from drawing near to Jesus.

I think God cured me of my mental disease of just being so angry all the time. I now have like two emotions- joyfulness or anger. It's pretty funny, but that's how I feel. I don't feel like the things that used to make me so angry are such a big deal now. I don't really care if others have a problem with me about it. I'll just stop whatever I can, if they tell me they have a problem.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Things That Don't Matter

Out of the 430 friends I have on Facebook, I think I've lost like 30 friends. Maybe ten of them re-added me back. Another ten of them blocked me on Facebook because I got mad at them, and I guess I ended up annoying them so much, they wanted to ignore me. They act so crazy with me in person when I talk to them, and I can't seem to find a way to resolve whatever problem they are having with me. They are also so much in denial with me too.

What I just stated doesn't really matter and nobody cares really on the long run. I don't really care about it now too. If anyone thinks otherwise, then I invite the person to message me his or her thoughts. I can take in hate mail pretty well too, just that I'll respond back much to the person's dislike possibly.

Here's more stuff that don't really matter. A guy thought I was acting like a terrorist after I called him an idiot for leaving his family. Man, I was so mad at him in the past. It doesn't matter and I shouldn't have been so angry with him. He ended up going for a restraining order and the judge said stay away from him 0 yards while we worked together. Okay, some restraining order! It doesn't matter because God is in charge. Amen to that. I don't really care about it now. I talked to him again and he didn't have me arrested. He just stood there and tried to laugh it off. Well, he has me blocked on Facebook and is under a different guise, so I guess it affected his overall tone a little badly.

I could have talked to him more and get whatever I had off my chest. That's what I miss having done; I just felt I was going to hurt him verbally so I was sensitive like that. In a way it's better that I held back because it means more struggles for me to learn to endure and let go of. Yeah, I really like how that's really positive for this negative thing which really doesn't matter. I don't care about it.

Here's another one. A girl from church put a restraining order on me because she said I was stalking her. I didn't defend myself because I didn't care. I went back to the church and they called the cops. The cops told me that I had no restraining order. They had me handcuffed out of suspicion and I was let off by the sheriff. Yeah, it doesn't matter now. I don't care.

It doesn't matter that they have been bothered by me talking to them. I don't really care. I'm not so bothered by them thinking I'm a person they are so wrong about. It doesn't matter in that I don't have to be so angry with these new and abnormal experiences I had.

It really doesn't matter that I was also diagnosed with Bipolar disease and had some form of anxiety-stress disorder because I was hearing crazy voices in my head. They never told me to do anything bad, just accused me of being gay. I was so sensitive back then, when I heard my head saying that, I was crying a lot so heavily. It doesn't matter now. I guess those voices shut off after I discovered puberty sucked and learned to embrace it.

It doesn't matter that I wasted my time all this time and that I could have done better. The past is what it is, and I'm lucky enough to be able to live in the present. It's time that I put forth a consistent amount of effort and focus, whenever I can get my mind off of entertaining myself from episodes or video games. I'm bored off my wit's end right now with setting for my goals, but I made a promise that's almost too difficult to keep.

God is good, all the time! I believe in Jesus with all my heart and even though I don't think he's here yet, I eagerly wait for the events to unfold today so that I can anticipate his glorious return.