Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Considering More Trading Systems

For the most part, I'm not putting any more to money to purchase someone else's system, no matter how much of a great sales presentation they put forth now. I'm going to mainly stick to my own experiences and knowledge from doing my homework. 

I'm pretty happy with taking on more long term trades now because I could then go focus on my hobbies and work. It's also a lot easier for maintenance as well for me. The Russian guy I stated who put up a free download for an indicator I paid for is also covering a few other systems as well. I really like this no non-sense trader. I ended up downloading most of the other tools he has up for free and going to test them out now.

If something is being offered free, and it makes me interested then why not dig in for the fun? I'm not interested in paying for something where I'll be putting up my money at risk anyway. It just doesn't make any sense as to why I should do that now. 

Win With Another Trade

I went long for another trade today for Bank of America. The stock was doing well, and I made another decent return off of it using Binary Options and the end-of-day trade option. Yesterday's trade with the CAD/JPY also ended up being another win so I'm on a roll here with my system.

It's like a no non-sense system and deals with a lot of patience and basically, if I spot any uncertainty then I'm not pulling the trigger for a trade. The Bank of America trade was actually sort of an accident, I meant to make a trade for Boeing- they both have similar stock symbols but when I looked at the chart for Bank of America, it looked like I made a healthy choice.

I was looking at the price level, and there was definitely room for it to move more upward without too much struggle until it would reach the area to retest for resistance. What I noticed with my indicators is that for the 4-hour chart, the price had not yet passed a moving average to confirm it as a bullish market. It did on my 1-hour chart though, so it might something to consider in that I could have a stand-alone system using the 1-hour chart.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Crazy Thing About Investing

Well, I ended up spending about $5,000 for a coach to attempt to teach me with making some profitable day trades. I had some fun with it as well and even attempted to learn while waking up early in the morning and staying up late at night watching the markets with the tedious 5 Minute chart. It wasn't really my dream job that I had always envisioned with trading.

I kept on trying to break away from day trading and felt how cool it would be to leave my trades hanging and letting it build more profit while I did low maintenance. Trying to learn this without putting any more money in to be taught became entirely tricky. Nonetheless, I gave it a shot and was pretty much trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Guess what? The indicator I use currently and paid about $50 for is being offered as a free download. I have the indicators that I paid $5000 for plus a professional trader's guidance and it hasn't really been offered by anyone yet. It's by the same developer. Anyway, here's the website which is by a Russian who writes sentences in broken English!

Learning About Trading

I have spent about $9,000 total trying to become a Forex trader. Okay, it's not that bad considering how I have a job and paid the card debt off. The thing about it is that I learned very little from investing that amount of money, except for the basics and how I should go about approaching my trades in a safe and systematic manner.

I was pretty dumb as an ox while taking a chance at trying to get rich off of doing some type of weird trading that I never even heard of. I never really envisioned myself as an investor to begin with, but I always had a hard time with the thought of working for someone and never making enough millions like all the successful businessmen in the world. I used to feel like Bill Gates was number one from being the richest and then became surprised over someone else becoming more rich than him. I don't care who the richest man in the world is now!

I guess it all started with an automated trading adviser and then that's when my curiosity and appetite for getting a piece of the action on this market started taking place. I was first about investing to create my own home business. I then quickly figured out that it wasn't doing me any good nor bringing me any profit because I was clearly working in the wrong market. I found out how tough it really was to have a home business, and how lazy I really was from just constantly playing video games while buying products to sell and never doing so.

I did a lot of buying and then returning products while getting a refund. I've even heard of some sellers not even giving people their refund! It happened to me once already for a lot of money. Anyhow, enough with all of that. I managed to somehow stumble my way through with a job and to have some money left over to try to launch my future, early retirement. The thing I've learned to be better at in this whole process is being a more loose giver to others in general. It feels weird in the beginning, but then gets more easier as time goes. The only problem I face is that I need to be more discerning with the people I give it too.

Finally Won Some Trades

I went long with Facebook and Gold today while going for an end-of-day trade with Binary Options. I'm still currently in a trade with the CAD/JPY pair and it's losing by just a hair again. It was winning for a good long while though; maybe, I hung on to it a little too long. I'm not so sure about that. I'll probably have to look into that more. 

I ended up doing some extended analysis on my charts, before entering those trades. It actually worked to my favor this time! I also started my trades at around 11:00 am PST which was a good time for me. I only did about $75 total of an investment and made a little return, but I'm happy that it's somewhere for me to start. 

What I focused on were support and resistance levels, moving averages, and price action candlesticks on the H1 and H4 charts. If I found some area to doubt my trade, I ended up moving on to the next consideration. I still used the Investing.com portfolio for the signals, but only on the hourly this time. It was also only for reference. I could probably start neglecting it, if I get good enough analyzing potential trades on my own charts. 

Focusing On Priorities First

I think by having a simple plan to go by like that Reminder app from my iPhone, I actually got a lot of things done that I can feel happy over. I really enjoyed doing that, so I'm going to try to keep it going on a daily basis during the week. It's pretty much my own M-F schedule, but my weekends are always subject to change.

Looks like my intelligence capacity is starting to be more welcoming to accepting more knowledge and new experiences! What I mean by this is that I'm having an easier time reading material, whereas before I used to hate sitting there and reading a book. I think I may have the motivation and skills needed now to practically ace some difficult college courses, if I decided to go back. Obviously, I'm not going to because I don't need it anymore. I'm about making money on my own now, so I don't need some degree to show that I can stick to it because I already proved that to myself with a Computer Science and mathematics college degree!

Back On A Schedule

Yesterday, I concocted a small and personal syllabus to follow for today. I didn't specify any time for each goal, but just jotted it down on my iPhone Reminders app. It worked like a charm. I'm already done with all my goals, except that I still have to brush my teeth and that's about it.

I'm being tempted into doing something stupid again, but by putting that thought aside, I'm getting other things done first! What's pretty cool is that I don't really care about how short I am now. My height doesn't seem to have an adverse effect while I'm dealing with taller women in general, so I guess it's cool then. What's even better is that appearance doesn't really matter to me, so whether a girl is a little more prettier than average or not, I don't feel shy about interacting with her. Some very gorgeous women out there are also nice, and I guess it's just a luck of the draw for settling down with one. Still, the appearance factor isn't really that important compared to the personality for me because I've actually matured in this area of relationships a whole lot.

I think what it really comes down to is really just finding and being the right person. There are so many people in this world and sometimes, it's very easy to get caught up in your own circumstances and not find a way out of those small problems.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trading Result

I ended up trading the USD/CAD pair and lost again on the amount of $25. I did a little extra analyzing and missed it by just a hair this time. Last time, I was way off the mark with the market. It seems like with the analysis I've been doing and the time I've been trading, if I would just reverse the direction of how I originally planned to trade, then I would be doing really well. I'm not ready to do that blindly, and I would like to find out the reasons why it seems that way for me.

Using the Fibonacci pivot numbers have been useful today, so I'm now blending in price levels along with the technical indicators that I am using. After two days, I'm just averaging one trade of $25. Win or lose, I'm not concerned about losing that much each trade right now. All I care about is finding a way to be a consistent winner. Once I have that going, I will be on my way to trading money on my own.

I think in order to be a little more effective, I'm going to have to trade at least a couple hours before 1:00 pm PST, which seems to be the cut-off time for me with most stocks. Maybe I could try trading at night too and get back to this time, another day. I'll just keep what happened with my results noted mentally. It seems to be a lot easier to remember my bad trades from trading with real money, so I guess it forces me to work harder on my own so I wouldn't lose that often.

Revisiting Old Posts

I notice a few curious readers are going back through my old posts from like six years ago. I was accused of not making any sense by crazy people back in the day. I think by being honest, I have made some comments that haven't been challenged by those retarded people, sorry please excuse my language. Yeah, it's still a small remnant of feeling yanked by them but not strong as before where I was burning underneath with desire to just conquer them!

Going back to read my old comments, man, with my obsessive habit of working at something under extreme conditions and putting up an unyielding fight, I am aware of the effect my writing can have. I think my unconscious nature was putting in an investment for me to go back later and to just have a great laugh over a common situation that isn't so serious, but everybody can get a little rattled over.

I've been compared to the biggest and baddest villain in all of Magic: The Gathering story-lines- Nichol Bolas. This dragon is such a huge douche!  My best friend told me he reminds me of him, and he bought me the card and said to put it in my deck. He said I start stuff for no reason with people and then end up giving them problems that are hard to deal with and that he has access to an exciting social environment because of me.

Still Yet To Engage In Optimal State

It takes me a very long time to get something started and now that I'm not really feeling much, it really comes down to what works best for me and my relations to others. I really favor the approach of being ethical and feeling good about myself because of it! My Bible teaches me to be loving to others, and it's a huge struggle for me because I get angry underneath a lot even though I won't show it to them. No one has really asked me to go take anger management classes, so go figure. I've only been told that I need help by crazy people, but they weren't being very specific about me!

Well, I'm starting to outsmart crazy people like my little sister without having to become like a crazy ape to them. I'm making those witty comments that make me laugh so hard, so it's keeping me motivated to stay nice. I think my comments can cause a little hurt in people who are feeling mentally groggy. I'm around some pretty resilient people even though they can be a jerk sometimes, so it makes me laugh thinking about the mean comments they can make with me. I can be sarcastic like them too occasionally, just to mess around and to have a selfish laugh.

Working Out and Taking Advantage of Personal Time

Even though I'm taken right now by a sweet and loving girlfriend, she's still out of state but sending me wonderful e-mails and texts that I enjoy reading. Okay, so I have all this time to myself for the most part after getting off of work. I'm wasting it by messing around and watching T.V. and playing my MTG cards by myself! This is starting to become wasteful activities in my head and not really satisfying me that much.

My best friend of the moment feels that he accepted his own personal flaws and can't really do anything to change it because he's so set on his own ways. In other words, if he wears down and feels depressed from getting that bored feeling we all get once in awhile, he doesn't need to change himself completely.

He'll also have his crazy days of being hyper and feeling like laughing at everything. It gets a little annoying sometimes having to listen to his proposals and imaginations that are way off-center from the pool of mainstream knowledge. I still feel a bond of hanging out with somebody, and he wants to accept that when I call him up, so we have a close friendship going. He's pretty much the most accessible person to me, but we differ in ideas because his mind and body just can't take a certain level of abuse like I can when very determined.

Limiting My Urges

With my urges of wanting to habitually play Magic: The Gathering, like I did with other video games in the past just to have fun, I think it would be better if I let go of it for now and just accept it. I did make an offer for a friend that I would make a deck for him, and he seriously accepted it.

Okay, I'm getting a little too crazy about MTG and it's like some loner's activity that I seem to not get bored of. I guess I'll see how my deck works now in the field after testing it by myself, and it seems to perform with a major improvement on speed. It really features a lot of powerful Plainswalkers, which are allies in the game that boosts the chances of winning.

Getting Myself Out of Laziness

Today in the morning, I felt very sleepy and not well-relaxed. Anyhow, I feel so much better right now. I ended up playing Magic: The Gathering by myself again and have to say that my deck isn't too bad now with a few weaknesses, but it still has some advantages because I'm able to play powerful cards.

I basically started out with a 100 card deck and now have made it into a standard 60-card deck with only two, original cards from that deck remaining now. I hand-selected a lot of my cards from looking up on a database and searching for cards that I wanted to play for myself.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Result From Trade

The trade I made with Apple ended up being a loser. I guess it's going to require more skill than just looking at signals. I'm going to start checking numbers on the chart and just keep going at it. Fortunately, I've lost only about $25. My mind feels a little sick from the losses, but I don't want to give it all up. I really like how I can just put in the effort, make the trade, and then just go do something else like go to work.

Hopefully, it will start turning around where I get to make winning trades very consistently and with a nice system. We have to remember though that there's always a potentially huge risk whenever dealing with trades like binary options or Forex. No matter how good I become at it, it's better off where you do the research on your own and learn to make proper judgment calls with your preferred style.

I think the picks I make have to be all based on proper timing. I ended up trading about two dollars above the price where I ended up losing. There's something called pivot points which are price levels that you need to be cautious over. I'm going to start doing that, along with checking the daily highs and lows and the previous day's levels as well, all the way up to the weekly or monthly.

Cool Month

A lot of things are going on this month. With it being the fall and the weather being manageable here in Southern California, so many groups are having a lot of cool Halloween events and inviting people out. What I notice is that exceptions are left with those people who just suck as an individual in general and come across as plain weird.

I now see that the people who I gave a hard time with were the ones who turned crazy over not wanting to discuss about something not so serious. They made a decision to block me as a friend on Facebook and couldn't hold their manners really well with me. They turned into like little kids with a Napoleon Complex. It ticked me off so much because they wanted to leave it unsettled. It makes me only a little mad now after realizing there are people who don't want to talk it over with bigger things with people like if they have cancer or a life-threatening disease.

They became scared of me as well, after becoming crazy. They were about trying to selfishly get away by making me look bad in front of the most important people they felt. I'm lucky that those individuals aren't really that powerful or even super rich in society. Yeah, I gave them a really hard time from having a hard time dealing with my anger. I still feel a little remnant of it, so I've learned a lesson in how I should spill out my whole, honest mouth and leave it there with them, so I can feel I did my part next time. I was afraid if I said the wrong words, they were going to get me in trouble; that was my mistake- they became like insane retards, excuse my language!

By being fully honest and not sarcastic, it helps the person manage his or her feelings better. I can say it works for me and that it is incredibly hard to open up like that if you are not used to it. With time, everything you set your mind to can get better. There's this one idiot twin brother of my closest buddy- he ends up frolicking young girls at a mall and keeps saying that they give them their permission for his pleasure. He's pretty stupid at trying to be a womanizer, but nonetheless; he is a big scared-y cat and will avoid conflict even after speaking big words- that's what keeps him out of so much trouble in the first place. It's because he has a mind that also develops fear and absolute disregard for the foolish talk he gets into! Boy, that is pretty depressing and I feel sorry for him.

Trading Stocks

Even though I lost 5K to Apple stocks the past month, I still noticed that their prices were climbing back up above the $100 mark. I think I bought the stocks a little too high at about $103, so I missed it by a hair. Oh well, that's the past and there's nothing you can do about it.

I ended up trading just $25 on Apple for a day trade using binary options. I pretty much used the charts on My Portfolios with Investing.com, I looked this time for all the signals to light up from 15 Min to Monthly. This really filters out my choices, so I'll be trading a lot less than waiting at Daily. I guess for now, I'm working at picking more quality trades and working with the fewer trades to decide if I'm going to still trade them or not.

I ended up looking at my indicators on MT4 while picking the Apple stock and all I really did was just look at the candlestick formation while looking for hints on whether the price was going to rise or drop. I noticed a strong pin formation that was favoring a bullish market on the longer term charts, mainly the hourly and 4H chart because let's face it, that's about the length I prefer for binary options. There's really no point to keep the money in longer for me. Might as well just hit or miss big money and then move on from there.

I'm basically using terms that may confuse the heck out of a reader who has absolutely no interest in trading, but I've been working at it for awhile like it was my passion even though I hated what I was feeling for a long time.

 I was feeling pressured about having to make money and settle down with the cutest girl I could find. It seems like appearance don't matter these days; despite me being short, taller women still are able to be respectful and cool with me. They don't really mind that much in just being friends with me. Even though guys get carried away with girls' appearances and ignore the personality, I think chances are greater if you work at being the right person for the personality that fits you. I mean everybody's different and some gorgeous girls might have the personality that really attracts the male as well, and they might just hit it off then. I, myself, am currently taken and in a relationship with a taller woman, so I can vouch for that.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Song Revision

Well this is embarrassing. I sort of forgot one line of my song and when I was singing to myself, I realized that I goofed that line. So I'm going to correct myself again. Anyway, the music is pretty cool and I think it's fun to play. I'd really like others to just appreciate it. I don't care about the money or fame that comes out of it; I just want others to feel inspired from the song I wrote.

On line 7, I meant to write at the end, "I'd like to see you live your life and get through all your days." Yeah, after singing it to myself, it feels like it's flowing better, so that's what I actually meant.

Have To Let This One Out

This one girl who is very gay for other girls out there was being passive aggressive with me. She didn't want to assist me and was trying to give me a hard time. I even heard her whisper to herself, "This is stupid!" I basically schooled her with a Facebook message, and I'm still laughing over having outdone her.

I'm not really interested in adding her as a Facebook friend, but if she wants to I'll accept it just out of feeling obligated. It's only because she's gay- that's the only reason why I don't want to add her. Anyhow, after a few days, she turned nice with me. I can tell that she likes me and how she would consider not being gay if there were more guys like me out there.

My Song's Lyrics

I have the music I wrote for it too, and it sounds really nice when playing the tune on a grand piano. However, I only have a piano that isn't tuned well and sounds very funky to the ears. The piano is actually far too old to recover back to its original and wonderful settings. Still, that's where I created the music and with my mom being an honest critic, she doesn't mind me playing that tune daily, as long as I play other tunes that I'm also working on too.

I made a guy who calls himself a reputable Butthead tell me that I made him cry and then he gave me a hug after hearing my song. Yeah, it's a pretty emotional song all from the heart.

Here's the gist of my song's lyrics, and yeah, I can't forget my own song I wrote now. It's like implanted into my soul now:

Waking up this morning, to what's like a summer's day.
I find today to be unique. Isn't it natural?
For people to bond with each other. I know apologies aren't enough.
You never let me take the lead. Won't you let me try for once?
It's like the ROSES were NOT enough ??? - Ohhhh well,
I have a secret to let you in on now.

I'm nothing at all! There's no where else to fall.
Even when I come to your arms, begging on my knees.
You make it me all. You make me ALL? (second time: all.)

The battle trumpet sounds off. Desperation cries out.
Shuffling my feet to places, I don't belong.
It's been hard to say.

(Repeat #2 once then goto # 4)

This is a song about Stacy (Crazy Betty), a girl from my care group.
I asked her how she was doing. She didn't answer.
This is my song for HER-RRRR !!

You give me joy so much that I'm speechless and I like it.
Your love for me is irresistible. I can't fight it. Can't fight it, yeah.

You shine so much your light of mercy. I receive it.

I'm bowed and broken. Everything's so new.
You're like an inspiration to breath, I'd like to see you live your life for the rest of your days.

(Repeat #5 once, goto #2 and then #3, repeat #2 second time)


If life's like water, I'm dry as a desert.
If life's like Las Vegas, I really lost my shirt.
I'm lost without a clue, I flip a shout out to the love I thought I once knew.
I never thought this was possible.
I'd like to thank you for letting me give you a good time.

(Repeat #5 and #6)

Whoa- Ohhh - Whoa-aaa!


I don't know where you are. Wherever you are,
May you go live in peace.

A Piano Song

I wrote a love song for a crazy girl on the piano after being inspired by some Christian music. I feel like my mind just wants to go crazy when I dwell so much about her problems she has with me. It's like I'm saying out loud to myself that she's my best friend, which is weird! Maybe my heart is being sarcastic and trying to humor itself unconsciously.

1/3 of the song is pretty much a paraphrase I took from a popular song by the Newsboys, a Christian band. I met the leader once after a concert, and he was a brat according to my first impression. He did end up signing my CD cover. I think he meant to be cool and hip with me, but I took it the wrong way that day.

I ended up doing some variation of music that I felt like playing. What my intention of those notes I played was that I wanted to give the feeling of how it would be fun if someone ever copied my song too.

Only two lines of the song is a version I took from an old boy band called Oldtown. I don't think they are around anymore. All I remember from that song is "Even at all, I'm nothing at all. There's no where else to fall." I pretty much copied those two lines but in a completely, different artistic expression. I just thought it was catchy-that's all.

With my song basically, I want to make it open for anyone to copy and distribute as they would like. I'm not interested in making money out of the song I wrote and created piano music for from pouring out my heart.

Skipped Working Out Again

It makes me feel a little sheepish from having played my Magic: The Gathering cards all by myself again. I must be just addicted at seeing how it all works out in a random fashion. I guess I'm just being lame like that to waste my own valuable time. Well, I'm not currently angry at the moment with my old friends who turned crazy with me. Maybe, they were never really about being my friend, but just about using me to get their positive and selfish, life experience working for themselves. I totally turned it upside down for them without getting thrown in prison or anything too bad.

Maybe they moved on or want to feel that way, but when it's brought up, they just go crazy with me. I guess if I think it's funny to do this to them for revenge and don't really care for them, then this is what I should keep doing to them. What my heart is telling me is that they are just being stupid people! Oh well, I think I needed help in the past because I had a hard time being honest with my feelings. I felt like if I revealed everything going inside of me, then they would get me in trouble for it. Regardless of whether I succeed at being truthful or not, with them going crazy with me, they are trying to get me in trouble anyway, so might as well satisfy myself by being brave and opening myself up to them without going crazy like they are even though I feel like beating their brains out for yelling at me.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Want the Confidence

I look at my abs and picture what I saw earlier today stamped onto my abdominal area: "Insert abs here". I would like to get those chocolate looking muscles defined and shaped really well. I'm bad at taking photos because I'm not really that genuine at it. I think I'm ugly! Oh well, maybe if I get six-pack abs then I will have a genuine smile on my face for all the days that I still have it.

I'm not going to cheat for it because that's just being too naughty and trying to play god or something bad like that. I don't want to die really fast like having sold my soul to the devil. I'm going to try to motivate myself again and again even though it feels like my strong negative emotions are taking over for me. Even though I feel like being lazy and depressed and then do nothing but watch boring television on the couch. I don't really learn much from watching T.V., even those educational shows too. I don't really remember what they said, so I guess I shouldn't really be a T.V. person. However, I do remember Sesame Street as a kid. I still remember Elmo mispronouncing a word while trying to learn Spanish- it made the Hispanic guy crack up underneath so bad!

Did One Thing Today

On top of being at work and trying to study very hard to become better at my job, it's been progressing along and getting better because I've been trying it on my own and then asking for some instruction. I have an interest in this field I am in and think it's fun, so that's probably what's motivating me to stay in on this job and get really good at it.

I did say that I needed to get a car wash. I even stated that I was going to take a break from playing Magic: The Gathering, but I ended up not doing so. I managed to only get a car wash today and had a decent lunch, where I ended up getting it for free because I spotted a boiled lady bug in my soup. It saved me $10 plus a tip, which is not bad.

I'm trying to find room to read my Bible. When I'm driving to work, I have the radio on a Bible teaching station, and I'm trying to pay attention to it. My mind is wandering off into the same direction on a daily basis. I'm just getting carried away and then cracking myself up. I really need to continue pursuing after the Father in heaven by taking time to study my Bible and to meditate on His Word. Even when times are rough, I'm still encouraged about the thought of being in the presence of God.

Focusing More Better During Free Time

I felt really controlled today by my passionate desire to beat my buddy at a dumb game of Magic: The Gathering. It's so silly man, and I'm taking it too seriously. Okay, the people that are around us just gaggle around and tell stories that make others laugh, which is good! Even though some of the stories are totally non-Christian promoting tales and so funny with a lot of profanity, I still accept them as my friends. I just act a little more quiet in those areas because I prefer to be well-mannered around others and constantly improve my life to be a happy believer. I understand where they are coming from and totally cool with it, even though I don't necessarily agree it's the best thing to do.

I guess in general, I'm just relaxed and not feeling so anxious over not making enough friends with people. I was pretty hyper about that and then some nut job comes along to try to slow that progress down. Let's just say, she's not the prettiest and a little messed up in head from having caught an aneurysm and suicidal thoughts from having being depressed. Wow, she's over that stuff I think and keeps laughing about it. She has been continually willing to give me a chance though. I just have to approach her at a right angle, if I want it but I really don't in general.

Honesty Doesn't Really Kill If You Are A Good Person

If you are a great person, then you will probably run away from the bad guys and know what's wrong with everybody. Therefore, you won't be held at gunpoint for doing stupid to make that mafia leader angry. In a social and relationship setting, being honest and letting out what's inside your messed up heart and brain to the people who are irritating you might actually be healthy for you. It will probably make the other person more angrier and feel like they don't want to live anymore, if you are just that good of a person, but nonetheless, it's a great way to start out. Besides, it's just gossip-related material and the other person just being a koo-koo head with you.

Okay, so people around me can be dumb sometimes even though they have jobs that suck and pay off their bills. I enjoy my job, totally and the pay is decent enough for me. I'm an exception. I believe in Christianity where Jesus is meant to be the Savior, after having shed his blood on the cross to demonstrate his humility and love for mankind. Actually, there are more like me- the exceptional part just deals with my good fortune in having a job I like.


I ended up playing my Magic: The Gathering Deck until 3 am earlier today. Man, I feel so sheepish for doing that. I was trying to play and see if I would be lacking in any mana to play my spell cards. I'm talking in MTG terms; I know how lame it could sound. I kept playing until I got tired because my deck didn't slow down. I put in some nice two-cost creatures that produce additional mana of any color because I'm just cool like that. No, I did not just say that for reals. I'm just messing with myself while figuring that it's being funny.

In addition to putting in 4 two cost creatures with hexproof (definition: can't be target of spells or abilities opponents control) and mana ability, I replaced my slow lands with reflecting pools (doesn't come into play tapped), so now I have a more fast paced deck and can have fun whooping my young buddy at a game of Magic hopefully.

I'm sorry if the reader doesn't understand what I'm talking about, but I'm just going through some technicalities of building a card deck called Magic: The Gathering. I got in trouble at high school once and they were looking for drugs in my backpack. Nope, they just found my old deck. I guess you can call me an expert with this game. There are decks that say "Expert" level and I played those for years.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Doing Priorities While Feeling Lost and Lazy

I think I have something unique going with my blog posts. Some people do actual read these posts, which is surprising enough but I don't really know what their intentions are. Is it because my posts could have somewhat entertaining or educational value? Could it be the suspense that they are expecting, so they could go a-ha I knew it? It's actually pretty funny that I'm mentioning that- I'm still thinking about a few idiots who were reading my blog and tried to get me in trouble for it and just couldn't. I'm not mentioning their stupid names either but I think I did write their names down. It really irritates me that the state of Washington actually has some championship teams. I hope they continue to suck in the future!

Anyhow, this girl I will name Lee He-She had some issues with me. She had this weird strand of hair above her upper lip which was nasty to look at. I think it's actually not uncommon for women to be just slightly hairy and have a teeny weeny mustache, even though it's just plain weird and funny to look at. Maybe if they shaved, it would get more bushier! I'm actually referring to Lee He-She. Hey, it also rhymes all the way from first to last.

Lee He-She was just on plain wacko-mode! Oh well. I'm actually laughing now and feel like being really nice to her and continuing to just laugh about her problems underneath while just letting go of my issue with her having a problem with me.

Trying To Learn At Work

I'm studying right now how to view engineering blue prints. It's quite flustering because there's those confusing views you have to learn and get used to. Nonetheless, it's helped me appreciate the intricacies and preciseness of machining airplane parts. I really like the opportunity that I'm part of and not very many get to enjoy the luxuries that come from playing a role that impacts the world at a huge scale! We're talking world economies and big clients that are making important and large-scale contributions to this society.

I'm just trying to take a small break right now. One of the issues that I'm facing is that my funny distractions keep me from focusing on my priorities. I notice this could become a problem at making me a grand scale of money. Anyhow, this pretty woman posted a hot photo of herself and made a very funny comment in my opinion. She's okay I suppose appearance wise. I'm not really rating appearances of women as a huge deal anymore. I'm just satisfied if it works, no need to worry so much about it!

Anyway, my loser best friend has this issue with her posting those types of photos and calls them scandalous! He got into a conflict with her and has had a hard time letting go of his frustration, even though he tries to downplay it. It gets really irritating even though it's funny right now.

I need to continue to be consistent at working at my priorities. When I'm concentrated like this and put on my game face, it seems to attract more professionalism and friendliness from others. I guess it's a great quality to keep then! Sometimes, I look like I'm lost in the woods and it makes some jumpy people and maybe an occasional Butthead get on my case over it.

It's actually great advice- placing self-awareness and self-duty of getting priorities done all from a natural perspective. Being born a little smart and sort of nice, I think it makes sense for me to progress like this.

A Few More Things

I have acquired some additional helpful software like this tool that helps you learn Korean. I haven't played with it in a long time. I also have purchased speed reading software, and I still have yet to add it onto my priority list. Okay, I'm only 5' 3" and believe it or not, I gained a half-inch in height permanently from doing yoga stretches that target the spinal cord.

I still have this growth spray and I haven't used it for the longest time, but I'm going to try to use it up. I have books on doing growth stretches too and very elaborate I may add. Oh what the heck, I will make it a priority too, just to do something while I'm running around moody with my appearance. I have these vitamins that are supposed to help you stay healthy and never used them, so I'm going to pop one daily and use up all my supplies too. I'm just not thinking correctly because I just want to be like lost in the woods while having pleasure with being alive. I'm just being lazy about completing my own priorities because I feel worn out. Hey, I even learned a cool magic trick today, but I have to practice it so I won't be rusty at it and embarrass myself in front of others.

I'm also a strong believer in the Bible, which is surprising me because to this day, even though I am around a lot of dumb people who influence me to run away from the Bible, I still believe it to this day and try to practice it wholeheartedly. I'm a non-denominational Christian- I don't follow any system regarding the Bible, but just simple truths that could be taken from the pages of the Bible without too much confusion. It's really enough for me to keep a believing heart, but the hard part for me is figuring out what God has in store for me and what His plans are dealing with me. The answer is to just pray about it and consider how it's an individual, heart issue. I know this from having listened to a good show that talks about the Bible, while it's the main topic.

What I Plan To Do

I'm going to try to get a car wash today. I wasted my time in the morning, but now I developed a super load of confidence and energy from what I intended to do in my wasteful activity. It's like when I was a kid, I needed to play Mario Bros and pass it to feel like I was on top of the world. I don't feel that way anymore from video games, of course, but maybe I'm still fibbing for a 31 year old.

My Magic the Gathering deck got whooped again by my young 20 year old buddy. It really ticks me off a little, but I'm going to put it aside and focus on my priorities for now. Maybe after I have everything in order again, I'll balance it out with some fun in ending my small frustrations with my game deck. I'm going to just go on vacation with that for now.

I'm looking to work out on a daily basis now, even if I'm still a little sore. I might just slow it down a notch then while I'm writhing in pain. I just want to perform at a consistent and strong athletic level, but I know it's going to take time for me to double my strength with the hard preparations of healthy meals, too.

So with my trading thing that I'm executing, I'm not going to rely on anything but myself now and all the free tools that I have put together. I'm going to just do what I think makes sense and keep adjusting from there, until I have something profitable going. I don't care about people saying they can make better money than me or do it faster; I just want to make this my own thing. I'm not into that and digging that anymore. I want full control over my own money, and I am willing to put in the time.

Maybe, people in general might not be too smart or too concerned to get into investing. I don't see how working a few extra hours during the week to become an expert at making money while sleeping is something a person would want to refuse, but I guess then they were just not born to have a strong interest in investing like I was. If I become successful though, I will share my knowledge but I'm not going to work for someone investing in me because I believe very heavily in working independently with your own money as an investor, in order to keep a successful living.

So the Anaheim Angels Lost

My favorite MLB team were the best team this year, but they ended up getting swept in three games by the worst team in the playoffs. I guess baseball is a very funny sport because you don't know what's going to turn out. It looks like the Angels team didn't take it too hard for losing the playoffs though. They still have another year, and their best pitchers were technically injured so the best players the Angels had to offer weren't really in the playoffs.

It might just be that maybe the Angels will be a common staple to make the playoffs on a yearly basis if everything is kept together for several years. I was a little depressed that they lost this year, but now I'm over it and don't really care so much about baseball. Yet, the Dodgers and Giants are still in the playoffs so maybe, the World Series will occur in California this year! I think the Dodgers are my number two favorite team, so it isn't really that bad yet for me right now. They are also the favorites to win the World Series according to many experts.

Down By Less Than A Month

I only have about 23 more posts to go because today's day number of the calender year is 279. I guess it's becoming a very fun journey even though I was worn out a few times while on this blog writing basically about stuff I don't even recall. Because I forget a lot about my original posts that I'm writing, I think I'm going to write about the most important things to me and then just take a break and then go at it another time.

I'm still in the mood for putting in more photos on this site, but it looks like it would break my concentration and flow of my personal time if I was to contribute that extra effort. I think I'll be putting in my own personal photos on here sooner or later. I'm actually not a very talented photographer. What I've been told is that I'm just boring by my closest buddy who has a hard time finding a girlfriend and is pretty much a loner. I think being called boring by him is better than a lunatic!

So yeah, those church people who were saying that I was crazy and needed help are just absolute morons who can't seem to reach out to enough people and just can't get satisfied with me and want me out of their life while not being able to resolve it. Maybe God will take vengeance upon them another time, but for now, I shouldn't be worried about them because they are a bunch of lazy losers. They can't even be successful enough to grow their church and move on out of that silly location and go plant more churches. They are just a bunch of talkers and not a bunch of doers. They just suck in general!

I think the description I just wrote might actually be common for a lot of churches and meet the frustration of a normal person, too!

Real Way Trading Should Be Done

I did some reading on reviews dealing with Forex trading systems and now conclude that relying on them won't do you much good. The best way to be a trader, and this has been emphasized almost always but only by few numbers is to do it on your own. Sure, you could lose a lot of money from not knowing what you are doing but if you were able to research it on your own and then get better at it, then that's how it really should be.

Therefore, the trades I make and detail no matter how good and true they are on this site, is that no one should be really trading with my advice alone. The person should be finding out what works best if he or she is interested on their own. I'm not going to advertise about offering my services now, even if I become a millionaire. The way I see it is that no matter how much faith you have in a person, it's better if the other person does it alone.

So I think I'm safe to turn this site into also a place where I can blog about my journey into becoming a professional trader.  If I make so much money and the other person wants me to do it later on, I'm still going to decline because I'm a strong believer of individual effort. If the person doesn't have interest for learning it and is too afraid of losing money and risking it then there's really a reason why God placed that person in this world, so becoming an investor wouldn't be one of them.

Just Committing Myself

I'm really thinking of how I have emotional problems that I keep to myself and try not show it to others. I guess I can make writing on this blog a priority then because I'm finding that my own honest input is helping me a great deal. It's like having a conversation with someone in a way for me. I can just let out what needs to be said, while no one really notices. 

I really want to remain G-rated and maybe I'll flirt around with PG related material too sometimes, but I suppose it's still good. Maybe, TV isn't so much of a big deal to me anymore. Maybe a lot of things are just extra fun things a hard-working individual should just enjoy when they can make the time for it. 

I think I've been all about escaping my own worn-out reality while knowing what my actually priorities should be at the time. It's like being a coward from going to the actual battlefield and staying to mettle with other distractions. 

Making Priority

What I'm noticing is that my mind is capable of thinking about my own personal priorities, but I'm letting my mind try to escape the reality by doing other wasteful activities. I think I just want to be lazy, but I don't feel that it is right so I might as well just give into just letting my heart feel worn out while I just go after a commitment. This is really hard to keep up with and to keep a strong appetite afterwards to developing even more after.

Maybe I actually did need some professional help back then because I was filled with too much anxiety over my problems and having trouble concentrating. I'm not so much like that anymore because I'm not really feeling anything and more about accepting the struggles I'm dealing with.

I guess I turned into a little more straight-forward person, but my patience has been continually tested. Because I just feel emotionally troubled sometimes, I lose a little track of things sometimes. I do want to perform at an optimal level but I guess it's not always going to be happening like that I suppose.