Friday, November 28, 2014

Simple and Narrow Path

Even though I don't feel motivated emotionally, I do know mentally, physically, and spiritually what might be good for me. Therefore, if all my other senses are indicating the optimal direction then I shouldn't really be letting my feelings override everything like a silly and selfish person we could all be sometimes.

I guess it's something that I would like to call taking heart, and it's actually very rewarding to have kept a stable path for a long time and to feel content over it. It's like being a good man who ends up settling down while having kids to go with a beautiful and loving wife and then enjoying a long life.

What I notice about small churches is a possible flaw in that their emotions can take over and cause some setbacks; there's also a little deception and lack of necessity in the environment that could be taking place. Something about big churches that could be good is a very strong vision which has been blessed by influential people or God or maybe both!

I think a great, small church might exist in some parts of the world where the gospel is seriously lacking and by an extremely dedicated person who wants to serve God. I think churches in the U.S. could be based on personal needs and going shopping for it. I truly think that it's going to take personal effort with studying the details yourself and gathering information that's given to you to put together a working concept to find the truth or redemption that one was looking for. Being locked onto a feeling could be reinforcing and even feel so right that you don't want to give it up, but when the mind and spirit take over to see what's going on, then maybe, something truly happened that really shouldn't have.

Becoming Practical

It looks like I'm going to be kicking the habit of a few things I notice bad about myself. I'm not specifically going into those details because I think it's better being left in the dark and only for my closest friends to know about.

I can reveal though that T.V. is starting to become an issue for me. I'm also noticing that I'm enjoying on reading about random stuff all over the Internet. It could be about people like today, I ended up reading about a former pilot who fought in the Vietnam War preventing a greater massacre from occurring even though there were people on his side against it. He was bashed by some of his superiors and Congressmen; however, he ended up being awarded the highest medal of honor the Army can dish out. It's called the My Lai massacre, which I read about after looking up on house arrest from Wikipedia. It was actually pretty fun to branch out like that from one topic to another and read up on exciting details.

I can sort of feel the sensitive nature that some would be keen to go crazy about. Yet, my mind dwells a little too much in an area that is quite distracting. I think I'm seeing that even though I'm going to get bored with something, it might actually be better to keep myself on a straight and narrow path. It's like a disease if I don't because then, I'm not really getting anything done right.

I get some flashbacks that I also feel embarrassed and want to start swearing over those instances to myself while no one is looking. It's something in that moment that I become very mindless and do something uncanny with myself.

Some Little Things

I scratched up my convertible on the bottom a little and it looks like the hood could use a brand new paint job. I guess the radio in my car is sweet too, and I could do a little updating for the GPS instead of putting it aside and not treating it that diligently.

I think I'm pretty mindless over my stuff these days, which is a little bad. I haven't really used the stuff I bought to maximal use, so maybe I'm not really meant to be a consumer then.

I think I need to just spend time and get used to a formal routine for myself and just accept that sometimes, there won't be much going on for me on most days that I want to be out there. I guess it should be motivation to keep on doing hard work and researching for a better outcome. One of my friends' brother has constantly been egotistical and likes to communicate with us in private about it. It's pretty funny, and I think he's being really foolish and can see that he isn't going too far in life.

I should just let up on the video games and T.V. whenever I'm with my closest pal. It's not really making my situation of getting bored any better. It only does a decent amount of providing me satisfaction of having a great friend to hang out with.

Trading Result

I ended up doing 6 trades and won half of them. It's not that bad considering how I still have plenty of bank roll left over and still a decent amount of money to support myself.

Well then, I guess I just have to put up an effort in a constant manner properly and maybe, I'll do just fine!

Grand Focus

I'm just typing away really quickly right now because this is all I really have going for right now. I'm enjoying some time off right after Thanksgiving. One of my relative's friend said that it's going to be 2015 and that why should one really go crazy over Black Friday? A person can just shop online these days instead of lining up like at a Best Buy for some goodies.

I'm not really interested in purchasing any stuff now. I guess I'm really content with the stuff that I have, so I'm realizing that I get bored over stuff that I originally would think is fun. I'm starting to analyze my own personality a little better. Overall, my psychology is that I'm living a normal up and down life and actually doing just fine for being a male. It's just that I got on the nerves of very few people, and they tried to run me over for it figuratively speaking but just couldn't. I'm starting to realize that I think I can actually snap them out of their short-tempered outbursts with me. Yeah, maybe if they are going to act that way with me over something that is perceived to be not that big of a deal, compared to bigger examples in life, then maybe they do need to go talk it over with a professional.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Simple Goals In Mind

I'm really having a lot of fun watching The Simpsons after all these years of growing up with it. For me, I really like the satire that comes out from the show. I guess every once in awhile I just can't help myself but give into those entertaining things and just let my brain rot.

Believe it or not though, things have been getting easier for me to communicate without coming across as very insincere. I'm really missing a few more practices in my life. Like for instance, I notice that for being a small-time Christian, I should be really reading the Bible everyday. I still skip it, but every once in awhile during a weekday, I do look at Scriptures. I'm trying to make reading the Bible a habit for me. I am convinced in God by just reason of faith- it gives me hope and a state of peace for my heart. I prefer to be loving much as possible to others; it's really bad how being annoyed with someone can inspire a short fuse and hatred.

I remember doing that to my baby cousin who was about hitting people while he was growing up. It was this five or six year old kid mimicking Power Rangers and just yelling at people while hitting them for no reason. I think I was around 14 or 15, I fought back and ended up doing my weak Tae Kwon Do kicks and punches on him. He screamed, "Ouch!" I tried to hurt him as much as possible, but my master made us practice by not hurting each other. I had that mentality set up of snapping my punches, so it made the feeling less painful. Oh well, my cousin is breathing and alive today! He declined an invitation to one of my birthdays recently, too.

Trading Result

Today, I entered 12 trades and ended up losing 9 of them! What I noticed I did wrong was that I was entering trades that were pretty close to support and resistance, so it didn't work out. I also noticed that I need a trading time frame of at least an hour. The good thing though is that I can mainly rely on my 1-hour chart to get it going.

I'll try again and see how it ends up. Fortunately, I'm not losing that much from losing all these trades so it's really nice that I'm getting a lot of chances to just have fun with it. If I end up blowing my account, then I have Forex to invest in anyway and also stuff to work on for upgrading my career and salary.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Won Good Amount of Trades

I invested in eight stocks today and ended up winning seven of them. Wow, it's really nice because it took me about a half hour's amount of effort to get it going. I thought I was going to end up losing those trades from following a pattern systematically, but it ended up going my favor. 

I'm still messing around with the stock market, so I only have about $2000 of my own money to work with. I'm just investing the bare minimum of $25 with binary trades. I ended up profiting $100 from just thirty minutes of work! I was on longer because I was worried about losing those trades, but I went for it this time because I was just curious about how my charts work.

I really have a system going that relies on support and resistance, candlestick patterns, moving averages, and an overall market sentiment that I receive from It's been quite a ways for me to get this far for now. I'm going to try out the same methodology for about a whole month and see where I end up. I might be able to profit at the bare minimum on any given notice per month, which is pretty cool. 

Looking Smart

I ran across an article that talks about how you can predict if the man is smart. It says that if the man's face is long and has pretty wide-set eyes then you can count on the guy being pretty smart. Honestly, from comparing myself to those details- man, I look pretty smart! Just look at my last photo- it adds up to how I look pretty intelligent. I'm not that bad looking either, which is nice! It gives me all the confidence I need from being a shorty and chase after taller women too, if I feel like it. Just not now because I might be taken!

Here's the link below:

Thursday, November 20, 2014


This is me right after having woke up. I guess I don't look too bad. I read one time in the media about an actor, Josh Hartnett sporting what's called the woke-up-from-bed look. It had a small fad of being considered to be sexy, and he was pulling it off while wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. I just thought I try it out too. Hey, I like my teeth appearing white! I've been taking decent care of them, and like the feeling of them being clean.

The only problem about me according to my dad is that I need to work on some six-pack abs. Everything about me is not that bad even though I am a short and stocky individual.

At one point in the late 80s and early 90s, Tom Cruise was considered to be the best looking actor alive and he stands only 5' 7". He became a world famous movie star with the success of Top Gun. This goes to show that even short actors can end up being successful and have tall, beautiful wives.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Photo With A Female Friend

I put this photo up and it was fun. She was excited because I asked her to go with me to fly a plane. I ended up going with a girl because I was just in the mood for doing that. After taking a lesson with her and figuring that the teacher was going to give us our money's worth, she didn't want to go eat at any restaurant. It bugged me a little that she didn't want to go anywhere, but now I've found out that she's very picky and complains pretty often about anything in the restaurant from being picky. She even has a buddy that she can call and start venting while cussing in Chinese!

Anyway, I'm not revealing the woman's name. It's so funny because we are just friends. It was good times and I don't think I'm all that great looking of a guy. Oh well, it was just one of those days. She seems to be in a friendly and approachable mood with me. I can tell that she's cool with me, and it looks like she doesn't have anyone to settle down with right now.

My Portrait

This is an old photo of my best friend and me at a Halloween event at Queen Mary. It's where you go through some mazes featured on a ghost ship. It's pretty crazy how they make the boat inside claustrophobic by caving up space with props and hiding cast members in scary makeup on those corners. It's funny and a little entertaining for me to get a little startled. This is actually one of my first photos that I'm posting on this site after who knows, five years! 

I'm going to start opening up a little more because I'm a big kid now and fully grown up. I realize my own flaws and my obsessions from getting so mad at stuff sometimes. It's a good thing that I know what's going on now, which was driving me so crazy for awhile. I had to take some baby steps and it's like overnight after having those pieces come together, I had like this light bulb turn on inside my head. 

I'm the short one with a decent stocky build. I am stocky in person for a short guy but I've been accused of being stalky on Facebook by messaging people who I managed to get on their nerves. They were trying to help me out, but got flustered by me and then was like I want to tap out after bugging them so much. What their downfall is their lack of altruistic human character. For the longest time, I was letting it be their strong vantage point, so they are accustomed to shouting, cussing at me, and making uncontrolled remarks with lack of supporting content because they know I'll leave them alone from doing that. I just know that it's because I got on their nerves somehow after they were about trying to help me. 

The way to get around those people acting that way is to just keeping asking them "Why" questions dealing with their bad character and apologizing for bugging them. Once they stop responding to your "Why" questions, keep on repeating those "Why" questions and tell them you are sorry. The most important part of it all is to figure out the answers to those questions you are asking them first! If you don't and wait on their answer, it will drive you crazy. 

Knowledge Saves Time

The old saying goes, "Knowledge is power!" Hence, the funny image of Spongebob. I finally found out that appearance wise with very pretty female friends I have, first off, I actually have some female friends who look very pretty! In itself, it feels amazing I have some allowing me to be their friend on Facebook. The ladies who decided to remove me as a friend are sort of like in between with appearance and doesn't really appear that pretty in person.

Anyhow, I've found out that for visual stimulation, there are plenty of women out there who could be easy to the eyes if there's one girl who you feel so lustfully attracted to. This being said, I'm making a loose judgement call here that I don't think the appearance of a lady really matters too much. I don't want her to be super overweight of course that she won't be mobile anymore. That's more of a health concern for me, but dealing with natural looks and how she was born, I don't think it really matters too much to me now.

Whenever I feel that physical attraction buildup because of a lady looking so pretty to me, I'm just going to realize that there are replacements out there, which is sadly true. There are plenty of pretty actresses out there, but why waste time trying to contact them? I think good looks might actually be more common than one could think, so whether the person has it or not, it's really all about the inside personality for me first. I understand we have strengths and weaknesses and those are the things that people feel bonded to more!

Friday, November 14, 2014


In a televised Spanish or Mexican soccer game, when a player of the team being rooted for makes a goal, the announcer goes really crazy and starts screaming "Goalllll!" and holds it for a few minutes. It's so funny because I remember that. I asked some Mexican friends about it, and they did the same thing while smiling with me about it.

I want to reach my goal, so that's what I'm referring to by writing this post. I asked my best friend if he thought I was annoying and then he said that no, I'm not and pretty much a chill person. My mind is a little displaced because a young woman in her twenties and likes to cuss quite a bit told me that I'm annoying to her and been that way for two years! She's been wanting me to stop messaging her because she's so bothered by it and says that I'm stalking her on Facebook. I really had to ask why after all that time, I'm still annoying to her?  I think I know the real answer to that one.

Anyhow, I'm looking to get back into trading again. I haven't done it for a few weeks now. I'm also trying to exercise into getting some very hard shaped abs and I'm trying to commit myself to doing some growth stretches. I guess I'm experiencing some laziness right now. I'm actually going after studying Network Security, Network Design, and computer programming right now. I'm going to go for being certified in those areas and then go looking for an assistant's position. I do have a computer science degree which is nice to begin with.

 Also, I'm planning on keeping up with reading the Bible. I just might finish off my thoughts of the Bible passages I read. I'm entirely not a pastor or anything and not even remotely a Bible student. I'm just going to keep it honest and if I don't know something, I'm going to admit it. If I'm making any opinions, then I'm also going to state that as well. Basically, for me anything that the Bible says pretty much goes and if some stuff makes me feel uncomfortable then I'm going to mention that too. I'm not going to hold back anything. Whether good or bad, I'm going to let it out.

Oh yeah, I do need a social life too so I definitely need to focus on that. It's a good thing that I can find stuff to do to keep myself occupied. I understand that with the way I socialize, it's really all about the person becoming annoyed in general, if something wrong is happening. With the person getting carried away and getting him or herself into a nightmarish world of Lala Land, I realize that's all I'm really been dealing with this whole time. I'm going to try to do my thing and snap them out of it, if it ever deals with me now and just continue to get better at socializing. I guess just by knowing the actual stuff underneath all of that horrific emotions getting plastered onto my face, it gives me some wiggle room to be a little more creative in getting them off their annoyed mood swings.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Getting Down Focus Power

With my insides wanting to tear me to pieces on rare occasions, on a daily basis I realize that my moodiness can be controlled by undiscovered biological mechanisms. If I'm not really thinking about anything and my brain just wants to become hyper-moody and I noticed it, then well, I don't have to get so mad about anything because it's just complete baloney!

I've learned a natural technique where I can just set aside the bad mood on a consistent basis now. It can be any negative emotion as well for me and by doing that I can just feel relaxed and focused with the utmost fashion.

I realize now that my mood might just randomly want to get a little agitated for no reason. I don't have to give into that feeling because it feels so weak! It's this natural state where you just accept the environment around you and then let go of the destructive mood and becoming so relaxed that working hard feels so easy! With having established a clear mind now, I feel like a winner and also very sorry for having bothered some people with psychological terrorism. It's all personal now and just between him or her and me. I don't need any help with it because of this calm and peaceful natural motives going on inside of me.