Friday, December 19, 2014

Leviticus 9:21-Leviticus 10:1-3

The last verses of Leviticus 9, starting from Verse 21 is a little confusing. In Verse 21, Aaron takes the breasts and right thigh of the bull or ram and then did a wave offering. I'm not sure if he used both the bull and ram, but they were used for peace offerings. Also, from Verse 21, it says the right thigh like it's being used in singular form, so I wonder if it came from either.

Verses 22-23 state that Aaron lifted his hand toward the people to bless them. I don't understand how this is done yet, so I'm not guessing at the moment and taking it for what it is. Verse 22 also states that Aaron came down from doing the sin offering, burnt offering, and peace offerings. It's like the people were able to see what Aaron was doing. Verse 23 states that Moses and Aaron first went into the tabernacle of meeting and then came out to bless the people. It must have been a moment that felt very good for the people of Israel who were there.

Verse 24 reminds me of like the ultimate finishing move for a fighting video game. It states that fire came out and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar. The funny animation is something I thought would be a knock off version, but I sort of get the idea from it. This is supposed to feel like the most exciting part to me because God said that He would show himself before the people. It's something that the people had never seen before, and this chapter concludes with them shouting and falling on their faces. It's like they were afraid of what they saw. I didn't really expect that to happen.

Overall, I sort of wish that maybe God could have done a more miraculous thing before His people. It actually makes sense for fire to consume and burn livestock. Maybe the way it burned was just one of those days where you felt that it's out of the ordinary and that might have been enough for these people to be convicted that God does exist.

My best friend is a firm believer of God, but his ideas of who God is overrun how God actually portrays Himself in the Bible; I believe that it's a pretty common thing for people to think like this. What I'm saying is that even though these children of Israel were convinced of God leading them through Moses, some of them were still not fully happy about committing to the Lord's ways and wanted to do personal things to get some pleasure out of it that were not aligned with the Lord's commands. Those people just probably had the wrong ideas going for them and couldn't overcome their carnal desires that filled them with lusting for it more.

Leviticus 10 starts out with Aaron's sons fooling around with the Lord's commands by creating their own incensed fire to offer to the Lord. I remember doing this at a Buddhist temple once; I seriously ticked off my buddies, and I thought I was going to get a heart attack, but fortunately nothing happened. Verse 2 states that Aaron's sons weren't so lucky like I was; they ended up getting burned up by the Lord's fire.

Verse 3 talks about the Lord's explanation for causing this. The Lord commanded Moses to tell Aaron, "By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; and before all the people I must be glorified." It seems like Aaron's sons treated these sin offerings, burnt offerings, and peace offerings like it was some sort of game. Maybe they were too immature even though they might have meant good intentions when God called them to be priests. Most definitely though, it serves as a warning for other faithful generations to come. I think this could probably be what fearing the Lord is related to.

What I sort of notice is that Aaron and Moses has some history dealing with God. Moses has this great and intimate relationship with God. However, Aaron sort of knew not to mess with God because he was there all the way with Moses during their time in Egypt with the well-known tale of the seven plagues that terrorized the Pharaoh. It looks like Aaron's sons on the other hand were oblivious about the Lord's ways and were just starting up. How Aaron didn't complain to the Lord about this incident is such a marvel to me. I guess Aaron took it like a man, literally and was still able to be a good man; I believe there are some people who would go crazy from this stressful incident and not function properly.

I guess there's the saying of when the going gets tough, you got to ___ (fill-in). I'm really encouraged by how Aaron who was a lesser man than Moses was able to be a good sport. Being the older brother, it would probably be easy to let the age factor bother him especially in those times. Job is an even greater example of going through hard times and then being rewarded like three-times fold at the end of the book by God. If I was in a bad situation, I would want to ride it out too with the Lord's help and stay right with the Lord's ways; whether the Lord's intentions is to keep me in a tight spot or not.

I sort of feel like in these verses how some people reading this could be like, "Come on, people dying by fire created by God? It's got to be only a myth." Well, I can only hope that maybe someday they'll come to a conviction that the God that exists in the Bible is a true God. If God was truly living and alive and amazing like this, then I'm sure this scene wouldn't be too much of a surprise dealing with God's abilities. That's where I'm at right now, I don't know about you.

Going the Right Way

I'm noticing that for myself, I'm about becoming well-disciplined for myself. This pretty means like no wasting time by looking at pretty girls. Instead of doing that, I'm going to go after what I like to see and try to have a normal conversation with her and see if I can get a date for fun! This is all part of what makes up discipline for me.

Instead of playing very hard video games, which I'm accustomed to passing just for the fun of it; I'm going to start doing some homework that I perceive might pay off no matter how boring I see it as. I think I'm starting to see that my whole life is improving by dedicating myself more to trying to marry the cream-of-the-crop lady. This means for all the preparations I'm doing, I'm benefiting myself as a whole. I don't know who the best girl in the planet for me is yet, but I do know that I'm confident and willing to do what it takes to eventually settle down with her.

In the mean time, if it doesn't work out like I thought, at least I'll end up with a killer body, more sense of personal style, and lots of money. I don't think it's going to be a bad constellation prize then. This is pretty much my ultimate goal that gets even better now because it's just two things in my life to live for and is starting to tie together.

1. Living a Christ-centered life based off of studying the Bible verse-by-verse.

2. Working hard to marry and keep around a beautiful girl like this. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beat My Old Score

If you look at it more closely, the stats say that I won 44 times in a row with Microsoft's Free Cell, a variation of the popular game Solitaire. Here, I'm about to win 45 times in a row. Just as Microsoft's old Internet games suite contains, how about that?

If you look closely at my Fun Reminders, which is using Sticky-Notes, you will notice the acronym BET. I bet your life that following what I'm doing will end up making you happy, if it's something you put your heart into.

I'm retiring now as a pretty decent Free Cell gamer. I'm putting my focus more into BET-ing.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

General Idea

Some days just suck. No other way to put it. I'm forcing myself to like people I'm angry with, so I can teach them a lesson and be happy while I get away with it and then move on to other things. For those religious people, I could claim that two people know that person isn't equipped to serve Jesus right. It's him or her and then me! That makes two of us claiming the person isn't that great to begin with.

Okay, that was so funny to put that and I am enjoying sharing the idea. I am going to make that pastor with some vanity issues cry so much. Okay, on to the next best thing. I think it's really about maintaining a constant and steady path without lingering out of it so much.

I learned from my mom, so listen up boys because it makes a whole lot of sense, if you want to get your pick among the cream of the crop for a lady to marry then you have to be successful in terms of having money, intelligent, nice enough, stylish in a very cool way with great hygiene, and athletic. What if you don't have one of those qualities? Then you have to work hard for it, nothing comes cheap. What if it's too hard of a task to accomplish?

Well, if something is so hard and you feel like relenting over it while feeling like you can compensate for it while doing something else, then you are a loser! Maybe you were just meant to be that way. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do for you with your small depression of loneliness and feeling special while you are the lone wolf. I'm a man with ambitions and happy to be alive and able, even though God is so high and mighty; I will honor and respect the Lord's ways as much as possible while I live my life.

Actually what people say about you doesn't really have much with what you actually do, so those gossip circles as scary as they are affect the ordinary crowd. You can just go after shining while being above and beyond.

Being tall or short, which I struggle with because I'm short doesn't matter from just being part of the looks category. Actually being short is more than just looks, it's also striking the emotional and security zone of a woman. Short guys are going to have to be diligent and figure out how good to come across to make the girl feel good about them, just as they already feel with the tall guy. It's just extra homework for me then. It's also just one of many different factors.

There's not a lot of research done for short guys because most guys are just average, so the short man has to pretty much come up with hitting one big home run that wins like the World Series to succeed in getting the hottest girl out there. There's one charming and handsome Hollywood actor who is one of the shortest ever while standing at 5' 1", but had the right qualities of a leading man- he did marry the hottest wife at the time and even cheated on her! Ugly but successful guys have fallen happily in love with beautiful women, too; it happens. Let go of those feelings of guilt and inferiority. I'm actually saying that for myself as well.

How Success Might Make Sense

I'm going to get back to my Bible studies again tomorrow and at a later time. One of my weaknesses is that I'm not really a streaky or habitual type person. I need constant reminders, but what I seem to be good at is bugging people who tick me off so much and are so helpless to get me in trouble for it! They end up doing stuff that gets me even more angrier, and it doesn't make them stop no matter how I confront them. I guess this is how you live life sometimes; you just have to deal with how it is.

I haven't been able to confront a person I totally like while I'm angry. I actually avoid making people mad to those I really like. If they get mad, then most likely I find something faulty about them and start disliking them. It gets ugly from there!

How does this all relate to success in the first place? Well, it doesn't! Loosely, I can just say, you have to know yourself and what I just put is something I realized for like the first time in my life because I worded it differently.

Going Back To Bible

Right now, I feel like taking a short, 2 and a half mile run up and down a big hill! I literally do it and think it's manageable even though some people think I'm so hardcore for doing that. The average person is decent at running but not quicker than me, yes, especially with all the ladies. Well, no contest please, I need to be careful how I write and run my mouth.

These days it feels like my fear of hearing cops roam all over the place and are out to get me don't really bother me anymore. I see a cop car on average everyday. It gets sometimes annoying because I want to drive really fast in my mustang. I have to slow down and act like I'm a good driver so I don't get pulled over and ticketed for my commercial driver license.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Leviticus 9:5-20

Leviticus 9:5 starts out with Moses getting the congregation to draw near to the tabernacle of meeting. This chapter is where things start getting pretty interesting. In verse 6, Moses states that after carrying out God's command of making the sin offerings, burnt offerings, and peace offerings, He will appear before the congregation.

Verse 7 pretty much confirms that Aaron had sinned as Moses was smart enough to find out somehow, and how Moses made his older brother carry out a sin offering to atone for himself and then for the people. This is where I think doctrine could get a little tricky in that maybe some wise guy out there might think he has the power to atone for his own sins and others like Aaron did.

Aaron didn't really have the power to forgive sins or wipe them out because it was basically carrying out God's command to obtain forgiveness of one's sins. The Bible says currently in the New Testament so it applies to today, that to obtain forgiveness of sins, one has to confess his or her sins, repent of that nature when it comes to his or her knowledge, and believe upon Christ, the Son of God, who died for our sins on the cross. I think because of Christ being the initiator and finisher of having our sins blotted out from getting forgiveness, it doesn't really fit in how some believers are called upon today to be priests like Aaron was. To go far as to say, it's something spiritual well, it seems to be sketchy. It looks like Jesus is the only needed, ultimate, and perfect priest we can go to for atonement as described in the book of Hebrews.

Verse 8 says that Aaron used a calf for a sin offering which is an interesting choice, considering how the previous chapters started out with saying to use a lamb or a goat. I'm not sure if the calf had to be male or not. However, when the common people did a sin offering, the animal had to be female! Maybe the females actually carried a little more value for livestock in family and God wanted the best. However, in a chauvinistic culture like back then, I'm sure it would be easy to write this off and be like yeah, always go for the males!

It looks like if any animal of a herd was lacking in stock, then God was open to allowing another kind to be used for a sin offering. This goes to show that God isn't very picky and so stringent like some religious people could become. He just gave out a command to be observed, which does seem to be a lot of work! For back then, I wouldn't really want to even unintentionally sin after reading these verses, but I know I wouldn't be able to help it. I am thankful for us living in the New Testament and how Christ fits in the picture for all of us believers. I am grateful but don't want to fall out and become spiritually lazy.

Verses 9-11 describe the usual procedure of the priest using the blood of the sin offering and burning all of the fat. Verse 10 is interesting in that says that the kidneys were also burnt. I thought it was just the fat everywhere, but for some reason, maybe the kidneys were too fatty. From a medical standpoint, the kidneys filter the blood to produce urine. God did command the people of Israel to abstain from eating blood of any living creature, so maybe that's why the kidneys were omitted. Verse 11 talks about how because the blood of the calf was used to make atonement in a sin offering, everything was burned up outside the camp.

For verses 12-15, it gets to the burnt offering. It looks like even though the blood was sprinkled all around the altar, it wasn't used for atonement but from what I remember with the previous chapters, it could be for consecration or maybe, it was just continuing a ceremonial practice. Therefore, Aaron and his sons will get a chance to chow down on the burnt offering afterwards.

Verse 15 talks about how Aaron took a goat for a sin offering. It doesn't say if the goat was a female or not, but most likely, it could be from what the earlier chapters are inferring. From my last post, I was able to find out from Leviticus 4 that when the common people did a sin offering, it had to be female. From Verse 15 as well, it looks like that one goat was good enough for the whole congregation to atone for sins. That seems pretty nice in a way because God didn't require everybody to individually sacrifice their goat.

Verse 17 refers back the grain offering. The priest is supposed to burn a handful of grain that was mixed with frankincense and oil and then burn it. The rest becomes the priest's share. This was talked about in the previous chapters. Maybe the grain offering would probably be the most common and accessible to do later on, with the people getting some fertile land to live off of (the promised land). What's even more nice is that God stated that the grain offering was the most holy offering, and I think could be used for a sin offering. It said something about the person could do a grain offering to atone for unintentional sins, but it probably stretches far to coming to the knowledge of the sin.

Verse 18 talks about a bull and ram was used for a peace offering and that was enough to cover for the people! That's pretty awesome in that it looks like God didn't keep a tab on the maximum number of people that would be accounted for sacrificing a livestock. I just noticed for the peace offering, even though the people could have offered female livestock, God specifically wanted males for the peace offering. A bull and a ram are pretty much the male form of a cow and goat respectively.

Verse 20 talks about a weird procedure I haven't read about yet, but it says placing fat on the breast of a bull or the ram and then burning the fat on the altar. It then goes on to the wave offering in verse 21, which is confusing me. Aaron would take the breasts and right thigh and then wave it; I don't really know the significance too well but I think I said from earlier that maybe, it was the intent of publicly acknowledging an obedient heart with the Lord. Secondly, I said that it looked like this was done before burning it in the altar. Maybe the breasts and right thigh (possible symbol to Jacob's thigh getting touched up by God after their wrestling match) were the best part of the livestock and so this was like an offering to the Lord before the priests got to chow down on it.

Looks like I'm out of time to blog for today, so I will have to leave the grand finale for tomorrow, Sunday, or Monday. I might be off to take a short vacation and won't have that much access to a computer. I'll be taking my laptop along, so I don't know maybe I'll put something up on this blog tomorrow, if I'm not feeling lazy with it being the weekend and away from doing my normal routine.

Who knows, if I cut it out I might not be writing about the Bible for awhile again and go back to my regular posts that don't really gather that much attention anyway. It's funny in that from not going in depth with Leviticus in the past, I was really bored about reading this book. From me, just diving into it all of a sudden for a challenge, I feel a whole lot happier for some reason and content about fearing the Lord's goodness and wanting to obey God more willfully while having a less tortured heart.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Leviticus 9:1-4

Looks like I might have goofed a little, but not completely in that I said that the people were able to hold the horns of an animal that was being sacrificed. Also, maybe a female from the flock being offered didn't have horns either, so it might have to be holding the head for all cases. I just read there are over 210 different breeds of goats now and that some females do have horns. I must have read something in between the lines to say they had to hold the horns, but going back it just says holding on to the head of the animal. Maybe, they could have but I'm not going to stand by it anymore. I'm basically going to change that comment from my posts to reflect myself on being more up to date.

Leviticus 9 starts out with after the seven-day, consecration period had ended for Aaron and his sons, Moses commanded Aaron to do another sin offering with a young bull and then a burnt offering of a ram, both without any blemish. This would mean that the bull would not be eaten and completely burnt down because it was used for atonement. The ram, on the other hand, could be chowed down upon after being offered to the Lord. I wonder if Aaron and his sons were forced to fast, but no verse says they had to so far. Also, it looks like maybe Aaron felt like questioning his role of becoming a priest for a little bit because Moses told him to do a sin offering. I would be so bored being stuck in one place for a whole week and not really moving around! That alone would make me feel like going crazy and possibly sin unintentionally.

Leviticus 4:3 talks about how if an anointed priest like Aaron sinned, then he had to sacrifice a young bull without blemish as a sin offering, which looks like what happened. Leviticus 4:13 says if the whole congregation sinned, then the elders laid their hands on the head of a bull before it was killed right outside the tabernacle of meeting. From verses 1-2, it looks like Moses said it directly to Aaron, the anointed priest, to offer a young bull for a sin offering so therefore Aaron was the one at fault for having sinned.

Verses 3-4 sounds pretty amazing in that the Lord said He was going to appear before the children of Israel. Therefore, God commanded them to use a kid of a goat as a sin offering, take a calf and a lamb of the first year, both without blemish, for a burnt offering, a bull and ram for as peace offerings, and a grain offering mixed with oil. Wow, this is such a handful of stuff to sacrifice!

These were talked about from the earlier chapters. Loosely, I recall from Leviticus 4:23 that a male kid of a goat without blemish had to be a sin offering of a ruler. Here, it doesn't mention if the kid had to be male. The burnt offering originally goes back to Leviticus 1:3 and Leviticus 1:10. So far the only exception I've seen for allowing a female to be sacrificed  voluntarily deals with the peace offering. From Leviticus 4:28 and 4:32, it gets interesting in that it's mandatory to use a female kid or lamb for a sin offering, which would have be done by common folks like you and me!

From visiting verses 3-4 again, it looks like females could have been used for the peace offering. I'm not sure if a female kid of a goat was used for the sin offering because it dealt with the common people of Israel getting together, but it would have been that way anyway if they went separately. From what I've read so far, the burnt offerings had to be a male without blemish. I think there's some meaning to all of this and I'm a little out of time with blogging so I'm going to cut it short here and go again tomorrow.

From having dedicated myself so far to studying verse by verse out of this tedious book Leviticus on a daily basis, I'm amazed at how much it's been really putting my heart at ease. I'm just going through reading the Bible and trying to make sense of what's going on and that's about it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Leviticus 8:18-36

Finishing from we left off, verses 18-21 talk about how Moses sacrificed a ram for a burnt offering. This one is different from the sin offering that was made in the earlier verses. Verse 22 brought up something I haven't read about yet in the other chapters, which is sacrificing a second ram for consecration. Verses 23-24 talk about how after Moses killed it, he took some of its blood and put it on the tip of Aaron's right ear, on the thumb of his right hand, and on the big toe of his right foot. He did the same to Aaron's sons and then sprinkled the blood all around the altar.

Verses 26-27 describe a little more about the procedure of doing a wave offering. I don't know what its significance is for right now. Moses put an unleavened cake, a bread cake anointed with oil, one wafer onto all the animal fat and then put it into the hands of Aaron and his sons. He then had them wave for a wave offering. I seriously don't know what this is about, and it seems a little silly to me.

Verse 28 says that after the wave offering, Moses took all of them out of Aaron and his sons' hands and then burned them on the altar to make the consecration offering. Okay, so now it looks like before an offering is burnt on the altar, it gets waved to the Lord to show the fear of wanting to remember and abide by God's commandments or something like that.

Verse 29 talks about how Moses took the breast of the ram and waved it before the Lord. This verse says it was part of the consecration offering, so I think it implies that Moses burned it on the altar after. In Verse 30, Moses took some of the anointing oil and some of the blood that was on the altar and then sprinkled it on Aaron, his sons, and their garments. I remember from the earlier chapters that the holy garments sprinkled with blood had to be washed in a holy place, which is the court of the tabernacle.

Verse 31 is where Moses commanded Aaron and his sons to eat the ram of consecration after having boiled it at the door of the tabernacle of meeting. From what I remember earlier, they had to eat the meat with unleavened bread in a holy place, which is the court of the tabernacle inside the tent. Verse 32 said that the remainder of the meat and bread had to burned with fire. I don't know if this is to discourage people from eating leftovers, but it seems more along the lines of burning up garbage. I remember from earlier that the excess meat for a voluntary, peace offering could be kept for three days before burning it. For this consecration offering, there's also the burning of unleavened bread from the consecration basket involved.

The ram of consecration was not used to make atonement for sins, so it was allowed to be eaten by the priests. Verses 33-34 talk about how Aaron and his sons had to participate in a consecration ritual by staying inside the tabernacle of meeting for seven days. By doing so, the Lord will have like prepared them for their role of being priests and to also make atonement for their sins.

Verse 35 says that if they leave the tent for any reason, then the Lord might kill them off. Verse 36 states that Aaron and his sons did everything that the Lord commanded which was delivered by Moses. Now after reading through this chapter, I don't think I want to go through the hassle of being a priest in the Old Testament. It seems like a lot of work and having to live with a very strict diet doesn't really seem like a very enriching life to begin with. I don't really feel so jealous about Aaron and his sons anymore. They just accepted their role, as the Lord had commanded and chose them!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Leviticus 8:1-17

Leviticus 8 is a very complicated chapter so far for me. It seems like it's talking about Moses going through the motion of making animal sacrifices before the Lord to ceremonially induct Aaron and his sons into becoming priests. There are a bunch of details in here that I don't really understand. Moses was commanded by God to specifically do these rituals, and they must have some significance. It looks like Moses can technically be a priest already because God did call the males of his tribe, the Levites to do so for generations to come. If this isn't known yet, Aaron is the older brother of Moses!

Verses 3-4 talk about how God commanded Moses to gather the congregation at the door of the tabernacle of meeting. Verse 6 talks about Moses washing Aaron and his sons with water; I don't think they had to strip buck naked because the verse that referred to this a few chapters ago says to just bathe them in water. Someone is still watching the priests being washed; man, I'm not feeling attracted about some stinky odors. Imagine having to go through this humbling act in front of the whole people of Israel. My buddy doesn't like to show off his body because he hates his birthmark!

Verses 7-9 talk about Moses clothing Aaron with the holy garments that were created by the gifted craftsmen and as commanded by God. Moses basically put on a tunic, sash, robe, ephod, breastplate, and turban. Verse 10-12 talk about Moses using an anointing oil to consecrate the tabernacle and all that was in it, the altar by sprinkling it seven times, and then poured some of it over Aaron's head. Man, I feel a little jealous over Aaron getting some holy treatment if you know what I mean. In the New Testament, I recall from John 12:3 how Jesus was blessed by Mary after being poured a pint of expensive perfume on his feet. I don't know if this Mary is the mother of Jesus or the other Mary yet. I even heard that in Mexico, if you shout Mary down a tunnel with a bunch of women walking through it, many of them will turn their heads to look at you.

In verse 13, Moses ended up doing the same thing to Aaron's sons but instead he put hats on them! This is sort of funny to me because they made hats back then. It reminds me the saying of wearing different hats. Oh wow, in verse 14, Aaron and the sons participated in what I think is the first sin offering by laying their hands on the horn of the bull, but in this verse it states they held the head. Basically, this means the first priests were having like a humble beginning by confessing their sins to God before the whole congregation. Maybe based on this verse, when multiple people participated in the sin offering like the one with elders doing it for the congregation, they just needed to at least hold on to the head.

Verse 15 states that Moses ended up making atonement for the altar by using the blood killed from the bull. This verse even describes that the altar has some horns, which is a little scary but okay. Verse 16 states that after Moses killed the bull, he took all of the animal fat found everywhere in the trunk and burned it on the altar.

Verse 17 ties it up by saying that the whole bull that was used for atonement was burned up outside the camp. This goes back to the previous chapters saying that no one could eat the meat where its blood was used to make atonement of sins. This makes a little more sense now with how the priests get to eat meat.

I feel like how someone can loosely tie this to saying that if Moses did sacrificial offerings to make atonement then why can't I? Moses was pretty much related to Aaron in family blood, so it makes sense that God could use Moses to induct Aaron to be the first priest. Another verse from earlier in the Bible talked about how God said that Moses would be seen upon as like God to the whole children of Israel and that Aaron would be like the main helper. Moses was specifically chosen to partake of this and I don't think it fits in saying that we are like priests from the Old Testament, just because. God pretty much blessed the whole people of Israel to be His children, but only one tribe, the Levites were called to be responsible for the priesthood.