Friday, April 24, 2015

Picking Up From Where I Left Off

Okay I have this pretty weird feeling of being hellbent on bothering this person who failed to extend a restraining order on me. Every time I see a police car drive by me, I get this edgy and angry feeling that wants to escalate and escape out of so much excitement. From being motivated, I messaged the thing (person) again on yelp. I have been letting that thing know how I feel about the reviews and just picked funny for all the reviews. I am the only person to have participated in voting, so what a downer for that person and sure enough, no more reviews for the whole year so far!

The situation isn't that serious to begin with but a major and massive letdown waiting to happen for the other person. It's like a mental breakdown waiting to happen and for me to just laugh about as I please and enjoy the suffering the person goes through. I can't really be pushed around that easily, which is what I'm finding out and it's hard for me to be forced into doing something, but I can man up and take it.

So this whole situation is starting to leave me feeling pretty weird and that those individuals are pretty stupid to me! I'm feeling okay about trusting in God again, even through all my rowdy antics. The secret is that I'm just praying for God's favor and trying to allow the Holy Spirit to work in me by faith. I'm then just going with whatever and losing myself through the moods I engage myself in.

I can see how the Bible states that getting carried away with the lusts of this world, which is like separating yourself from reality and dwelling on delusions, such as binging on drugs and alcohol or even minor stuff like treating a television set as a religious shrine, is a sin! No duh! It's starting to feel really silly for me, and I came out on the positive end after confronting an angry individual who was mad that I took away his leadership position. Yeah, I did something like that because he just got on my nerves.

These incidents were unintentional but I'll take it for building my confidence. The wretched thing who cried about not keeping a restraining order on me lost a lot of good pals at the church, after my few visits. I obviously can make a girl look bad, and that's what I did. It's all from just having been in the mood. So now I understand how I'm actually feared over silly things that people can't really handle themselves too well over. Wow, I'm still a nobody and when it comes to people generating buzz about my image, well, who cares over the attention. I'll take it any day if it means promoting my faith to a world that doesn't really care about that and wants fast relief and easy access when times feel too agitating for them.  


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Doesn't Really Matter

Okay, it's time to get back into studying the Word. The Bible says that God's Word does not come back void. I can seriously believe that for reals! A friend of mine told me that it's better to withstand your temptations and to do something healthy to let it go. The Bible says that it you resist temptation, then the devil will flee from you. I think this is where seriously staying in the Word and in prayer will help just about any believer to have a more fuller and meaningful relationship with God.

Where I'm going with my post is that, what others have been bothered about is not really that important to begin with. In fact, their personal decisions don't really matter with anything big or significant but just bother me for some reason, which caused me to go about bothering them back. It's accidental with me bothering them, but it's just a sign of them not being very smart from being unable to put aside my silly frustrations with them. It's just one of those annoying things I have to deal with on a daily basis, while being in the mood for seriously bugging them. I don't really care now about what their comments are or how they conduct themselves as long as they can remain peaceful and functioning adults for the most part. Yeah, I guess I'm good at rattling people's cages without even intending for that effect when I'm bothered by them and try hard to not let it get to me.

I think because of my unique situations and in okay standing with everything so far in life, I'm just able to get these annoying experiences from time to time. What those irritated people have decided isn't really that important to begin with, and they are rather incompetent in their dealings with me. My reputation goes around with a few people who like to flip the handle every once in awhile, not liking me in general and trying to avoid me. A few of them have also annoyed me a pretty good deal with a decision to not add me on Facebook, but they have been friendly with me nonetheless, which is interesting now. I'm starting to think Facebook isn't really that significant and the stuff I talk about isn't really that big of a deal either. If people are having a hard time with me by being bothered about it, it's just because they aren't that smart and that's about it. It's really up to me and how confident of a person I am to go around stirring up a small fight where they end up wanting to shout at me for bothering them. They have had some bad turnouts that I can laugh about, so it's not a bad constellation prize if I feel like I need a little revenge to fall back on. It's just a feeling, and the big thing is that they are just alive and going about with their existence while not making a most, sacrificial contribution to society.

In other words, they are just individuals who seem to be degenerate for the most part and just bother me, so I bother them when I'm in the mood. That's about all it is, and I've been smart enough to avoid very bad trouble with them all this time and still am and won't ever go that far because I still like them for some reason!

Friday, April 17, 2015

In 1 Minute

Okay, I'm just typing anything right now. So I'm lost with the words that I need to say right now. I used to have like this bi-polar feeling when I was writing about honest stuff about myself. I know how weird that is, but I felt like I had to hide a lot about myself. Next thing you know, a few people realize that I'm a weirdo or some annoying guy who can't make people laugh!

It's okay, I was diagnosed with a lot of stuff while I was a teenager going through puberty. Whether it was done incorrectly or not is now a matter of personal debate. Anyhow, since some professionals said that I had bi-polar, I don't really care now and the only reason why some people would say I need to take some pills is because I'm bothering them so much. Yeah, a person who went loco with me because I made him or her flip the handle from just being me and bothering people over stupid stuff... okay, this is too much information, but yeah, mainly that type of person who could be anyone with some mental problems would want to accuse me of saying that I need to be at a mental hospital or locked up in jail or something like that. I don't really care what those types of people think. It all depends on my mood if I want to bother them or not now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Get It, Totally!

I think some people are jealous of me, and it affects how they communicate with me. They talk about how I'm super crazy and annoying to them and that I won't stop stalking them or leaving them alone. It's all because I have an issue with them, so that's why I didn't stop trying to argue my case with them!

It's super funny now that I understand, but I'm still angry underneath at them. It's been a struggle trying to find resolution without having to talk to them. It's like I'm going against my personality and letting them go behind their backs. I'm at a very healthy status right now, but man I've gained some pounds. I need to trim down again, so I can get closer to my six pack!

The most beautiful girl on the planet to me right now is this one girl who isn't very smart! It's like I have to make some silly compromises to try to appeal to her, but man, I don't think she even knows after I told her directly how I felt. I'm getting second thoughts about beautiful appearances now and that maybe, I should just settle for someone with a better personality and a little bit less on spectrum of beauty. Beauty is a superficial thing and it does create some tension every once in awhile, but it's not the most important ingredient with being happy in life. There are several people who are happy and successful and not even that beautiful in appearance! Those people are cool in my opinion, but I don't like those who act like a bunch of angry and selfish individuals.

I guess a lady for me is definitely shorter than me. She's also not too fat and has a strong faithful connection with Jesus. She's also not that much younger than me, by like two years apart at the most. I can deal with that and be fond of her then. Currently, she also looks Asian to me. This ideal lady for me is hard to find considering that they are probably already taken and that I'm just a short person in general. Well, her being Asian sort of helps because plenty of them are shorter than me. There was this one girl who I had a crush on from middle school; she was taller than me and then I outgrew her ahahaha (sorry, digression through laughter). I ended up not liking her because she did a lot of swearing and was just angry a lot of the times. Okay, those types of girls are annoying to me.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Leviticus 13:1-2

In the first verse of this chapter, God speaks to Moses and Aaron. Alright! It looks like God isn't exclusive and keeps to Himself; what I mean is that, it looks like God wasn't like, "Moses is better than all of you, and he's all mine!" God also spoke to Aaron, the guy who created the golden calf, after a compromise with the people. I'm sure the people of Israel really had a lot of fun partying there in the middle of the desert, while waiting for Moses. I wouldn't really be a party animal, while thinking there isn't really much to do for back then, but I guess people's minds can still run wild.

Verse 2 gives a description about a man who has a swelling, scab, or bright spot that becomes like a leprous sore. What looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and acts like a duck is a duck! Does this man have leprosy? This verse says if a man develops those types of symptoms then he has to go see Aaron or one of his sons who are also priests. I'm assuming this is the same referring to a female, but I have yet to confirm that.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Doing Right While Disoriented

Quite frequently, I am met with cravings for doing certain activities. From what I hear, this is pretty normal. Some men want to just be handed a billion dollars and then tell off your boss to just go play for the rest of their lives! Well, that's not happening for almost every guy who feels that way. 

The last, funny paragraph or maybe depressing for some chumps leads me into discussing something I have been noticing from the bottom of my heart. Oh no, is this another one of my Christian-oriented posts? Yes. Okay, if you are still here with me:

By focusing my energy and attention on doing the will of God, it's empowering me to go above and beyond my personal responsibilities and to stay on top of things. It's giving me a steady heart and encouraging me to seek after my current goals of reaching that six pack and million dollars! 

It's pretty funny because I think it's funny from presenting the information that way, but it's undeniably what I currently seek. Focusing on Jesus through inspiration from the Bible, it has been helping me manage my troublesome thoughts and shown a clear path of righteousness that I should be obediently adhering to. It's just this faith in Jesus from a small and insignificant person of the universe (me) that's making me want to do right. 

I'm taking notice of the disoriented feeling that I get pretty frequently. I guess during those times, it's just a moment where I should just take a breather and let myself readjust to handle the minor stress better, so I could reach my goals! This is just an idea that I thought would be cool to share. I'm maturing nonetheless from maintaining discipline. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Body Image Post

I don't really show it from having learned to carry on while feeling stressed, but I have been dealing with some self-confidence issues from being a man at the height of only 5' 3" 1/4. I think I put my height down as 5' 9" on for laughs and still don't get any views. I've been trying to force myself to grow taller even at the age of 31 going on to be 32! I guess women can't help being attracted to certain types of things and that's just the way it's going to be then.

A lot of my personal insecurity has been from feeling occasionally worried that I won't have enough women interested in a dating relationship type of thing with me. Now that I think of it, if a woman is insecure about a man's height then I might as well not make fun of her and move on. I feel like bagging on the majority of women right now, but no one is perfect anyway.

What I'm noticing is that short men are considered sexy too by gay men. I have a buddy whose shorter than me. Yes, a fully-grown adult male is shorter than me, and I hang out with him! We go on those crazy rides at Six Flags because we meet the height requirement still and have so much fun. It's a shame some tall people can't handle those rides.

Basically, I did a little research and it looks like a shorter man with more money than his taller friend is going to attract a pretty girl. Go figure, there's more than one way to approach a woman still. In conclusion, if the man is short he can still have a beautiful wife from being successful, funny, and smart. Kevin Hart is only 5' 2" for a black man, and I'm taller than him too so that gives me confidence that I should work hard to be a millionaire with a six-pack. I believe that I can do it, and it's my ultimate, personal goal right now.

Leviticus 12:8

There we go, now this verse answers my question, does God require a mandatory sacrifice of livestock like the lamb? Verse 8 says if the mother of the newborn has no lamb, then she may substitute it for two turtledoves or two young pigeons. God mentions to the people of Moses that some animals are unclean or abominable, so definitely those creatures would be forbidden from sacrificing. I don't understand why at this point in time.

The same verse goes on to say that it's either "two" young pigeons or a pair of turtledoves. It's interesting that from reading the verse, it sounds like the age of the turtledove might not matter. One in the pair is used for a sin offering and the other a burnt offering. By doing so, the priest is making an atonement for mother of the newborn, and she will be clean. I recall the verse 1 John 1:9 in that it says that if Christians confess their sins before God through believing upon Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins, then He is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. It's a pretty neat verse!

Leviticus 12:7

Okay, where did I leave off? This has been awhile that inconsistency will make you lose your place. Verse 7 says that the priest will offer a one-year-old lamb and a young pigeon or turtledove that is given to him by the mother of the new-born child. I recall from the earlier verses that the offering is the same whether the newborn is male or female. This is what verse 7 actually says in that it's a law of God.

I don't really understand what it means when it says that the mother shall be "clean from the flow of her blood." Does it mean that God washes away her spiritual uncleanliness? Anyway, it sounds like from what I have been reading that a woman giving birth is a good thing. Because the offerings for the baby are the same regardless of gender, it looks like God of the Bible is impartial about whether a person is born a boy or girl.

It looks like I have a lot to catch up for the whole year because I don't have that much time. It's a lot of effort to read the Bible consistently, but I'll try to take it personally one verse at a time then.