Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Letting Myself Just Catch Up

Maybe, I'll probably have the best results if I do actually post something everyday to the best of my ability. It can be anything and even though it might be boring, it could still be inspiring for somebody on this whole wide Internet. The fact that I actually have some hits that don't belong to me, whether it be some random stranger looking to make a buck or some person who thinks alike as I do, tells me that quite possibly and in some weird phenomenon, I'm being paid attention to.

It's just crazy that someone would actually do that. Like on my Facebook, very few people do actually catch on to my humor, but I think most of them just don't think it's quite worthwhile to impress themselves with. Honestly, I think the stuff that I'm going for is really high-level sometimes and difficult to really appreciate the time taken to make something interesting just pop up.

Basically, I'm just doing stuff for myself and trying to make myself laugh. Right after doing that, the next day, it's just old news for me. I'm like numbed out to it. I can't say that I know too little or too much, but hey it definitely is cool.


I believe that for no good reason I'm really skipping words that I would normally have while writing something. It's like I'm going after the gist of something, but then I just let it skip without really attention to anything. I think I've learned to type while keeping it on overdrive now and really my mind is just focusing elsewhere.

My nerves just continually act up on me when I don't want it to. I'm just trying to be smooth with stuff, but letting things slip out of my reach. I don't really intend this to happen, but it just does for me. I would like to focus a little better while learning to let go of stuff.

That's actually pretty fun with the things I did. I think it's just continually important for me to maintain personal confidence even if no one is really going to validate it for me. I believe that's probably why it's so good to be human. We really are given our space when we just like come out of nowhere. It can also be really fun as well.

It's really hard with the stuff I'm chasing after like getting a six pack and being a millionaire off of trading investment portfolios. I don't think everybody is in their right state of mind to get there. I just don't seem to really have a hard time with feeling that way now.

Maybe that's why, people don't respond to my really high end goals that I'm actually gradually reaching. It's pretty fun and at the beginning, it might have been a little rough for me and some days were not that easy to stay consistent with it, but overall, just willing myself because I see it at the end of how it's really going to make me feel. I can visualize how it's going to be so cool for me and beneficial. That's probably why I'm able to keep this thing going.

Listening To Sermon On Radio

Honestly, when I'm driving my mind is totally in different places and really zoned out. I have a hard time really listening to the sermons. I'll probably retain like 1% of what the Bible teacher said and that's about it.

At a church, I feel a little more lively and more actively engaged, but I definitely forgot what the pastor said already. I just know that being in the Bible feels very refreshing for me and so that's probably why I continue to just check it out whenever I get the chance.

It's pretty normal and not everybody has time for you, but what was cool is that I've been finding out that I'm able to be decent around most people. I think it's normal to feel mad with some people and get them to shut you out of your life. I mean I bugged those people massively to the point that they don't want to argue with me.

In general, I think I'm actually good with most people and that I'm probably not the main person why some people are going through a hard time. From actually having a pretty calm persona, it really doesn't bother me with how people are going to act now. I think I'm catching on to this whole charisma thing and getting negative angry people with me to sort of stay on some neutral grounds with me. I'm not so much afraid of seeing cops around anymore either. I just don't want to get a ticket for speeding and that's pretty much it!

Warming Up the Brain

I think I could seriously just improve my self-awareness at a continuous rate and become efficient at including everything and doing it all at the same time. It's a work in progress and something I would love to accomplish someday. I think everybody wants something like that in general and it would actually promote self-contentment. 

Yet, I think God's the real reason why I'm able to continue to push forward. Without that knowledge of God's saving grace upon believers, I don't think I would have such an optimism outlook to look forward to. Not everyone is willing to be accepting of it because it would definitely be easier to just be negative about things and shutdown. 

Negativity and shutting down might be really easy things to do, but definitely they both are really depressing for me, so I would rather work hard at improving myself consistently and just moving along. I'm so used to it.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Feeling Good About Life

I think there's sometimes a moment where you'll just overload. I'm so glad that I sort of have a sense of humor. I think it also helps out to. In a sense, it's quite interesting how it can be really fun at the same time. I guess I just have this type of style of speech that doesn't really get a reaction from anyone but somehow it just can be fun and not really need any response back in general.

I think it's fun to lead and go after those win-win situations for everybody. Maybe it's cool to just have fun at the same time and just laugh about those incidents.

Becoming Better At Things

I think just within time and practically being awake with lots of decent energy, I'm finding myself to be quite productive. Maybe the stress can really come from just anticipating something to happen and just not being able to handle the waiting period. It can wear out a person quite easily.

I guess just taking the time to relax the body and getting used to making yourself a better person through just patience and accepting things better through time is what determines his or her success.

Patience Is Definitely A Virtue

Yeah, I can't really say much except that it takes me a long way especially with really long goals. I'm not sure what to really write on here right now. I think I really need to get back into track with doing the best I can. There's really not much I can do right now, except that it's pretty fun with everything that happened.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stuff I'm Trying To Be Mindful About

I really want to just keep out the negative and go with the flow in positive. I'm really idealistic like that and I think what's really missing in my life right now is the consistency with reading the Bible. Well, right now I'm stuck in Song of Solomon. Oh it's a book that has a lot of deep meaning I suppose because it's in a poetic sort of way, so yeah I can see why it would be tough for me, but I should really being having fun with it.

Okay, I'm going to read the Bible a little bit then and try to get it going. One of these days, I'm thinking about getting my feet wet in the video game industry as well. Going to pick up an electric guitar and sing something with it too. Maybe I'll form my own band with some friends eventually just to have fun.

I would also like to study survival in the woods as well and why not, might as well add some green technology in there to make life easier for me as much as possible without having to rely on stuff that require some manufacturing with labor. It would actually be cool to study electrical engineering and see if I could apply that knowledge on like an uninhabited island. Just being self-reliant like that would be cool in case I needed it. I would also like to learn quite a lot about health too, so maybe being a physician assistant someday would be great too.

Starting To Do Things On Own

I spent so much money trying to have others spoon feed me a successful blueprint that would make me happy. I'm one of those unfortunate people who got sucked into a money-less pit. I did all I could and it was cold marketing that people were able to make money with something.

I had a really hard time and just things weren't feeling right and I was totally trying to wing it the whole time. It's a really disconcerting feeling, and I just couldn't do anything about it at the time. I was so helpless because I had an inflexible mind and felt like a complete failure and loser the whole time. It was really my outlook in life that made me fall.

These days, things have been picking up and I'm seeing light for the better.

Cashing Out

With putting not that much effort, I'm starting to close in on a very effective way to trade on Forex. It's a little bit too crazy that I don't really want to share it with anyone. You know it's a competition out there, and I'm grateful for some people helping me get there, but now, I really have my own thing that I want to develop.

Actually, nobody really knows what's going to happen in the financial investment markets. The successful traders just have found a way to beat it I guess. My biggest fear is really letting down pupils, so I would rather prefer my future kids to become a stockbroker if that's where they are digging it.

I think I'm just a rarity among the people to do this. I'm not really going to promote it nor say anything bad about it. It's inherently a risky business and requires some degree of skill that is unmatched in this typical world. I can't really explain it from just doing it.

Maybe when I branch out to the more traditional forms of investing, I'll be more social about it, but for the Forex market, it's definitely a wild beast that can't be tamed but has to be challenged by privileged people who are into doing it and just let it fall into place.

Working Out

I'm feeling so much confidence these days and plenty of energy from working out, having good nutrition, and getting a good amount of rest. I think those three things factor into a very healthy life. There has to be a balance that needs to be maintained though. 

I've been accustomed to running and I think I'm going to do that like every other day if possible. I'm also working out quite hard all around my body as well. The finishing touches that I'm missing is just flawless dieting. If I can get that into play, I believe that I'll have something good going. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Interesting Way To Meet People

I think one of the biggest things that people hate about online dating services is that they aren't free. There's a free one like Craigslist, but the people on there might be crazy and just messaging them with an Internet photo doesn't ensure that they will respond back to you. Also the people on there do not list on most occasions what they look like nor even send out their photo. The person on there could be anybody and for safety precautions it's probably better to just avoid being part of that scene.

I met a few overweight and crazed females on Craigslist and it wasn't happiness for me. They did chase after me and asked me out a few times after we hung out once. I wasn't interested in them anymore. Yeah, it's not a cool thing for me, so I'll just pass on doing that now.

I think the better method is to go on Meetup.com and find people who share the same interests as you do. They will even list their photo so you get an idea of how they look like. Through making these types of friendly connections, from knowing the right person, it might even lead you to the right person to form a happy bond with. That's what sort of happened for me. I met some cool people through there that make me feel comfortable.

Fitting Others Into My Life

Well, one of the things that occur for me when I commit to an activity that includes others is most likely, sacrificing some of my sleep. I've been used to it enough that I can still function with a little rest, even though I risk tiring out throughout the whole day and fight to still awake while driving on the road with most occasions.

There's a really nice person in my life right now who likes to share things that are going on. It's really fun to just talk while texting each other and I've been getting along nicely so well. I'm realizing my selfish ego is pretty jacked up from talking to this person, so in a way, it's been helping me let go of those prideful and angry issues. It's just made me grateful to have a person like that to help build my character.

Trying To Manage Personal Schedule

I'm seeing that I'm practically avoiding my time usage with playing Magic: the Gathering throughout the week. It looks like I have more bigger priorities to get myself accustomed to. As I become more efficient with myself, I think that's going to be a major factor for me.

Because of how I look at myself now, if people don't really have time for me then I'm not really so much fretting or being disappointed about it anymore. I have enough trouble as it is already to try to get everything in order for myself.

Reaching Towards Goals

I'm pretty much the same as always. I want to be proficient at the Bible and living under its holy guidance, get a six pack, and become a millionaire! It's just little by little, I will be making myself better on a daily basis. 

Concentrating and diligence are such useful qualities to have. These days things have been actually getting better for me because of my willingness to have patience with people who just upset me now. I'm totally willing myself to find personal solutions that would make it easier on myself without having to push them out of my life. I just like pushing myself through those concerns because it makes me still feel positive. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pretty Much Easy

I've been told that I'm really intelligent by people who have tried to cross me with their differences of opinions. Yet, I'm still living and trying to keep on pushing on ahead. Okay, I saw this ad at a volunteer site about this animal shelter that needs people to walk dogs and socialize with cats at a minimum of 8 hours a month. I'm totally buying into it.

I've always wanted a dog and cat and someday I will. I have been struggling with managing my finances a little and did some crazy things with it while trying to get out of the rat race. I placed myself in a number let's say like $30,000 in debt from trying to do business that I had no shot in. It's like I paid for an expensive school and then dropped out.

Now, I have a decent paying job and could probably pay off everything I owe so far in a matter of a few years if I really tried, but I'm having so much fun with trying to live life man. I'm just procrastinating with paying off debt because it's so fun and acquiring new gadgets to assist me. I'm practically normal and slightly living on the edge for that thrill of excitement and adventure.

One of these days, everything is just going to come together. As I continue to fix myself and focus on the better things that's required for myself, I'm really bad at developing routines with myself. Again, that's a pretty normal situation. I can connect like this with everybody.

Spending some money on me just to see how it's like and not doing it that often now and trying to save up the majority of it to pay off everything I owe, it's really going to come together for me and I'm going to start getting it all together someday. After all, words are cheap and people will be angry and disappointed, but overall, my intentions if they make me happen will probably pay off if I continue to work hard at it, especially with this major plus side about me that likes to do self-improvement.

Developing Myself

One of the things that I have to admit is that I've been having a little trouble keeping focused on the things of God these days. I'm tuning in the radio and whenever I can, I'm listening to tidbits that the pastors speak, but other times, I found my mind wandering off to other things. This is basically a really normal thing then.

I feel like I could commit myself more in this area of studying the Word of God. I'm sure people out there will be like you should and there will be some who would feel like what's the point of even bothering with it. From the Bible itself, I've found that passages are really rich with deep meaning especially if I look up some commentaries on verses that I don't understand. It's really ripe and the spiritual fruit is just read to be eaten. It gives a wonderful perspective in this life.

Basically, everything that has led up to this point has been about living for some cause. This life that we live has been all about making independent choices because we are blessed with that opportunity. Yet, it's not uncommon to see people struggling with what they want in life and suffering from something.

I honestly wish I did all I could from an early age to ensure that I reach like 6 feet in my height and be athletic with a really attractive and sweet girlfriend. Even if that would mean like the world to me to have, the joy of being able to seek something greater than myself makes it much more worthwhile to still make the best out of what I can at this point in time.

Level of Appropriateness

Well this is something that I'm going to have to end up questioning myself a little in the realm of ethics. From reading up on my own personality, I am naturally made up to be a leader. I have strong qualities in those areas of wanting to improve myself and to be of good service for others. I want to lead a team that's just fired up to do good stuff in this world. I want to be part of a vision that I can successfully hang on to and be boldly happy about with leading the charge, while enjoying the fruits of its labor.

Basically, I'm just a normal person after all everything has happened for me. I'm doing the best I can, but it doesn't matter in the end because everybody is meant for something big in this world. I want to continue to humble myself and just be humorous to the best of my ability. I would like to just continue to focus in general with life.

Let the Good Times Roll

I'm starting to see that things are getting a little busy for me and that I don't really have time for doing some luxuries that I'm accustomed to. I have so many things on my mind at this point in time that the issue with timing has a lot to do with what I'm going through. Overall, I guess it would be nice to be an influence to others in a positive way, but I'm not so good at reaching out to the masses.

For the first part, I'm not someone who looks the part of a charismatic person. Heck, I'm not even the typical person to be supposed to be using the English language. Maybe just hanging in there is probably the best thing I can really come up with and to just be patient about things. It's pretty cool and all, but I see that I can't really make everybody happy. Others are the same way for me too. Yet, I constantly feel like I'm getting somewhere these days. It's just like one day at a time for me.

Journey With Trading Currency

I've adopted a patient method of trading Forex now. For the last three months of demo trading, I've been marginally profitable. My fourth month is also proving to be the same. I will be ready to put in a few grand to invest now starting next month.

Factoring In Stuff

I'm just going to try to have fun with it. That's pretty much all I can really do. I might as well do that and also relax in general. It feels good to be that way and enjoy myself. Man, I don't know what I'm really typing on here. I'm just going random with it again. Nothing really fancy here.

Doing Best I Can

There's pretty much three things that I'm still trying to work on after all these months. I'm still trying to read the Bible, learning to trade currency, and working out. I'm pretty much on my fourth consecutive winning month with trading and it's starting to make me a little profit for the small amount of time I put into it.

My fitness level is like way better than ever as well, and it's like I can't believe I've got this far in a matter of five months of dedicating myself. I don't see myself stopping because I love the energy level that it provides for me while I'm working out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Moving On

Well, it looks like just me typing on this blog is definitely going to get me a few visitors. These days, I think I'm just this really small guy that nobody really wants to listen to. Yet, I feel comforted from just reading the Bible now.

I also finished reading Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet which is a really cool comic book. Well, nobody really knows what's going to happen to them tomorrow, so why not live it out like it's the last day? It's not easy to do always because sometimes it's just a typical and daily routine that could be filled with heartache.

I personally see that a lot of positive attitude can go into it, along with putting in the effort to get to where you want to be.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sense of Humor

I think having a sense of humor really helps with feelings of being let down. I think it's really important to have a great deal of patience when it comes to having decent relationships with people. I mean everybody just goes through different walks in life. 

You just can't have it all in this world and not everybody is going to end up with a picture perfect scenario. Even working for it is going to be tough, but all the while it's worth the effort and the experiences you gain from them is sometimes really meaningful. 

I guess when it comes to forming relationships, it's really all about meeting the right people and then just being patient instead of being some weird person that initially scares everybody near them out of some misunderstanding that got out of hand. 

It's an awesome thing that even though time and time again, I may feel let down and sometimes angry with someone and about to blow up on them for something not really that serious; I'm actually glad to take part in this world with someone I'm really interested in getting to know and attracted to. 

I'm just going to continue to improve myself and keep going after my goals. With whatever time may permit, I'll do the best I can.