Tuesday, November 14, 2017

After Work Hours

Managing my time right after work which could easily take up 13 hours of my day from the time I get ready for work to the time I'm back, is tough because while being tired I can't function as well. I know that I have dreams that I wish to complete from the bottom of my heart and I'm excited about the opportunity right when I get back home.

This is my tough spot. But first, I will mention my end goals. I would like to own a nice home with a few cars and have enough time to do all the hobbies I would like in the world while giving some of my time to serve God while being cheerful in my heart ASAP. Secondly, a beautiful romance with a Christian chick in marriage would be awesome! Kids or none, intimacy with her first ASAP.

So how do I get there? It's definitely not going to happen by sitting around and sleeping while tired which is what I've been doing. I guess I can't afford too many of those days which feel like luxuries at times. It feels guilty to sneak in more than 8 hours of sleep for me. I think I was dreaming about sex, so maybe that's why.