Sunday, November 19, 2017

What I Come To Believe

I don't fully understand the Holy Bible King James style, but I have come to believe that it is the source to true happiness. Everything contained in that book has wisdom on how to live a great life while worshiping Jesus, which is what I'm sure quite a lot of people might not be interested in!

Yeah with all of these fake Jesus people and some people you thought were good disappointing you like hypocrites, yeah it's easy to walk away from this faith and just treat it as another religion. It seems like the western culture is trying to be more tolerant about everyone's beliefs and common religious systems, even though there are probably some passive aggressive organizations out there which would want to wipe out all traces of religion in general from thinking that it is stupid or ignorant.

I guess for whatever cause or reasons, I'm personally sticking to my convictions and that should never be looked upon as a crime. Like a person believing aliens will come abduct us from outer space shouldn't be locked up from feeling that way. It's just inhumane to force people to think a certain way that feels better suited to someone else.