Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lot More Healthier

I'm free from any worry in my bones because I have security from my faith in Jesus. Whether that seems narrow-minded or not, it's hard to do it anyway because naturally people wouldn't want to go that direction already! Just being open and going after a deeper relationship and yeah, it's uncomfortable with all these different doubts and worries, it really helps to just humble yourself.

More better these days, I'm actually over with Betty not wanting to be friends with me. Yeah, she's stupid and had a brain aneurysm while having used to be fat with depression and slitting her wrists. Ultra stupid if you ask me and I feel inclined to accept her stupidity and love her without her directly being my friend. Betty has an easy confusion rate and goes crazy from anger and gives you that moody state of being unstable if something is wrong. It's very annoying to say the truth, but she needs guidance from a calm friend to lead her to the truth.

I think everybody at Hope of God Church in LA who went against me was being stupid! They were blaming me something that had nothing to do with me. They said I was keeping their church from growing and they are still small after I left! I know because I went after Lee when her restraining order against me failed to get extended. What a bunch of stupids who contradict themselves. They are not God-inspired and I'm glad I took a stand against them. They are a bunch of embarrassing people who left the church and went somewhere else! 

Underneath all the hollering and ridiculing with those guys and gals I feel so indignant over, I still want to make up with them. It's just part of who I am, so that's why I'm pushing the envelope and they are so afraid of me doing it. You know, after all of that mess it's funny and I'm the one who is laughing and they are the ones who are scattered like they were diseased. It's not really a big deal and they were going crazy from having trouble controlling their own anger. If they didn't have trouble with it, then they would still be my Facebook friends! I'm the one that's asking and they are like shouting and going even more crazy and making themselves look bad. They are just making it worse for themselves and going insane. 

My message for them is if I ever get a chance to relay it. I don't really care that they are naturally crazy and stupid who go back to their wild caveman or cave woman days in these modern times. They are little people because they complain and try to hire bigger bullies after me. I don't care about that really. I'm one of those rare people who want to get along in those instances and those types exist in this world. It's a natural personality and something people are born with. They just want control and want to rule out of stupidity. It's okay though because from opening up and doing whatever the heck I feel like with them now, I don't want them dead and the struggle to become their friends again even if it's never happening again has been a wild and valuable experience for me. 

I have new friends and more deeper with closer relationships with people who mean a lot to me. I'm able to settle down better because I had the time to struggle with these numb brains who ran away from me! Out of that, I give thanks to the Lord because those numb nuts were church people after all. I don't think they have a deep relationship with God though. Overall, it's just plain funny and something I'm feeling more proud about in just trusting the Lord to deal with it.