Thursday, November 2, 2017

Kicking Off the Month

To start off the new month, it's been going pretty consistent for me. Hey, it's been only two days! The Dodgers lost by the way in the World Series to a team that fought hard and was able to pitch well on the final game of the year! Dodgers aren't really my favorite team anyway, but I'm a little bummed out that they lost though. They are pretty much like the Yankees of the NL in a way because their team has the highest payroll.

Now that the World Series is over for my distraction, I can either find a new one or just get back to my own business. I like the later option better for myself. I was really able to do some dream searching yesterday and bought a few more practical books that I see myself using or have fun reading up on.

It's been really clear for me that I want to make money as a programmer! I'm also doing the risky investment and instead of like the typical stock market or options, I'm going for trading the biggest bad boy of them all- Forex! Its trading volume exceeds $4 trillion daily because it's dealing with all the different currencies in the world. Usually, when I tell my friends this some will mention about other foreign currencies like I was tipped off that the Chinese were doing well. I'm not a big fan of China from them being Communists and having reputation to build shaky buildings from trying to cut costs. The Hong Kong currency can be a regularly traded one though and can be associated with the Chinese government as well.