Thursday, November 23, 2017

Importance of Right Timing

This is something that I fail to constantly live up to and that's acknowledging how porn won't ever be the perfect substitute for sex and leave me staying as a virgin. I'm not paying for sex that I could get for free in a great marriage! I have a firm belief to meet the right person and marry before having sex. Even with how good I know it would feel and wanting to have fun like that with a fun woman who I'm married to already but not yet, I guess I'm just going to take the punches that life throws at me.

I just don't care anymore with being friends to girls who I happen to like and are already in relationships that seem like they aren't heading to engagement anytime soon. I just don't really care anymore from a personal view but I do have so many butts. It's no good in my opinion if they have been sexually active without being married, but I'm not one to criticize people for a common sin. I mean I still love them as people and great friends, so just having that feels great for me.