Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Diligence and Not Caring

I'm feeling roughed up and not in the mood for anything sometimes. It's liked I'm just too scared for being worn out. It's pretty much going into panic mode and not being able to do anything about it. One annoying co-worker kept on telling me to relax and then I finally got on his nerves and he lost his position of supervising over me. Yeah, it happens and I practically don't care.

In a likewise manner of not caring, I need to stop caring and just get stuff done. I do love being an organized person and having everything in order. It takes up a lot of my time, and I wonder if trying to favor being a neat freak has anything to do with OCD. I just need to pack and clean it up once and I'm just happy as ice resting on top of a cola surface! It's just so chill and relaxing after with nothing getting in your way.

I should really start being more loving with people by pushing them to doing some good when I'm under uncontrollable anger! No, I mean I should inquire when I see that look of pain or surprise or despair on their faces. I do this all the time with my close lady friends and they are still cool with me.

I need to get a whole lot better with my concentrated efforts still and to also not rely that much on my own personal emotions. Whatever one of my buddies is going through, he really deserves that upon him because of his own thoughts and selfish intentions. I don't have that much time to hang with him right now. If I wanted to, I could force him to add me back on Facebook too, but I see that as a waste of time. It's also a waste of time to do that right now with Lee too, the girl who put a restraining order on me. I could do it now, assuming she's stupid enough to still stick with that loser church, Hope of God Church in Los Angeles. If I was Lee, I would just marry some decent guy and be like so long Hope of God Church and live my stable life, but Lee is crazy so I don't know really where she will end up at this point. It's not really my business to find out about that either and I'm happy to feel that way because it would be so stressful if I had to.

It's basically two strong emotions that I'm going after living for better smooth flow and success. It's confidence and relaxation. I'm going to make so many mistakes from not understanding things, but from just trying to be a natural at something and repetitiously going after something in this manner of staying honest, it helps a lot to accomplish something and at least be in normal standing while flashing great potential with others around you.