Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Winning Attitude

I'm starting to get people a little more and can actually feel them. Having a popular social media should be about entertaining appeal, convenience, and connection with the family, friends, or acquaintances who are involved. All this time, I have struggled with this while wanting it, but reflecting back on it now since I'm like back on my feet; I can't make it a big priority anymore.

It's expected of a guy like me to stay really smart and nice. The fact that I haven't settled down yet gets a little on people's nerves. I have been controversial as well, and it's funny because of my height. I'm only 5' 3" and the losers I have been affecting don't care about that and want to keep on complaining while feeling negative energy and just going crazy because it's too much for them to bear. They don't see it with themselves like I am able to now.

Some friends I have on Facebook are charming individuals. It's cool to have stable and nice friends dig some of my posts and even still stick with me when I post some naughty and weird ones that usually scare a Facebook friend or two away. I think it's just from putting them in a bad mood and or just not feeling it anymore with me or even in the mood for being selfish but cool in their own world that they can feel a self-inflated sense of worth. I don't really see them like that anyway, so out of convenience I should just find better people I like to fill up my Facebook page. The cool adage goes for me and keeps me staying in the hunt for success, "Just be yourself."