Friday, February 2, 2018

Sticking To It

I have always been someone who really takes time to plan things to happen, but they always never manage to fully occur the way I imagined them. Two things could probably be the reason why- first, it's not knowing enough and secondly, it's just not wanting to follow through with it!

It does get annoying to spend a good portion of the day sometimes and add another of your busy life to sit there and put together a schedule for something cool you have set aside and then have it just go to waste by letting yourself run into something. I think that occurs for me more often than not having enough experience about my daily affairs!

It's just going to have to be personal discipline and commitment. I'll just try to follow through with it even though 9 voices out of my 10 thoughts say it's wrong to go with this action. Well, in that case I will probably bail then, but that's not the point I'm talking about! It's just from feeling overwhelmed like a pansy and not doing anything. Just sitting there and letting time go to waste or just not knowing what to do and feeling stuck while watching something that was cool but has something that sucks about it, but then it goes away and you are glued back to it again. It's those experiences that when it just keeps adding up, then life starts to feel like it sucks and you just want to do something to fix it! It's in those cases that I need to put myself back on the move and go for getting it done.

Planning has its benefits though because it allows you to analyze future things and to prepare for those beforehand. I guess then this ties into how I want to enjoy my future life then. For the first part, my parents are pretty lame about who I should marry. I'm going to have to stick to playing it safe and I have a good idea where to go with it now.