Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kinda Stupid

It's definitely really stupid that I didn't go after defending myself when Washington and Lee went for a restraining order against me which were a few years apart. It was different reasons too. I was afraid of speaking up for myself! Man, I sucked and I should have at least went for trashing their reputation in court. However, when I studied the restraining order procedure, it listed being made fun of as one of the reasons, so that plan fell out quickly and I really had no game plan except just panic.

It's life and now, I figure I can get away with making fun of my future plaintiffs who want restraining orders against me. I can do it in a manner that makes people laugh too and makes them get even more mad so I can talk about how they are mentally unstable next and make them just burn inside and make it so displeasing for them. Yeah, that will be fun. I can be like in court I'm thinking about putting a restraining order on them back just for additional protection but they are too much of a "little" person much like figuratively a midget so I don't really have to fear their weapons of mass destruction either because it's only going to tickle me.

Basically, it goes the situation is too little to worry about constantly and I have better things in life so they are just moping around while having an unstable mind and that they should seek a therapist for treating their anxiety attacks around me which have been conditioned from them being stupid in the first place! Well, it only took about 10 years to finally get an idea of the full grasp with what the heck I am trying to do in first place.

Well, I don't have time right now so I don't see myself gathering up more stupid plaintiffs who want to annoy me in court. I also have them feeling intimidated by me and these days, I think they feel bad! Woo hoo! I'll take that any day of the week and even the cop who tried to arrest me with his anger issues said he had anger issues in dealing with me to Lee's "prisoners" at her house a long, long time ago. She will not want to admit that or be like "I don't remember it like that." Yeah, it's a horrible memory that doesn't fit into her equation at all and is negligible so she's going to justify not remembering it. For her selfish causes, I can ruin them right now if I want to just for that to get even. I think I already did in the past and it's been just about continually bashing her because of it and then going after taking out her unofficial reign of rule with the "lost sheep" at her church. It's like having an appetite of seeing people treat her like she's being flushed down the potty.

Lee is a lost cause with this situation now and all she can do is just not be sure and be afraid of doing more bad things to me. If she can't let it go which should be easy to let go of and the same for me while we are both feeling angry at each other, then she needs to go get help! From being able to formulate my approach from opening up properly now that is my trump card. I can see their fear is out of them having done something that they feel I perceive as bad but they feel justified over having done it and just responding out of negativity and unstable energy. Playing my truth game really hurts the opposition and rocks! Imagine it's also for building up people I love too and saying all these good things out of them from being truthful. Yeah, playing the truth card is going to always work for me in the end.