Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Being Acceptable

I think if I lose friends on Facebook now then if I want to make some more then I might as well just put myself out there to do so. It's been really cool to have a fairly good ground with female friends. They can be like the funniest and coolest bunch sometimes. It's a little different because of some possibly perceived sexuality from being straight. I mean I'm really comfortable with just being friends if the girl is really pretty and I like her for who she is a lot.

I guess just being plain okay is fine and working hard at something to earn a decent life is just dandy and a blessing from God that a person can maintain. I'm just a layman and not called to be any pastor. I totally know that. I don't really have that gift for being a pastor and it just doesn't really appeal to me that much to pursue. I do appreciate the pastors a lot though who really go out of their way to serve the Lord and His sheep.