Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cursed By Height

I personally feel that by being only 5' 3" and pretty old now like at 34 and still no wife, I guess I'm just in the path for making myself into forced monk. I mean I have a friend who hopes that I make a good girlfriend. Even my uncle, parents, and people around me talk about me getting a girlfriend.

I just feel like the biggest reason why I can't get a hot girlfriend is because of my height. Maybe the hot girl is a bit shallow and with me wanting to date one, I just don't fit in her requirements so I'm like screwing myself over. I guess my appearance just doesn't really fit in a girl's preference.

I think it's all fun now though, so I'd like to switch over to sharing cool and charismatic stuff and things to work hard for to look good naturally. Basically, I'd like to try my best at all accounts and keep on improving and making myself better. It's just about making routinely my best effort without losing heart. My psyche does feel a whole lot better to say the truth.