Thursday, August 31, 2017

Things To Improve On

Well, I'm starting to see that I need to get back into working out regularly and I'm just letting my money waste by not taking advantage of it. Timing is so important and I need to factor that in. I really do want to get some better upper body strength so indoor climbing is the way to go for me. I guess it's one step at a time and adding on as time can permit and to work at creating more time to do stuff that interests me practically.

You know, it actually does feel good to hug one of my Asian lady friends. I actually can get hugs from two out of four of them now regularly. It's a 50% success rate so far. The other two well, I don't know. One of them just says "Bye" in an almost awkward manner and just takes off after hanging out. She enjoys laughing too, so it's quite interesting to get a half-hearted hug from her. It's like she's interested in taking the next step. I'm like whatever.

I would really like to improve on my countenance and become more camera friendly. It would be fun to just hang out and take nice photos while looking good and also feeling great in the process of staying clean and healthy.

Basically, as much as I can handle daily without losing valuable time. I'm starting to actively count by minutes now of how I spend my time. I know that five minutes of doing something I'm interested in can seriously make a difference for me. Sometimes, I'm so engaged and having fun that I'm too selfish about letting that activity go and when I force myself to let go, I feel out of place. I guess that's what people do to me in that it feels like they are dragging me into some things.

Anyhow it's cool and I've been trying to mediate of my activities and will my mind to push my body forward into doing my priorities without just sitting there and waiting for myself to awkwardly shutdown at night. I just need to get into the motion and be consistent with it and manage my time wisely. It's all of this consistency with discipline and knowing what it is that I'm going for. I'm so willing to take chances like gambling my money reasonably (not everything but a little and to the point, I'd still have money to pay bills) on a business that I've been interested in.