Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Within Reason, I Believe

I have commenting privileges on this blog shut off and only for one reason, it's because when I was gunning for responses, I got nothing most of the time. I figure it looks silly to see zero comments all the time because I tend to go re-read my recent posts often. I like to get a good laugh at the stuff I write so I am intentionally trying to write in this type of manner just for entertaining myself.

From trying to write in a more structured and comprehensible approach, I'm seeing that it's really benefitting me a lot. I see that my flaw is that I will leave out a few critical details that seems like a really-easy implied thing to do, but just gets missed. It can get annoying because I find myself having to put things on halt to backtrack again for a little bit. A common mistake I've noticed with myself is that right after I barely leave my neighborhood, I remember that I need to drive back to the house to pick up something. It's something I beat myself up over every once awhile. I don't literally hit myself, it's a figure of speech.

Going off topic to talk about my figure of speech, I actually have smacked myself in the head many times for losing concentration in elementary school out of frustration while studying. I would start crying. I think my dad ended up doing it for me, and I hated him for doing that. I really feel like beating up my dad these days because of that memory I'm not so fond of.

One thing I have been so worried about was losing my intelligence from whacking myself so much from the shock. It's actually true in that one really can lose some of that natural intelligence.

A friend's brother fell off a two story building after the rooftop collapsed while he was going after retrieving his favorite toy. It left a head injury where surgeons had to reconstruct his skull with a metal plate at the age of around five or six. After that incident and thankfully surviving, his thinking pattern was a bit slower and he felt for the longest time because of that one mistake, he was destined to be a failure academically and never fully recovered from losing both will and IQ power!

My friend's brother is fully grown up and his highlight to me is that he will sound like he is talking his own language when he is angry and start blurting out comments that I can't make out while shouting. It's funny to endure, until he lets out his vexing and high-pitched laughter that pierces my ear and arouses my own anger. He does it because he finds the response very entertaining and just doesn't care about life at that point. He's in a position where he feels secure to let out all that anger and continuously do it everyday while feeling like he is the best at fulfilling his own mission. The saying for him is true in that it goes, ignorance is bliss.