Thursday, August 31, 2017

Increase of Girl Count

I've been averaging hanging out with three Asian girls and they are decent looking too! Basically, they aren't fat and have some of that goodness quality that people like in ladies. I now have added on another Asian girl to hang with now. Instead of three, it's now four! Sometimes, it can be up to eight Asian girls that I'm hanging out with from the last couple years.

It seems like God is making me avoid hanging out with Korean girls. It's like God gave me a chance with them and I screwed up so it's "Baby, bye. Bye. Bye. I don't want to be a fool." If my little sister counts for hanging out which I don't and a few incredibly cute and pretty cousins also which I don't count, then I guess I don't really hang with Korean girls.

I've hung out with a co-worker's Korean daughter and she's cool and nice. I don't really respond to her and don't care that much even though she's actually pretty hot. I'm thinking she has a boyfriend already so I'm like whatever.