Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Coming To Calmness

From being friends with girls, I think girls in general can be crazy every once in awhile. It's great to still hang out with girls and be friends with them because they can be like the coolest to hang with. Female friends can be really helpful with being accepting and encouraging sensitive feelings to be let out and pitch in with a more harmonious flow of things.

I myself have become a lot more tolerant to preferences with who the eligible girl wants to date. I'm open with having a supportive role for her and would think it's cool if she does maintain a happy relationship with a great guy. For myself, I guess I don't really know how to respond to a girl's interest that well. I would like to be mainly genuine and stay cool with people as best as I can.

Yeah, what really ticks me off is being ganged up over something that isn't serious but has been escalating on its own while I've been trying to be cool about it and attempt to defuse it without me going into shout mode. From conclusion though, it's not that serious anyway and I'm fortunate they really didn't influence me in any way or make some sort of impact like I did to them. They were the ones to act out in their own silly accusations with me and couldn't take it that far with me. I really have something to be grateful about then.