Saturday, September 2, 2017


I'm realizing that my mind is procrastinating but feeding itself the right kind of thoughts. I just need to act out on them more often. I think my belief in God really plays a huge role for me. The oaths that I have made with Him are huge and I don't intend on breaking them. However, I was smart enough to not make an oath where it will limit my freedom or anything. In a way, the oath actually helps me out in more ways and gives me time to settle for a conflict that I'm angry about.

The Bible is something I truly hold close to my heart and will guard until the end of time when it comes to having sex. I'm saving it for marriage and like on a useless quest to find an attractive girl with right personality to marry. I don't even want her to have a big age gap either. I guess if we look cute to people, then it will be hard to pass up on.