Thursday, September 21, 2017

Going for Efficiency

I'm starting to understand what it takes to perform really well now and what good discipline means. For myself, I see that it's about continuing to push myself and to let some stuff go as needed. There are some things that are beyond my control and to dwell on it, it's really just taking up my time when I should be wise about my time management. It's hard sometimes but a lot of the stuff that I get caught up with isn't really that important to me anyways. It shouldn't be that hard to move on from and to re-center my focus on something that I desire.

It feels awkward to just have that feeling of being lost, but it's during that moment where I'm supposed to just keep on pushing forward and going after completing my rigid schedule as necessary. I'm not the little kid that I used to be and still a part of me wants to remain that way and to have the comforts of luxury in life, but I don't think God intended for me to have that. Not without putting in hard work first anyway!

I totally get that I'm an adult now and how it's about manning up. Basically with dating, unless I'm going after dating women who are highly interested in sex, I should stay away from dating sites. I think the best quality of getting a hot girlfriend will really be from conveniently meeting her at like a venue we both happen to enjoy and maybe somehow can run into each other from being introduced or something like that. I think it's really about putting myself out there and being open to making friends and understanding and cool with everybody's time.

I'm pretty much like an alpha male with my short height and I think I'm one of those who can disprove a general idea that short guys can't find happiness with a sexy women. Whether she's taller than me or not now, I think I can entertain dating a taller women without feeling too awkward about it. I guess I can be really happy like Roman Polanski is with his taller and hot trophy wife. Hmm, a trophy wife eh? I think I'll work on being more photogenic so people won't think that way if I do get lucky with scoring a really hot lady.