Friday, September 15, 2017

Pretty Crazy

From all the lonely nights with masturbating to porn and having a job with enough money to treat out a girl, I'm still a virgin at age 34. I'm one year older than when Christ died while being married to no one. Well Jesus is God so God is technically immortally and forever not married to any of His creation with man. I'm just saying that because there is a Greek story about how Zeus fell for a human lady and from out of that, Hercules was born and the jealous wife Hera who tried to kill the baby. I thought it was cool to watch the 90s show dealing with the adventures of Hercules and how the creative team wrapped up the series by allowing Hercules to kill his dad Zeus out of self-defense to protect an innocent child who was born to end immortality of all the popular gods in that show.

I'm fortunate to have met and hang out with girls who want me to be in a happy and committed relationship. Like these girls in college are young and they have tried to set me up on the go with girls who are actually hot! One of them was telling me what to do, but I failed from having a headache after drinking some bottomless mimosas with friends. I didn't think that was going to make me feel like that and it was funny to hang out with more girls who were just acting wild with each other. I thought it was fun and didn't care at that point of how I looked.

I'm getting a lot better about overcoming my insecurity with being around taller women. I've been hanging with a taller Asian girl who occasionally hints at liking me more than just being a friend. Her personality is just like that, but it's also easy for her to be attracted to a bunch of other individuals. I might be a little too much on the adventurous side for her, but fortunately, I'm so chill about just sitting around while hanging out and chatting with each other. It's been cool to engage in some deep conversations with each other and even get to the point of talking about having relationships with other people. She's like a partner to me now.