Monday, September 11, 2017

Commemorating Today

It was definitely a tragedy today with what happened. I still remember how sad it was to watch the horrific event at the cafeteria in college. I still had a little bit of that bipolar stuff lingering around, so it hit me pretty hard. I remember the depressing feeling and can tear up right now over it, but I felt that Americans were stupid for saying there was going to be a World War III. Fortunately, it never happened and Bush led the country into the war on terror. I'm sure there's going to be opponents, but it looked like the majority of Americans were for it. I didn't vote for Bush, but then I had a change of heart and eventually, coming to my senses, I think it was the right thing for America to do.

Flash forward, I feel like I'm being inappropriate with posting my fantasy football scores and joking about my gay team I created today on Facebook without adding obvious cues like LOL or ROFL or HAHA. I am reminded of what I put today earlier and still laughing so hard about it to myself. I think I seriously disrupted someone out there because he or she is longer following me. I'm surprised that person didn't unfriend me; I deserve it, but then again, I do have a scary and respectable reputation if I'm able to make those smart aleck comments.

The cool thing about it is that maybe it was just too funny for today and with such a wonderful and positive emotion going around, the person was probably uncomfortable with feeling it being so inappropriate, but at the same time because of that effortless comment I made there and it being nothing wrong, I think the person was willing to still stay a friend but just break away from my feeds after all these years.

I have some tasks I really ought to complete, so I'll just go for the ones that I think I'll be able to complete while being the most accessible. I have a new drone that I'm working at flying which is cool. I'd like to go work out at the indoor climbing gym by taking their strengthening of the core class. I would also like to continue with my trading endeavor, which is turning out to be like a fun game for making money and being more accurate with pinpointing how the market is behaving. It's amazing with the tool I have stumbled upon and glad I gave it a chance. I also would like to read the Bible like study three chapters if possible, take a shower, do my hair and face, and growing taller stretches. I'll just leave it at that for today, but first I really ought to get a hair cut because it's awfully a little too long.