Saturday, September 16, 2017

Future Endeavors

I have a lot of cool projects that I want to complete, but I just don't have financial security for those activities. I don't even know if it's going to turn into a hit. I'm basically taking a risk for diving into them, but I'm so interested in going after it and want to make time for all of it.

First off, I really need to be well off financially before I can get there and I don't want to work for an investment company either. It all makes sense that becoming a professional investor on the side works for me without having to go through all of that licensing. I don't want the responsibility of managing other people's money. It's not even my dream! I just think that being wealthy from setting up this successful cash flow model for me will allow to have the freedom to do things that I wildly imagine. I would be a lot more comfortable giving $100,000 to organizations to conduct the Lord's purpose, for example. It would all fit in God's plan.

I guess whenever I have the chance I will. I don't have time to do everything, but I am seriously taking up this whole hobby with taking photos and trying to be decent at it. I'm no talented professional but it would be fun to share what I think is cool and putting my best foot forward while trying to study good photography in a natural state. 

I'm seeing where I'm headed and it's really practically having no traditional job while making plenty of money with free time to do other cool fun projects that could be expensive and might never even be profitable. It would be fun to try though or to just make adjustments as needed to stay updated and improve.