Monday, September 18, 2017

Message to Weird but Cute Looking Girl Who Was Mad At Me

*** Well, for the most part, I think what makes her look pretty hot with her recognizable, facial features is that she's lucky to be born with a thin body and manage to keep it there. Her potential to be emotional in a dramatizing manner is enough to annoy my less savvy friends and complain about her with me. I don't know, I was never really that into her though but I have to admit that I think she looks good now. Especially from all the girls I have met and the ones who seemed to show interest, I think she's one of those I just let get away from me but it might have been the right choice if I look beyond her looks anyway. ***

Hey Michelle, this is [name withheld], the little guy (5'3") you blocked on Facebook! lol
Height doesn't matter because of your DMV license yeah I remember seeing that cute photo with your listed height and age. I was like hmm, nice seriously. It's a good thing that I'm scarier than you are while we were both mad at each other for stupid reasons. It's because I'm a nicer person. You had to go complaining to your good friends like Rosa about me. Yeah, I know and I don't care. Being straight up with you is the best move I got so umm, I guess you are hot for your age lol. You gave me very noticeable and enjoyable hugs, so yeah I get it. The truth is stupid and I'll tell you.

Washington was a total cuss word with me because he thought I was a terrorist and put a restraining order on me. I never went to jail while I got off of it, so at least I'm a safe and friendly terrorist if you think about it with my sarcasm. This means Washington is stupid and deserves me being mad at him because he couldn't handle his girly emotions from being a dude, which I expected out of him! I wanted to get a doggy bag and light it on fire after putting some of his dog's poop on it and ring the doorbell and then run for my life! Yeah, it's immature and got it from a movie. I wanted you to tell me where he lives, gosh dang it! I was so shy to tell you about my immature plan that you totally misunderstand me and turned into a jerk! Who cares because you're a girl and didn't get much out of it and got scared and I'm ahh smarter and nicer than you are. 

Yeah, it's the past and I have a guy's attitude with pursuing friendships with girls who were crazy to me by turning them into good friend status. It feels very good to me and like to do it. So yeah, I think you look good Michelle and I'm trying to work at being a bit more photogenic and it's not too serious to get over. I kept it short, I could have turned it into a novel to make you mad but nah, I'm just the type who likes to get over weird stuff in relationships and rebuild a better one from it. I'm not mad at Washington anymore; he's a dope but doesn't mean he isn't human and I also stayed a step ahead of him by luck, so yeah feeling good from that luck I had is enough to overcome the past. Here's something cute to end this with, if I ever meet another girl who reminds me of you, I'll treat her well.