Thursday, September 21, 2017

Simple Review

Well, I'm not doing my optimal best and I could do a whole lot better. I haven't really been touching my trades ever since coming upon that tool and should really be more consistent with learning it. I think it really is going to be my ticket to financial success. I'm just going to have to work hard at it by being consistent at it. I know that it's probably going to work this time around.

I did read a few verses of the Bible today, so I could just strive to study about three chapters to do to approximately finish it in a year. I do have it accessible on my iPhone. I guess it could be worse for me and it's not like it isn't accessible for me, so I should just take advantage of the resource available to me and pray to the Lord as well. I should do all of this in a daily fashion.

I finished working out and I'm trying to go for doing it everyday if possible. I'm also trying to be consistent with my photogenic enhancing stuff too. That's pretty much all I have going while trying to improve myself at being an entertainer. I'm short and only 5' 3". Oh well, I don't care anymore what people think about it, but I do care about getting more muscles though.