Friday, September 15, 2017

Keeping It Simple

I ideally know the type of woman I want to marry and think a straight man would have to be stupid to not agree with me. She's gorgeous, really smart, and nice. I think those attributes along with her physical beauty pretty much sums it up for most single guys out there who are still looking for their mate.

Of course, with things being the real world, I don't think it always comes into play. Feelings of whether the girl is pretty, smart, or nice is always subject to change. Especially when it comes down to the thought of having to live with her for the rest of your life and commit to being a family.

That being said, I don't think there's anything wrong with being single unless the person is feeling lonely. It would be cool to be unique like that and not have that loneliness from being totally into something else. I guess just picking a woman to be a partner based off looks and great qualities will make just about any average guy happy to be married to her. She's the wanted one and gets to choose the guy in other words, but if both the eligible and great guy and her get married, hey, it's the best of both worlds and no crazy ex will probably bug them if they seem really happy with each other!

I'm lacking just quite a bit and that subtle amount really can drop my standing. It's like the world's best athletes are only off by increments of a second. Using the analogy, when it comes to competing for the most sought after people, then yes, being off by even a little will get you cut. It's just the nature of the best but the strongest are probably those who come to accept it and keep on going and from being small in number when it comes to working hard for the final stage, it's basically cool to have got there. So yeah, my final stage of dating will be getting a girlfriend who happens to be hot, nice, and quite reliable!