Saturday, September 30, 2017

Trying To Play Catch Up

I guess I'm doing the best I can right now with everything. It's really hard for me so it's just tough to put everything together. I just need to work at it and put my time and word into it. Yeah, it's pretty tough in general for me.

I guess I'll do whatever I can. I mean it's great to be an understanding individual and solve people's problems especially your own. I think there's a sense of self-control that needs to be required. Along with that, there needs to be just bravery with opening yourself up and letting everything known about the situation. Also, there has to be a sense of confidence and self-assurance with assertiveness at the same time.

From doing this, I think it's not too hard to deal with stupid problems that people are doing. I guess ideally loving them and meaning well is probably better on the long run then just being angry and going crazy over somebody. I'm aware of all of this and while being in the moment, it's hard to keep in check with all these things sometimes. I guess that's the point of learning and going back.

I think with all the stops that people who are just being bad with me want to do, I think I can outsmart them now while just being entertaining about it with others who get bothered by that person. I have the ability to play my cards however I want to do and end up winning. It's not such a big deal after all.