Friday, September 8, 2017

Getting Better With Awareness

I'm becoming a lot more accepting about the past that angered me and it's eight years now or around there. It's amazing how young and stupid me and my church group was. I really have an advantage in that it wasn't that serious and the people there were unable to make an impact with me. It's basically no big deal, so I do naturally want to go back to be friends with them again. It's just what I like to do and think most of the people I have talked to about it these days are actually supporting me to go for it.

It's not really a topic I talk about so much anymore, but I just felt like writing about it because I'm realizing how naïve I was and thinking stupid about the incident. It's okay overall.

I did get to the gym at 12:30 am and got out of the shower after getting back at around 2 am. It felt actually really good to go to bed while feeling clean. It was a pretty awesome feeling and don't know why I haven't resorted to doing so all these years. I've also realized that I could just turn myself into a certified personal trainer because one of my main goals is really to get a six pack and be able to have proper nutrition anyway.

About the whole turning myself into a millionaire, I think I've caught onto something that really makes sense with watching the market and want to continue to develop in it. I'm going to keep it low key actually. I also really want to still have time with developing in virtual reality. I don't really see it as that much of a hassle for me, but something that would be neat because I do want to specialize in having fun with playing the video games that I end up making.

I guess my business model would be selling software that comes from hard work while doing the best I can to develop it that would be pleasing for the majority of the people and also myself. I naturally have high standards that consistently test my patience with burning out. Although it may take a long time, I just think it would be a lot of fun to develop with some brilliant friends and not just myself. I can see what it means to try to download stuff from really not having any means to go out and buy them, so I guess I'll settle for a loss of profit in that area if it does become that good.