Saturday, September 16, 2017

Today's Plans

From now on, I'm really going to try to dedicate myself more to my schedule and adjust it for purposes of time management. One of my biggest obstacles is that I end up knocking out while slowing down late at night. If I can stay on the move until it's too late and by giving some effort to complete some plans then I think I'll be good. I need to be able to do this consistently and to review my options and goals.

I woke up unusually late today from messing with my own sleep cycle and being interrupted by my mom. I have a job and paying my parents rent which they don't need, so with the 800 dollars per month check I write out to my mom, she cashes it in the bank to invest into her savings account. Okay whatever! Where I'm living is really nice though, so I can't complain about having a family deal so it's one of the minor nuisances with my mom so if I put up with it this long, then it can't be really bad to keep it going for awhile until I at least find a nice and attractive lady to marry.

For my plans today, I'm just going to take some supplements, go for a run, drive back, load up a second serving of supplements, do some growing taller stretches, take a shower, do my face and hair with some products, read the Bible, get my car an oil change, get my eye brows trimmed, cash my pay check, load up software on my laptop, do a little research for a class, maybe lunch, hang out with my lady friend, and then from there, I'll give myself free time to do whatever. It's just that I want to double up with the hair, facial, and dental products with a rinsing shower first before I go to sleep.

My mind is currently addicted to learning about trading the markets successfully, so I'll be working at that too if I get a chance which I don't think is a bad thing.