Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Not Losing Heart

I think one of my more developed traits is that I'm not really feeling sad for any of my failures anymore. I think it's embarrassing and all of that to be found out on, but I'm not that worried about that these days. There's really nothing I can about it anyway. I'll just try my best to improve myself.

A main thing I'm seeing with myself is that I'm still procrastinating by doing other things to keep myself entertained. It's probably better that I control myself there even though I know it be fun and save it for another time. Time is something that I feel like I don't have on my side that often anymore and it just feels like I'm not able to do everything I want in life.

I'm really trying to make myself more efficient while feeling weird about doing something I know I ought to be doing, basically. At least I can keep on attempting and seeing if I can improve myself. I just don't really mind that much. It's one of those I'll eventually get it with a lot of things.