Saturday, September 2, 2017

Keeping Myself Productive

I have no problems with keeping myself occupied by doing entertaining stuff that practically consumes my time. I don't think this is helping me at all by a long shot because I'm realizing that at the age of 34, my time just gets used up and when the day is over, I'm feeling sheepish about how I could have used my time.

I really do want to spend my time wisely and I think it has to all start with myself before I go try to find a lovely partner to marry and engage in wonderful sex! I'm laughing at the thought of that, but yeah, practically, a girl who happens to be a Christian also with sexual feelings and is a bombshell type, I guess I'd be happy to struggle with focusing my energy on God more than that person. It would be fun to have balance in my life with Jesus leading the way while including love.

Yeah, I know Christianity offends some people. I think what's important to me is that there's a genuine relationship with Jesus that I'm seeking after, especially after what he represented. From that big book called the Bible, I think it's inspired and as time permits, I would love to research more on the pros and also take a look into what the leading criticism is. I'm not just going to be a blank book about my faith. As time permits and as my mind gets out of the funk with procrastinating and trying to stay healthy.