Monday, September 11, 2017

Just Few Tasks After Work

I guess I have a large amount of goals I would like to do for fun, but I just need to utilize my time better. It looks like all of it is right underneath me without having to right out my personal schedule, which I'm not even living up to.

For the longest time, it's like right after work, I've been wanting to procrastinate doing everything and just focus on messing around with having fun at something. I was also tempted to regressing back to masturbating to porn, but I just didn't feel like wasting around thirty minutes doing my technique of holding back. It just didn't feel worth it for me, so that passed by for me. Having that technique down is nothing to really boast about for me. I don't know what it is with my sexual preferences in women, but it's just that even if I think a guy is good looking or has a great picture of himself, I just don't have any gay feelings for him.

So basically Tom Cruise and Brat Pitt are like meh to me if I think about my sexuality. I'm not gay. A good looking guy to me is that actor who plays Thor. I admire his muscles and want to build some for my body!

Okay with all of this digressing, I surely do want to work out my biceps and get stronger and sexy arms to show off with cool clothes that a lady friend picked out for me. She's actually very good at eyeballing casual clothes for men. Okay, I think I have myself a hangout buddy who will generously help me out like that and help me get some girls. I'm in luck from having this type of girl in my life!

I guess within time when it all factors, I will be able to marry, but first I need to my ditch my parent's home and pretty well-off independently without having to rely on them. My parents are very conservative and stupid about me marrying only a Korean lady. They are like it's fine that you are short to those tall Korean girls who are mostly going to be shallow like that with you, marry an ugly Korean girl, who cares. I'll marry a non-shallow hot girl who might not be a Korean, who cares?!

My parents are like oh you are a sick weirdo, get out of our house, I disown our grandchildren. I'm like, who cares?! If I enjoy some great sex in marriage to a super hot, Christian lady and am rich and healthy while putting Jesus first in my life, I don't really mind whatever my parents want to think. There you have it. My few impossible tasks to complete after work!