Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Interesting With Hanging Out

I guess it's a lot easier to have a friend to be like always interested with going outdoors and exploring trails and just having fun with it. She sees me as a big brother to her and I have no problems with it. The thing though is that we are not related by blood and she doesn't have any problems with me trying to hit on her sometimes or giving her some serious hugs!

It's pretty funny over all how she uses that big bro term from looking up to me, and I am at least seven years older than her even though she's in her mid 20s already. I have noticed guys smiling at us while we're hanging out. I guess we naturally look like a couple together. I just try to downplay it the whole time in my head. People just leave us alone about the idea so I guess it can't really be that bad for me. She is also a bit shorter than me so that also helps too a lot for me!