Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Time Consuming Activities

Well for the most part, worshipping Jesus does take a big portion of my life because I'm trying to honor his ways 24-7 even while I'm willingly acting stupid from getting a little loose like having a drink or two or even still trying to view hot nude photos of the most attractive women available on there. I guess I'm definitely straight and it's not changing anytime soon. I can seriously think a man is really good looking though and be a little surprised why girls are like not chasing after him sometimes.

 I can't really think of myself from just enjoying sex on the fly. I really need to feel an attraction for her and it has to be mutual. I do feel turned on occasionally while hanging out with a single friend who is occasionally lonely and bored with nothing to do. I'm sure it would be fun, but it just wouldn't be right because I know she's not in the right state of mind yet. It would be just purely irresponsible for us to go there, so I just let it dissipate. It does feel a lot better and more natural than forcing myself upon looking at porn and trying to study how to hold it long enough to pleasure a partner.