Monday, October 16, 2017

Passing the Moment

I believe that time management is one of the biggest critical things for me right now that I would love to have mastery over. Along the way, I've been developing some beautiful friendships with decent looking and attractive girls. It doesn't really bother me that much to say the truth that I'm not in any dating relationship with any of them. I guess I'm just really picky and see some flaws with them naturally that would really hinder me from wanting to go on dates with them in the first place.

Just because a girl looks hot, I'm not really trying to pursue a date with her. I would like to take my time with just getting to know her and look at it from the sidelines. I know I'll do okay with a really loving and blessed relationship, but I just don't feel ready economically enough to pursue girls. I also want to continue to improve my appearance as well, so I'm about half way there right now and right at the beginning in some places.