Monday, January 15, 2018

Figuring Things Out

I think currently my life is just about getting one thing straight, and it's about working hard while controlling my personal urges to spend my time doing lesser things. I personally want to find satisfaction with my life and am so blessed to have some lovely close friends I get to see on a regular basis.

It looks like I never really got that close with too many people in my life, and the feeling may be mutual in that they might not see something great like I do and me with them. It's like sharing this strong form of connection isn't going to be happening. From living, we all have our things to deal with and I guess there can only be a few hardworking hopefuls out there who make it and find favor with generally a large crowd. Still, no matter how large the approval is, it's never going to be everyone. Everybody don't really live in a community and there are a few who prefer to be left alone in their cabin and part of nature. 

Overall, I think I've been just seeking for something in the wrong places and need to stay refocused daily and just keep at it while letting loose of my fun desires more like watching anime and reading up on people's funny comments that they leave about something that is worth noting for them with everyone. It's about what I do during my personal time right and I did make some crazy decisions that were stupid. Oh well, I can't have the past back so all I can do is just ask the Lord to forgive me and move on and watch out for that next time. There's nothing I can do about it and just have to bounce back now.