Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Stopping With Being Stupid

Well it goes like this. I think someone is wrong, but he or she doesn't want to believe that way and they end behaving in a manner that makes me mad. I keep bothering them about it and they say to stop it, but I don't. This is where problems occurred for me.

I can't really change anyone to believe that I'm correct. I could do the best I can with giving my input, but if the person doesn't want to accept it then it's really on him or her. I think it's more like I'll do my best to tell the truth and be like I told you so type of situation and just be chill about it later on while having a decent laugh.

It was very stupid and some were incredibly that way with me and couldn't let it go. On top of doing what I wanted which was just schooling them, I guess I feel better from it. I think the appropriate response with being loving is to just direct them to God the best I can and just be fully honest with them in what I'm seeing or thinking. I guess I'm working at getting better with handling people who are being jerks with me and outsmarting them enough that they can't do much damage. I don't think it was wrong for me to get mad at them, but understanding how to go about it took forever and I made so many bad moves along the way.

Overall, I really shouldn't still get mad about this because they really couldn't do much to me anyways. I'm lucky in that area, so I can see them being as not big of a deal and to go about accomplishing with whatever agenda I had set upon my mind with them. I still have that personal oath to God to become a millionaire with a six pack before entering the footsteps of Hope of God Church, Los Angeles. Honestly, I hope that church doesn't exist anymore when I do accomplish my goal so I could just ride off on my motorcycle to show off with myself and be like, "Yeah, it feels good to have got here."

I think I'm just going to visit and be like in the mood for laughing at the people who were affected by me and then just take off because I don't really think they are teaching the Bible correctly. Also, what I was longing for in finding friendships can be found at just about any other place that God is willing to open the door for me. It's not cool that I lost some idiots to be friends with, but there's nothing I can do about it. I just need to let this go and not think too much about it. I outsmarted all of those who were bad with me and lucky they just happened to not be that smart in the first place and really afraid of me.