Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Making Tradeoffs

My dumb buddy messaged me yesterday and asked if my dad gave me alcohol to celebrate the new year. I have chosen to not text him back from thinking that's a dumb question; it's actually pretty funny but I feel something is wrong with him from having asked that. I already told him that I wasn't going to respond back to him sometimes, so I don't feel bad and it's already a decision made for the new year. Maybe he was trying to test me to see where his status is at with me. I told him that I think he's a little too stupid for me to hang around with right now and that I hope he changes into a whole lot better person.

For this year, I'm trying to economize on becoming a financially successful person with some muscles and a great all around attractive body! I'm using facial cleaning products that women would normally use, but guess it doesn't hurt for me to try them and trying to grow back my thinning hair. I would have to say that all of this physical maintenance including workouts would take me at least three hours daily. 

For getting a check from poker website, they are ripping off players by charging $50 to have a check mailed to them. I've even read on reviews that they even want the player to contribute to the site a certain amount of bets before they proceed with the withdrawal. Fair enough, it's their terms and even if it sucks I agreed to it so it can't be a scam on that basis alone if they actually do end up sending the check. I'm sure they do because I haven't heard complaints about that. It's just from the player being frustrated that he can't get it right away and could even be struggling financially.

From the amount of time I have been putting into playing online poker, I now believe that my day job pays better and is more efficient than it would with playing poker for a long time. I've developed into a decent player and can rake in some nice pots out of skill and luck but the competition is fierce and sometimes hard to find enough less skilled players to make an acceptable living off of. 

Poker is definitely a game of managing odds and luck can't always be in your favor so the opponent can crush you with a slightly better hand. It's pretty much gambling on a daily basis and having confidence that you'll bank some profit against other experienced players. Overall it's fun and annoying players are out there. I hate them but nothing you can do about it and it's fun to beat them on certain hands and shut them up!

Poker is probably going to be a game that I play like at Las Vegas or casino if I happen to be there for vacation with family and friends. I don't intend on making it my living because it's too hard but it's fun to gamble in this game and it's exciting to risk a few hundred dollars at the table which I can make back anyway in a good day's work.

For all the time considerations, I can make more profit going after becoming a programmer and be immensely efficient at it while becoming a good trader. Also with my time, I have a goal which is to look good physically as well so I need that time to head to the gym and have fun working out.

I guess trying to be humble and making fun of people in a truthful way especially those who are making me mad, it's still fun and helpful even if they don't do anything in return for me after.  This is relating to how I would spend my time if I was in the mood for bugging people from my past and just troll them. I can see how it all feels good to be a completely honest person while writing about all this because it looks like I really care a whole lot about self-improvement and letting go of stuff that I can't control in the past and moving forward to try to prevent that from happening and doing something new while feeling like a very confident individual. I sort of feel like I'm going to see a cop today, but it isn't related and he isn't going to be able to stop me just from posting this so it really doesn't matter. It only can scare them and by what I mean is, it only can scare those duds at that lame church I've been mentioning all these years.