Tuesday, January 23, 2018

That Feeling

It's sometimes that I get this feeling of being let down and not having anybody to do stuff with and then I feel a little bit sad. It's like my sexual energy has been zapped. I was a moron for wanting to outdo a porn star from having a date with Jill. Well, I can see how I'm so wrong about all of that. This is a cycle I'm going to have to deal with by relying on the spiritual process with Jesus. What I'm finding is that reading the Bible really does cause this change with my heart.

Other than that, repeating the same thing over again that I want to get away from is just starting to get old. I'm going to be repeating the downer stuff over again and then that gets old too. Okay I just want to type blah blah blah all day and make money with this blog. Wouldn't that be awesome for me? That's not how this world works though.

One thing that I relate my last few sentences is that an irritating guy I know talks about how great he is and has tried to get jobs while being willing to work hard. The problem though is that with the effort he puts in, it's not enough to do the required work. He's just a package handler and that's all he is really good for. The fact that he gets overtime and makes more money from it is a bonus to him. He just doesn't see that it's not going to make him rich any time soon. I guess he thinks he's making a lot of money and happy in his own world, so I shouldn't really disrupt it by dissing him!

What I wanted to state as my main idea is that when he does other jobs like the one he requested from me, I can only visually see him as doing random things like how an intelligent baby takes random blocks and tries to fit it into the right shape. He's pretty much not helping and really slow to learn so I guess if he was to work for me, I'd have to put him through a series of challenges to test him and if he was really serious enough, then he would complete them. If not, then he just wants to be lazy with me or is already giving up thinking that I won't give it to him. If he can't put it all together then he's just an angry guy who doesn't deserve to be working with me. I can just put him on ignore or keep repeating at giving him the basic task that he thinks is like the hardest thing in the world to do. Overall, ignoring the right things plays a big factor in dealing with this kid.