Friday, January 26, 2018

Revisiting Old Times

One of my top ten posts which miraculously has better than one view from another stranger is about Betty from Hope of God Church in Los Angeles. Boy she really ticked me off and I was trying to repress it the whole time. I don't care because she admitted this. She had a brain aneurysm and used to be fat and even cut herself from being depressed about it. She started laughing while talking about all of these details and I think she's crazy from seeing it that way!

Actually, I'm laughing from writing about those negatives about her. It would explain why she would come across as a jerk to me and look like she's all lost somewhere. She even said she wanted nothing to do with me and I just kept pushing forward like an idiot. I should have let her go from then on. I had a selfish agenda underneath which I couldn't find out what it was and that drove Betty crazy and made her get a mental breakdown with me several times. It was like kicking around a lifeless horse.

To deal with my insane anger with Betty, I wrote a love song based on her. It was even more crazy and encouraged bad things to happen to Betty. I admit it that I had some psychotic emotions against Betty and wanted her to just suffer in the nicest way possible so I could eventually laugh about it behind her back. I'm now laughing heavily against Betty and it's only because I remember that she admitted to her mental problems from the past.

I officially admit that I had a falling out with Betty because I was too careless and stupid to deal with her kind. Betty turned into a brat and that's how she's going to be with me until she makes it to heaven. I hope I get there; well, I can confidently say that I will be there from believing upon Jesus as my main Savior and it isn't something ignorant I developed for wanting a security blanket.

Betty was cool in the beginning and then with all these events happening, she did a complete 180 with me and turned bad to be friends with. I'm still okay with being friends because I've been always going up on the rise. I just know that Betty isn't the ideal type of person to be friends with now and there are better people than her out there like me! Betty has like a mouth that has really shut up these days when the topic is centered around me.

Well I polished up my insane song that the world should stalk Betty with me leading the charge. Actually I had a vision of using a really hot girl to be my model for my song rather than Betty. It was loosely inspired from me being so heavily **CURSES** angry at Betty's dumb demeanor towards me.

The irony to all of this is that song has been very heavily polished and my close lady friends have said it's really good and that I should send that song over to Betty. I'll sing it someday with those lifeless losers as my audience at Hope of God Church in Los Angeles, if they are still around. I don't care if that church turns bust and I sing to no one in the end.