Friday, January 19, 2018

Work Out Schedule

Thanks to a cute girl I hit it really well off with, I'm now a member of the UFC Gym. They are known for personal training, but I have always been interested in martial arts. I started off with getting a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and most acquaintances think that is pretty cool. I wasn't satisfied with it and not picking up anything from practically being unable to stick with it after. It meant a lot to me to make the effort because I just got lazy and kept on going to only get a black belt. I went through all the motions while trying to find shortcuts and it was stupid and watered down for me.

Then, I joined another less known Korean ancient martial art and this one uses weapons which is pretty cool. You have the sword and the nun chucks, which I started out with. I still feel like imitating Bruce Lee with it because I picked up something from practicing a little, and I can show off like that. I can even walk in close and perform the same routine; everybody I've done it to complained about me being too close and didn't want to get hit. My instructor kept on yelling at me for basically sucking and doing the wrong steps. I'm glad he did now and pointed that out. He even threatened to lower my belt so many times.

I didn't have any more time and moved on from that after few months of practicing. Now I'm practicing at this gym and tiring myself out with cardio and trying to practice with doing different techniques. It's really fun and I want to bulk myself up and have my body stay in great shape. The coaches are pretty cool, and I'm there to learn and get a great workout. It's generally just about staying in shape and not about learning how to beat someone up, but practicing some basics doesn't hurt. I want to eventually take Krav Magav too and have fun with that one.

The only thing that I have my complains about UFC gym with is that they don't have any swimming pools. I have another local gym membership which also has an indoor basketball court too. It's pretty popular and I haven't really made any friends there. I've seen a few good looking ladies, but they just mind their own business too.