Saturday, January 6, 2018

Making Better Use of My Time

One of the difficult things I'm finding is that I take awhile with making choices and that could really be time consuming. Also, I have so much things that I would like to eventually accomplish but don't get there because I feel so overwhelmed.

I'm fortunate to have a job and a pretty nice life style for being a single guy. I'm ready to start finding a lovely lady to partner up with and marry. There's one girl I have that special feeling for at that moment. It's pretty cool that we're friends and hang out just among ourselves. I'm still getting to know her, so I guess in a way it could be a date even though we're just hanging out for some food or shopping. I have some unanswered questions so that's what's holding me up for making my decision of going after her or not. Also, she hasn't really found anyone and she's talked about her physical negatives with me as well. I'm still hanging on at this point, so maybe there could be something in the future. I'm just not sure.

One of my good friends actually recommended her to me. I was skeptical at first but now it's an idea that I'm entertaining. I guess if I just keep on considering then maybe she'll find someone who really likes her and eventually settle down. If that happens then I'm not going to be mad about it. I'll just to have to continue and go on living.

This brings me a good issue then that I should go out and meet more people and see if I can make any more strong connections with the beautiful ladies out there and start hanging with them to see if there's anything romantic between us two. It would be pretty sick to finally land a girlfriend. I haven't been serious with anyone. There was one chubby girl who wanted to be in a relationship with me and a hot one who got sick a lot that I wasn't interested in too much to commit to but she wanted one with me. I was like what? I told that hot girl I like someone else.

Okay, maybe finding a healthy hot girl who legitimately connects well with me and we're such a cute looking couple. I don't really care about how appealing her body is to me anymore. There was porn for that and it failed me to the point that I don't think the hot body is going to permanently please me. Okay, if she's my loving wife then that's different because I'm probably going to become addicted to her sexual attention.