Wednesday, December 27, 2017

App Programming Idea

I will have worked as a computer programmer for one year now and will have already gained a pretty good level of experience in working with SQL database. I have an interest of something I want to program for myself, so if it turns out being great for me, then I'll try to turn it into a service for others.

I don't think it's going to be a one hit wonder for me because I'm not that type of guy who connects with the majority so much for my own personal stuff. If I did want to appeal to the masses, then I would have to go with developing video games. It's honestly something that I'm sure a lot of dedicated guys who are into playing video games day and night if they could afford it would be pretty good at doing. I happen to be one of those guys who wishes he could play the best video games out there while having a wonderful sex life with a really sweet and attractive wife.

From doing some research, it looks like the most money in programming is going to come from rapid development in creating apps. The languages python and ruby on rails are the ones that seem to be paying great dividends, so I say why not try to create some serviceable apps that will cater to me first and then be able to launch a subscription for others interested as well. All I know is that it will profit me the most from being able to be more organized.

I'm planning on programming my own online database with an app that connects to it and records all my trades and then create tools to be able to analyze the best and worst trades I made. I think this would be a very nice thing for me. If it works for me then I will launch it for others to openly criticize how bad its design is and then I will go ahead and fix it!

Secondly I also do want to create an app with online database that will keep track of all the stuff I have in my storage unit. If that ends up being useful for me then I might as well go for launching a service for people. 

I think I'll just copy and paste some ideas like service agreement terms except just modify a few words. I think it will be fun to do that. If I can really be well off with my investments then I'm going to switch over to developing video games to appeal to the mass and make some profit. With video games, I'm likely to program in another language besides python and probably will be in C++.