Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Been So Busy

Well I guess I'm officially on vacation now so this is good because I can make plans and carry them out. I understand how time is really precious and that I really do want to get them working. I'm not really that busy actually. I'm just keeping myself occupied and trying to not regret the time that I put into it.

I guess I am really meant to have a personal schedule otherwise I'll just go all over the place and be lost with myself. What's so great is that I have plenty of friends that I care about now and to really go do stuff with. I'm also pretty self-confident with myself and happy about my imperfections being forgiven by the Lord!

Yeah, I think it's about time that I went out and found myself a really good girlfriend. I'm not even heavily influenced by friend's opinions that much anymore. Well, in some cases yes but when it comes to moral issues, then no I'm not influenced by it.