Thursday, December 14, 2017

Getting More Into Things

Getting a really nice hug from a female friend who means a lot to me and isn't too old is better than looking at porno for me! I can wait for awhile to get some of that too. I just have to remember that now because what's really killing me is trying to beat my insecurity with being premature. This is what gets me going to edging to porn and it's worked actually but man, it gets boring and I would rather have a wife to enjoy hot sex with. I think this is my way of balancing things out with God's foundation of living laid out in the Bible.

Yeah, I'm writing stuff that feels T.M.I. and it's pretty much anything goes but this is my real me. On top of that, I'm making revelations which is quite interesting.

There are three steps that I realized from just meditating while praying about temptations with God. It just occurred to me naturally and since I haven't forgotten, I'm just going to type it away.

First step is to realize the intended purpose. For example,  having like the perfect and most enjoyable sex for recreational fun would be awesome right (?) if everything came together.

Second step is to "be still" until you get an answer that aligns well with God's Word.  What do I mean? It means to basically just wait but it sounds better by saying to be still because to God's eyes when you are bored for a few years, I'm sure it means absolutely nothing and you didn't do anything.

Third step is to move into action. I had a vision of people who are mad at their co-workers for not doing anything so yeah, that made me think you should do something about it eventually.