Friday, December 1, 2017

Managing Time

Well yesterday it felt like I was going off into junk food mode in a spiritual manner. I did manage to read the Bible and tried to stay up for it. How I did that was I kept myself occupied with playing online poker and whenever I sat out of a hand I would study a verse. It managed to keep me up longer than I expected with my sleepiness.

Afterwards, I just went off surfing the Internet while being in a weird mood. I guess after having been through that it's like I know what I want that I'm seeking after but at the moment, I'm going about it all wrong. Then, it's forgive me God and time lost for my consequences. I could do so much better.

I think giving into some of my cravings is like eating and satisfying myself with junk food. In moderation and having the right spiritual context, I'm sure it would be all good, but it isn't really aligned with the Lord's ways right now for me.

It looks like as weird as it feels, I'm going to need to deny myself those time-consuming acts and go for having them fulfilled in the most pure and satisfying context. Basically, my level of patience isn't that good while having a decent head on my shoulders, which allows me to just phase out while being sucked into something that eats up my time!

I pretty much have a basic routine that I would love to follow through with on a daily basis. On top of that everything else would pretty much be my extra-curricular activities. I'm glad that I'm happy with what I'm putting on here isn't really revealing everything, but I've said much to myself already and satisfied.

I guess everything just adds up in the end by just pursuing after something. I'm a little mad thinking about Jarred at that old and lame Hope of God Church in LA. He was like things don't add up to me and basically saying to quit it. What a moron! I would really show him up these days. I don't really care though about having this moodiness with him because I still want him to be my Facebook friend even while I'm going through this personal episode of being mad at him from time to time.