Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Staying On Track

Well one of the things that I'm starting to notice is that the Bible commentary that I'm reading while trying to commit myself to just three chapters a day can take me longer than two hours. I'm going to have to prepare myself accordingly. What's nuts is that I want to be absolutely at no debt now.

With the income that I'm dragging in now which is only about 75K working as a computer programmer, it's actually not too bad. I know that I can do better or I feel that way. Having a lot of money and being able to make more pretty easily will give me a lot of options then with what to do with my time.

I'm really glad with the life's experiences that I've went through, I still want to make wise decisions, so yeah, I might blow off friend's proposals if I don't see it being lucrative. I also do want to share quite a little amount with getting God's Word out with a well-organized and Bible-believing church. I'm definitely not so hot for Hope of God church in Los Angeles! I'll go visit them and act all funny with them just to give myself laughs now and just not really care about sticking around there. I guess I can do that if I feel like being a troll on some days.

When it comes to focusing on God, they don't play much of a factor for me so I guess it's only natural for me to think negatively of them and place bad reviews about them and scoff at their religious system of beliefs. Yeah, they were church people who went crazy and succumbed over to their flesh. It happens and is quite funny even though I was raging and wanted to be a lunatic with them and control them all to the point that they praise me on Facebook by just having them hit the like button.

Having gone random and talking trash with Oyuri back a little awhile ago, yeah she pretty much bowed out and got fatter as a person. It's annoying that Oyuri looks fat to me, so I messaged her to work out. Yeah, she's pretty much acting really quiet with me and not trying to react. She's in that stage of conflict with me because I totally schooled her and yeah, it feels great that I did that to her!