Saturday, December 2, 2017

Do List

I read a book written by the controversial founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard. The book I read was about reaching goals and targeting them. It made a lot of practical sense and brought to light some things that I want to use in my own practice. I don't really care if it's practicing Scientology because like a selfish person I am, I will take something that works else where and stick to my personal beliefs in Christianity! 

Anyway, I did a Wikipedia search on Mr. Hubbard and he came across as a total jerk during the later half of his life, which was when he started Scientology. I'm not endorsing that religion and think it didn't help close in and bring ultimate peace and satisfaction within his own soul. He still stayed human while physically abusing his girlfriends and cheating on them! 

Well, with him having been a prolific writer and having made money doing it and also being crowned by Guinness Book of World Records as the most published author thanks to his movement, I felt it would be interesting to read up on his view with reaching goals and surprisingly, it had nothing to do with religion. He also has views on how people function, communicate, and understand each other. With this guy who found a religion and was pretty successful at influencing others, I figure why not read up on this so-called technology he discovered and wanted to share with the world for some money. I guess if he wanted to stay rich with his $600 million assets that he would go on to make, then he would want to speak some truths in his books.

What threw me off a little and made me laugh was that with all the Asian cultures he studied, he really dissed them in his diary with racial slurs. Okay so maybe I gave him a little too much credit with his character and bought those books he wrote on communication. It seems to have some brainwashing techniques on there and I don't know why I bought into it. Probably because my friend was like buy it and I was thinking this guy with his interest in humanity, would want to leave something for us to pick up on.  

Anyhow, I loved that book he wrote up on targets and goals. It's really good despite me not at all aligning with the Scientology philosophy. So here's my basic do list and I will be trying to get more detailed using that Admin scale technique Hubbard wrote up on. 

My strategy so far is do the easy ones first and get the priorities out of the way for the day. The daily is something that I'm doing everyday. The ones that suck are the ones that I struggle with and know I need to do. The things with time is the one I will do if I'm in the mood for them. The rewards are the ones I will indulge myself in after completing at least the easy, priorities, daily sections, and having attempted to do all the things that suck for me. This is practicing by theory of course, so a lot of my thinking has been like that's my reward today! 



hair appointment

buy gopro

buy garmin watch

buy season pass snowboarding

buy beach body workout dance dvd

buy car cover cleaner

cooking ingredients, cook books, recipes

prepare clothes






dentist appt

AAA insurance

car recall fix

car radio, cd stuck

grow taller / spray



trade / Bible study

gym time switch off with climbing, upper body to lower body switch, basketball, run, swim, weights, routine



face wash


herbalife supplement take restore


texting people

fantasy football

delete e-mails


trading videos

spiritual books

writing tablet app

recording mic / software

photo print, edit

buy gimbal support

app programming idea

find hot girlfriend to marry and she's into sex

planning books


oc ice skating (Floyd)

dance , setup TV with xbox 



friends, scheduling or attending events 



sexual interests (?)

surf internet


car oil change, wash car, gas

hair apt

pay CC bills