Thursday, December 14, 2017

What I'm Grateful For

What I'm truly grateful for is that I was given so many opportunities to deal with idiots in the area of personal relationship. Yeah, Chris and Jarred and Lee and cussing Oyuri (by writing only) were really dumb in their actions with me. I really don't care about sharing all the cussing Oyuri did to me and I still kept some of her messages. With the way I'm responding to them now yeah, yes Oyuri is such a dumb ~~~~~~~. Extra special mention goes out to Golf who I want to just say goofball or goofy for a nickname. Oh yeah there's also the infidel pastor Chai too. He really sucks a lot!

Happy seasons to those really dumb brats for all these years! Betty is annoying for a girl with mental problems, but I have to go easy on her. She got so hurt by me that she really destroyed some of her own public computer files on her. I'm not like "Awww too bad", but I have to admit I still can't stop laughing about it and it's only because she acted like a modified ~~~~~~~~~~~. I'm not filling in that blank.

Actually, I believe this is all started because I wanted to be friends with Annie on Facebook and was having trouble opening up. I faced my fears and God gave me a chance to see her again. I didn't want to see Annie and I was surprised that I had the hots for her too! She looked like the same but this time, man what am I thinking she's kind of physically less attractive to me oh. She isn't that bad, but some physical features on her are not eye popping candy or anything like that. It was just me being lame with a stupid crush and feeling guilty about not being able to make friends with her on Facebook, so this caused a cataclysm with all the stupid people I mentioned above.

 Last but not least I want to give another rare downer to the one and only lame lady, Lee. She thought she could get away with putting a restraining order on me. Well, she found out it didn't work. I've been threatening her to put another one on me so that I could make fun of her in court. I didn't get a chance because I was so nervous and now that I know the drill, yeah she isn't my first restraining order. I only have two in my life and don't mind another one coming from Lee because I will feel so happy to write a restraining order against Lee in retaliation!

The first time I didn't show up for the case from not caring enough, so I didn't know how it goes. With Lee, I was so nervous about getting fired and all of that jazz. Like sexual harassment issues and stuff, I was ahead of my time already. Anyway, I'm lucky it wasn't that serious and that Lee was just being an angry nut. She was like "You did nothing to me but because you..." and yeah she's not a modified ~~~~~~~~ that I think Betty is.

Oh yeah, another downer shout to the people at Hope of God Church in Los Angeles who unfriended me on Facebook or want to act like they are in denial about it if I come to talk to them about it! Yeah, maybe they really aren't all that pleasant on the inside like the hypocritical and unworthy failures of sinners that they are. I question their loyalty to Jesus!

I'm probably not going to be hammered for all of this. It's a proper channel with what I'm writing and it took years and years of practice with trial and error to finally get this confidence to deal with dumb and uptight people. They are probably just going to stay out of my way and occasionally will find themselves staying quiet or altogether being nice to me because I happen to be "funny" enough even to the most shyest and paranoid or ones who deny they are in denial. Yeah, all the weird pompous people at that church which they are.