Thursday, December 7, 2017

Update on Life

So I pretty much had a date with a female friend and yeah, it was just the two of us. She broke up with a decent looking, outwardly pleasant, and hardworking guy. The guy was really frustrated about not getting enough attention from her and wanted more out of her. It was too much for her to handle so she cut him off and he's weeping about it and will probably never get over it. She's pretty much a hot tamale and I had a one-on-one time with her at an awesome restaurant. I paid for the meal too because the food only cost $26 dollars for two people and to stuff ourselves. Man, that was a great price and I can spend that much on myself at an all-you-can-eat BBQ place.

I have another date with another friend coming up and I almost completely forgot about that because this friend of mine wanted to do stuff together again. When I think about this friend, I'm like I'm all used to being around hot, Asian girls. It's like a natural occurrence for me already, so I don't care.

It's really crazy how I might actually be really gifted at managing my own relationships with stupid people ( who make me mad) and nice friends. With the stupid people, I want them all to add me on any social media site. I don't care what it is, I'll even create something new to accommodate them. They are stupid and who cares, why would I stalk their profile besides wanting to look at it and say something to make fun of them?

The smart stupid people will basically leave behind other stupid people, so they will never have to face my wraith of making them add me on Facebook. Okay it's whatever.

On to the real topic, I fell asleep after the dinner with pretty much hot friend (she's stressing out about her cute little sister's issues). I don't think people look at us badly and in fact, I think it looks very favorable for me. She's also like my hot wing woman. Heh, I can put to use her social skills as a hot girl. She hates being pursued from just being seen as hot because she really has a sweet side that she would rather focus on.

I ended up trying to do some trades on my computer and then I just knocked out after. I got pretty close to getting up to work out though. I think what ended my night is that the time was around 9 pm and then I just laid down without changing on the bed and boom, lights out with the computer still running...

I actually like this setup of doing trades, working out, and then studying the Bible as my bed time. I'm still working on this but I think I will repeat this intention again tonight.