Saturday, December 9, 2017

Working Things

Getting into the moment of things, I don't really understand what I'm doing with trading Forex. It looks like in all actuality, it really is a form of gambling and playing like a game of team poker. The strategy is really using tools to come up with enough information to be confident that a market is heading in your direction and then playing to win consistently. It's pretty much fighting team battles of either being a buyer or seller. I think it's exciting to be a part of and I want to be a great player of the market. My style is so laid back and I like being that way without being like a well-known poker player.

I think there's more money to be made in this market and even more unimaginable then I would as a poker player. I'm making the comparison because trading and playing poker for money both have similarities for me to draw conclusions from. 

I'm slowly crossing stuff off my to do list and the easy stuff on there has turned out to be time consuming. I made a hard decision to cross one of those easy tasks off, which was buying a snowboarding pass. With all of the money that I have spending, I went overboard than I would have liked and need to settle down with finances. With this time, I can focus on trading more and see if I can make any personal breakthroughs with it. 

It's pretty much a new day and my tasks need to be exhausted before I can have fun. I really like having this committed effect from having a list of things to do that I made and to go after it in a daily fashion. It's like everything is laid out for me in a bird's eye view without being so hard on myself. From being distracted with my hormones, I'm aware of it and pushing myself to reward myself from doing the tasks that have been laid out for me. One thing that I have to be really grateful for is that it just isn't about all my life and I actually have God on there who I want to please. Maybe if I had a lot more money and free time, like I was living the privileged life with a high salary from being successful with trading then maybe I would be able to joyfully give back to organizations that I have faith in. 

I'm thinking that a certain person I don't want to mention for my own protection is a jerk. I should just treat him as such in the future now and give him a hard time by asking him to add me on Facebook. I'm just going to wing it and be completely honest about it while laughing about the incident and poking fun of the dude's ineptness and what I'm able to draw from it. I'm willing to make the dude look bad and just about everybody else I came across to give a chance to being cool with me but ended up being a jerk-a-holic. Eventually, all in time and if I can't have access those stupid individuals anymore, I'm completely okay with it. 

There's one who is pretty much a retarded jerk, so I just ignore and let it go with whatever he wants to say now. I give off this positive energy and it's like I know I'm better than him type of deal. In all of his contradictory feelings and stupid anger, he looks up to me. He wishes me well from the treatment I decided to give upon him. 

There's also a friend who is brothers with this retarded jerk who I get annoyed or angered by pretty often, so I just distance myself out from him. It's worked and he's just a phone call away for me to hang out if I ever desire it. I just don't know what else to do with him now and the things he is into isn't really that relational to me that much anymore. I've been quite lucky to have something fun with a hot girl and be great friends with her and to spend time together. We're like family and it feels very meaningful and something to cherish. It's great that she's hot too because I feel like I made a connection with something I wanted from the past already and moving into tomorrow is more comfortable for me.