Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Crossing Off Essentials

I guess since it's the holiday, it's been nice to keep a running do list. I've been e-mailing myself it every week since starting last month. It's worked out quite nicely for me because I don't need to write anything out and it's just cleaner for me to look at it on my e-mail from my smartphone. It's actually pretty smart, and I'm sure it's funny for some people. It's worked for me though.

Getting stuff done and being able to give myself some play time is amazing. I don't think I could afford to mess around too much anymore and should start making some wise choices and investments that may work for me really well. I have some pretty good goals in mind and they do make me feel happy in some way to reach after.

It's been just a work in progress and I have to say that I don't really want to squander these last few days I have left before going back to work. With stuff improving in my life and just making progress in general, I can see how I'm starting to make a good impact.